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Friday, November 11, 2011

 Robert Lindsay Gives update on the Erickson project and melba Ketchum.

Hello, Erickson is the one person remaining associated with Ketchum who signed one of her old and fair NDA's. I don't know what Erickson was thinking when they got involved with her. You know, this was supposed to be a big partnership with all involved. They all met in various places, including one place in the US where they may have met with media people and attorneys. Ketchum made an extremely bad showing in front of all of the 3rd parties. It was all about her, and she was going to run the whole show, right from the beginning. Nobody liked her at all, but they were all stuck with her, as she was the only one who would do the DNA work.

The relationship with Erickson fell out when he would not sign her new fancy NDA's. He still will not sign her new fancy NDA's, and she is always trying to get him to sign the new NDA. Her whole game is contingent on everyone signing her fancy new NDA, and he won't sign, so this is holding her up.
The 2 projects are tied together legally. Erickson cannot release his video without her DNA at the same time. She cannot release her DNA without his video at the same time. If she releases DNA without his video, he can sue her. If he releases video without her DNA, she can sue him.


Yes he is burned out on BF at the moment, sure. And he's mad as Hell at Ketchum. Erickson doesn't make any public statements on BF. His wife sort of takes it upon herself to do that, but all of that is without his direction. She has sort of taken over public statements about the project on her own.
It was other people who convinced Erickson to continue the project by taking it Europe. Erickson has some great samples right now, including a possible BF ulnar bone from Harrison Lake, British Colombia (the area where Jacko was captured).

As far as the video goes, I am not allowed to talk about that.
I really doubt that Erickson is going to sit on it and not release. It is quite possible instead that he may try to sell it to Hollywood. He could definitely make a lot of money that way. If I were him, that is what I would do.

But I am quite sure it will be released at some point sooner or later, probably sooner.
Why doesn't he release it right now? Not sure, but I think he can't release it without the DNA.
I am sure that Erickson knows that he messed up on this matter. He's in deep financial straights. The BF project used up a lot of his money, and now he is broke for whatever reason, mostly the lousy economy which means he is not selling his property lots.
He is working 12 hour days, 7 days a week to save his business, and it's really hard to talk to him at all. For anyone to talk to him.
- Robert Lindsay

Another update from Robert Lindsay:

Hello, there was a reason that that website was taken down, but I cannot discuss why it was done.
It has nothing to do with the notion that the video will not be released. The video will DEFINITELY be released at some point, but they need DNA evidence to back up whatever footage they have in the video, otherwise the video is simply not worth that much.
I am sure that Erickson would love to sell his video to Hollywood, but it is not worth that much to Hollywood without DNA to back it up, and he won't sell it for a song. Releasing it now without DNA to back it up would not be very profitable, among other things.
So Erickson would like the video to be released with DNA evidence to back up all of the footage in the footage in the video. Not only will he be creamed without DNA, but the footage is also not worth much money without DNA.
Of the 5 habituation sites, 4 are inactive. However, one is still active.
I cannot discuss whether Erickson is working on any other aspect of his project right now, including a DNA project in Europe. However, Richard Stubstad is currently working very hard on that, trying to get a DNA project started in Europe.
Please understand that Erickson gave Ketchum all of the DNA evidence from the habituation sites that he shot video of. She owns all that DNA. So Erickson no longer has DNA evidence from most of his sites, as they are inactive.
It is very intelligent of Erickson not to release his video at the moment. It would be a very dumb thing for him to do for a lot of reasons.

TCH - More Bigfoot Updates from ROBERT LINDSAY BLOG.

Erickson Project website is shut down. Sasquatch the Quest, the website of the Erickson Project, has been abruptly shut down. This has caused much hand-wringing in the Bigfoot community. The remarks are generally that Adrian Erickson has nothing, that his video is vaporware, etc., or that he has lost interest in Bigfoot and washed his hands of the wh...ole affair.

None of these speculations are true.I am quite certain that the Erickson video is real and real Bigfoots are being portrayed in that video.

