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Friday, February 3, 2012

San Diego Demonoid
It's been dubbed "San Diego Demonoid" but just what it really is remains a mystery. This creature washed a shore on a beach in San Diego, California a couple days ago.It really looks a lot like the somewhat famous "Montauk Monster" but no one knows for sure at this point.
San Diego Demonoid
Josh Menard a 19-year-old snowboarder from Lake Tahoe who shot the photos and said the thing was about two feet in length and it had the body shape of a pig.
The corpse smelled like dead rotting flesh and flies filled its mouth was enough proof for Josh to believe that whatever he was looking at was biological in nature.
We will try to have more as the story develops.
Vice.Com has recently done an interview with Josh Menard who took the photos.
 Here a peek at some of it.
Q -Why did you send the photos to us? A- We just thought you guys would be interested in something like this. We read the magazine, and it just seemed like it’d go with the whole VICE vibe.
Q -Do you have more pictures of it? A -No, those were the only two pictures I took.
Read the complete interview over at vice by clicking the link

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Friday, February 03, 2012 6 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Why do the finders of these things NEVER seem to get a biological sample of it send to a lab somewhere!! All they need is a Q-tip to rub on it, at the very least, or a chunk of flesh to submit!! Jeez!

  2. Dog, just like in Montauk. Are people so desperate for something "out there" to be found they ignore all common sense?

  3. fake. i would have taken like 30 pictures and videos of it. And is that a mohawk?! Sry if i spelled that wrong. But monsters having white mohawks? Ok

  4. The Montauk monster was actually a raccoon. You can clearly see it once you compare other remains and some of the fur patches. This specimin is more likely to be a dog from the size of the head...however...i am also leaning towards fake due to the seemingly fake hair line as well as the extremely large canine...almost boar like.

  5. I take that back...when you look at the size of the shoe print in the bottom image you can see that this animal is not very big. It is also bloated from decaying tissue. If you look up a possums skull structure you will see that it is an identical match. That would explain the white fur. I guess it just sloughed off in a mowhawk kind of way haha. I love identifying dead bodies ;)


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