I know the reason why Erickson took down his website, but I cannot reveal that information. The reason I cannot tell is because there are some people who may get very upset at Erickson if I tell you the reason. I will say that he did not take down the site because the project is over, or because he does not intend to release his video or because he is through with Bigfoot. The reasons actually have more to with Erickson’s internal politics than anything else. Let’s just let it go at that.

Erickson’s video will definitely be released, but we do not know when. He definitely has plans to release it. But there are problems with the release. The problems have to do with Erickson getting a full return on his investment from the video.

Keep in mind that Erickson has financial problems. He is working 12 hour days, 7 days a week to try to keep out of bankruptcy and foreclosure on his home. His real estate project is not selling lots much anymore due to the bad economy. Worst of all, despite the fact that he has a lot of assets, he also has a lot of liabilities. That is, he owes a lot of money. If he could sell all of his lots on his project at market value, then he could get out of the hole. But if he sells them for a song at below market value, he will not get out of Dodge.

Realize that Erickson has a lot of investors who have invested in his real estate project. To some extent, Erickson is owned by these folks. As the Bigfoot video is part of Erickson’s assets, they do not want him to sell it for a song and a dance. They want a maximum return on that investment so that Erickson can generate funds to keep his business going.

Would Erickson like to sell his video to Hollywood? It’s quite possible that Erickson has discussed the video with Hollywood people. However, I have a feeling that they did not offer him much money for that video. They may have offered to buy it for a low price that was not acceptable to Erickson. Furthermore, television is not lucrative as many people think it is. There is just not that much money in TV. In movies, yes, there is a lot more money.

Erickson feels that his video has maximum value when it is backed up by DNA evidence. Without DNA evidence, it’s just another Bigfoot video that could well have been hoaxed. Erickson feels that any Bigfoot footage is never going to be good enough, and people will always say that it was hoaxed.

This is why Erickson is so tied in to the Ketchum Project. Right now, Ketchum has DNA for 6 of the Bigfoot sites depicted in his video. Therefore, he feels that footage from those sites is only good if it is backed up by DNA evidence from that site. The footage of Matilda, the young female Bigfoot shot in Crittenden, Kentucky that some of you are familiar with from a still, is only good enough to the extent that it has DNA from the site to back it up.

Now say that Ketchum’s project is never released, and Erickson only has DNA from one habituation site. He would then edit his video and release the video with the one Bigfoot that had been verified by DNA. Do you understand? Erickson will only release the footage of the Bigfoots in the video to the extent that they are verified by DNA. Ok?

Right now, Erickson has given Ketchum all of the samples that he had from all of six of his habituation sites. I believe that all of the samples were used up in her testing. Therefore, Erickson has nothing. He is upset about the fact that he gave Ketchum all of his samples and he has none left from his sites, and now he’s broke. He feels betrayed, embittered, distraught and angry.

Five of the six Erickson habituations in North America have been abandoned by the Bigfoots. However, the sixth site, in a provincial park just outside of Erickson’s home in British Colombia, is still active. A friend of Erickson’s has been monitoring the site and was able to collect some good Bigfoot evidence.

Erickson will be laying low on the Bigfoot issue for some time into the future, due, as we said, to internal politics. Therefore, I do not think he will be involved in the parallel Bigfoot DNA project with an unstated lab in Europe.

However, Richard Stubstad is in charge of the Euro DNA project. I can’t speak about whether or not they have a European lab lined up yet. Stubstad has gathered quite a bit of Bigfoot evidence, only some of which may be genuine.

One recent find was an ulnar bone found by a some sort of a biological researcher in Harrison, British Colombia. He was searching birds’ nests when he found this bone. It looks like a human ulnar bone, but it is much too large to be human. Mike Rigg’s possible Bigfoot tooth from Scotts Valley, California may also be used. I believe he may have been able to recover that from Melba Ketchum.

On the issue of whether or not Erickson’s video is a hoax or there is nothing in it or it does not even exist at all. None of this is true. A source has seen the video, and it is definitely real. My source also said that it is at least as good as the Patterson footage, if not better. I believe my source.

This person also spoke at length with Dennis Pfohl. Pfohl shot video at all of the habituation sites. He saw and shot video of the Bigfoots many times. Leila Hadj-Chikh was also present a number of the habituation sites and she also saw the Bigfoots many times. However, she is not speaking on the record about them because her career as a PhD biologist is just getting started, and she does not want to jeopardize it with public statements about such a controversial issue.

I do not believe that Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh are lying, and I do not believe that Erickson, Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh were hoaxing. To me, that’s not a possibility.

Is it possible that Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh misidentified existing animals, say bears, as Bigfoots? I do not believe that is is possible either. Further, Hadj-Chikh has a PhD in evolutionary biology. I trust she knows a bear when she sees one.

Is it possible that the project was hoaxed, that is, at all of the sites, there were guys running around in monkey suits in the woods hoaxing the team? As we know that the team was not hoaxing and we know that they saw something in woods that looked like a Bigfoot, this is the only other possibility that makes any sense.

But the habituation sites are all on private property, and trespassers are not allowed. In some of those areas, there is nearly a shoot on site rule in place. Shoot first, ask questions later. Trespassers are essentially nonexistent on the five US sites on private property. So it’s not possible that guys in monkey suits were running around in the woods playing the team.

This leaves us with the only possibility – that these were real Bigfoots at those sites. Furthermore, samples from all six of the sites tested positive as coming from Bigfoots.

Dr. John Bindernagel, PhD wildlife biologist, was flown in to the Crittenden site by Erickson. While there, Bindernagel saw his first Bigfoot with his own two eyes. As a wildlife biologist, we are sure that he did not misidentify a common animal. Nor is Bindernagel a hoaxer. After Bindernagel saw the Bigfoot, he changed his mind about Bigfoot. He has written books saying that Bigfoot is an ape. He now feels that they are some sort of hominids.

Dennis Pfohl is running into problems in his life. He worked for Erickson for a few years, but now that job is over. He also runs a small business on the side. However, word got out in the town where he lives that he is involved in Bigfoot research, and as a result, his business has taken a hit as skeptics boycott him on the grounds that he’s a Bigfoot nut.

The BFRO is a very secretive and paranoid organization. They are dedicated to being the first group to find Bigfoot. One interesting thing about them is that they have a lot more evidence than they release. I have been told that they much better videos and photos than they have released to the public, but they are not releasing them for this or that, possibly proprietary, reason.

A source gave the BFRO some excellent samples of Bigfoot hair a while back. After some time, he asked for it back, but they said that they had lost it. The source said that he thought that the BFRO stole the sample and then lied and said that they lost it. This is certainly possible, and it is par for the course for these characters. If I had any evidence at all, I would not give it to the BFRO.

Part of Jason Smeja’s 8 pound slab of Bigfoot thigh was submitted to outside sources for analysis. One of these experts was Jeff Meldrum. Meldrum did not understand the hair on the sample, as he felt that Bigfoots have only one stage hair. However, I feel that they have 2-stage hair, an undercoat and guard hairs. Meldrum said it is possible that we do not understand Bigfoot hair very well.

Smeja says that the sample he has smells like wild boar. As he knows what a boar smells like, that is probably an accurate assumption.

Smeja’s sample was sent out for analysis, but it came back as having excessive contamination. Smeja by this time had salted the sample to preserve it, and this may have disturbed it. Wally Hersom was nonplussed. “We have tested that thing eight different times with eight different labs,” he said. “We know what it is.” Hersom implied that the sample had tested positive for Bigfoot in 8 different tests from 8 different labs. We know that other sources have definitely implied that Smeja’s sample tested positive for Bigfoot.

Smeja reported that the nuclear side of the Bigfoot genome was “1/3 of the way from a human to a chimpanzee,” but he implied that he did not understand what that meant. This is the very same figure that I quoted earlier. My source was someone high up in the Bigfoot world who is close to Melba Ketchum. The quote probably came from Ketchum. If true, that would mean that the nuclear side of the Bigfoot line split off ~2 million years ago.

Smeja probably cannot release his eight pounds of Bigfoot thigh, or his entire juvenile Bigfoot body, if indeed he has one as some say that he does. Due to the NDA that he signed with Ketchum, if he releases that sample or body to the public, she may be able to sue him for violation of the NDA. So Smeja is screwed in sense. He is sitting on these samples, or possibly a body, one of the greatest discoveries in science, and he can’t do a thing with it.

A source has been setting up camera traps for Bigfoots somewhere in Canada, but the Bigfoots keep taking the cameras and turning them around so that people can’t take pictures of them. Although this sounds very strange and almost unbelievable, the Olympic Project has been reporting this behavior privately for a very long time. It’s a long-standing problem with their project – the Bigfoots turning the cameras the opposite way so as not to get their picture taken.

On to Steve Kulls. Steve Kulls is a prototypical Bigfoot kook of the type that is notorious in the business. Java Bob says, “Steve Kulls is one of the two worst people in Bigfootery.” He is hated by almost everyone in the business and has almost no friends or allies.

He runs a site called Squatchdetective where he sets himself up as the authority on all things Bigfoot. All he does on this site is tear down everyone else in the business. He specializes in the the politics of personal destruction, digging up all sorts of personal information, compromising photos, damaging emails, etc. from those he is out to destroy.

He has taken on me and Richard Stubstad in recent days and has put us in the runners up for the Bigfoot Hall of Shame, the place where all of the folks Kulls doesn’t like go. He digs up dirt on people, prints personal mails, tracks down your hometown, phone number and court and personal records and then lists all this person information on his website. As a former private investigator, he is good at this stuff. He’s a real charming character.

Stubstad and I ran afoul of this clown for no apparent reason other than breaking some news about Ketchum’s DNA project. He feels that Tom Biscardi was using Stubstad to use me to trash Ketchum’s DNA project. This is conspiracy politics of the worst sort. Stubstad has no relationship with Biscardi. I’ve never spoken to Biscardi. I wish Ketchum’s DNA project very well and have no intention of derailing it.

Kulls is one of the biggest moderators on Bigfoot Forums and he and a few others pretty much wreck the whole place, hovering over it like forum Nazis and constantly spanking people for every little violation.

I was thrown off for three violations – 1. Making fun of fat White right wing trailer park trash, apparently now a protected class. 2. Using the word “retarded” in a post, the retarded now being a protected class. 3. Making a joke post asking researchers if they would have sex with a female Bigfoot if she kidnapped you and wanted to do it.

After the first, I spent all of my time trying not to run afoul of the crazy rules, but I kept getting spanked anyway.

Since then, Kulls has posted a number of posts attempting to destroy me. I did nothing whatsoever to provoke this man, other than being victimized by him by letting him toss my off his forum.

Anyway, at this point, I would advise everyone to stay very far away from this psycho named Steve Kulls and his slimy websites if you know what’s good for you. The man is poison.

The Bigfoot Field Reporter is Kulls’ partner in crime and digging up dirt on people. This is a blond middle aged woman by the name of Sharonlee. Although at first she seems ok, the fact that she collaborates with Kulls on his dirty skullduggery jobs and praises him to the skies on her site makes her very suspect.

She’s either a bad person like he is, or she doesn’t know what she is doing. In the meantime, I would urge everyone to stay away from this woman, as she likes to dig through personal records online to find personal stuff about people to try to destroy them.

Report on Alex Hearn. Alex Hearn is another Bigfoot psycho nut job, this time out of Arizona. He runs some joke organization called AZCRO. He is also very, very fat, or was until recently. He is so fat that you I don’t believe you can even take his photo without using a wide angle lens. He came to my website, but quickly acted so crazy and pathological that I warned him he was going to be banned. He kept on and was banned right away.

One of my sources had a run-in with him. She had staked out a site in Arizona with a lot of activity. She was also a member of Alex’s ridiculous forum, where he mostly just trashes everyone else to destroy every else in the process. Most seem to be very marginal people in real life. They constantly fight with everyone else and tear each other down.

In all of my time on the Net, I have never met a worse group of human beings than I have run across in this Bigfoot game. I never seen so many loons, whackjobs and out and out kooks in any other field not even with UFO’s. That has to do with the marginal nature of the subject, which mostly attracts marginal people.

The field is so vicious that most of the decent people are quickly driven out out by those who are the most brutal and psycho. Most of the sane people leave after getting a load of the nuts and kooks around every bend. Many others are repelled by the overall sleaziness and savagery of the business, which would repel any decent human being.

The preeminent Bigfoot organization is an ultra sleazy outfit called the BFRO run by a very nasty man named Matt Moneymaker. The BFRO exemplifies Bigfootery, in all of its pathology and dysfunction. In short, Bigfootery is made up of what are often called “cranks.” Look the word up. in the biz.

She told Alex (Did I say he was extremely fat?) and his pals about the site and that she had found some tracks. They went out to the area and plaster casted a number of nice tracks. Then they took all the casts home and stole every single one of them. Then they took over her site and apparently ran her off of it. After that, they threw her off the site after first trying to destroy her personally. I would also like to mention that Alex is very, very fat.

Hearn, Kulls and many other clowns that I have portrayed on this site for a long time are perfect examples of the prototypical Bigfoot psycho or Bigfoot nut. Incredibly narcissistic, insanely competitive, they are all out to be the first to discover the creature and therefore have

Assuming this creature can ever be discovered, all of this should change. Most people are sane, decent and rather ordinary. They would be repelled by the kookery, viciousness, idiocy and sliminess of most of the Bigfoot crowd.

Very quickly, scientists, journalists and other types would get involved. These professionals have an image to uphold and have spent most of their lives cultivating a professional image and behavior.

Very soon, those who have put on their big boy pants would drive out the cranks, idiots, kooks, psychos and trailer trash because most people would rather listen to a sober and decent professional than wild eyed backwoods inbred trailer trash hillbilly ranting and raving and tearing down all his competitors.

Think of gorilla and chimp research. It is run by nuts, loonies, cranks and kooks? No, it is run by scientists like Jane Goodall.


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Friday, November 11, 2011 5 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. I am about a year late commenting on this story. I have just ran across it and your website today. This is without a doubt the most useless "update" of anything I have ever read. It is the same four or five paragraphs rearranged and printed over and over. I have never seen more excuses for not releasing information nor have I seen so much information being denied to the public because they "cannot discuss it" right now. That is also repeated over and over. Also, I cannot believe that a group of people would allow one person, Ketchum, to hold the evidence hostage. I think someone needs to get a pair of stones and confront this woman and get their evidence. This entire episode is lame and is not worth following in the future. There is probably nothing to follow anyway with all of the excuses flying around. If I had to put money on it right now it is all a bunch of bull chips. It by some small chance the evidence and story are true, these people got themselves in the situation they are in due to pure greed!! Thats right greed. Instead of releasing it immediately for scientific purposes these people got together and tried to milk each other for every dime the other guy had. Now they cannot release anything. It serves them right for worrying about the money first and the science last.

    1. I agree - Don't think the fabled DNA paper will ever be published. I think the sample submitters are being duped.I would like to be proven wrong but this 4+ years of a cloak and dagger DNA study is nothing more that a fable.

    2. Oh yeah ...but welcome to our site. :)

  2. I agree on the greed part. I think Ketchum is a kook, wanting everything to be about her. And don't even mention BFRO. C'mon. How are you going to find what is possibly the most elusive creature that has ever lived on earth by going out in the woods acting like you just smoked crack!!! Besides, Sasquatch are not apes!!!

    1. I know. The only apes on their show are the "Moneymaker's" I wonder how much those dumbasses get paid to go out in the woods and act like they need therapy. Hell. I could get a bunch of my "stoner" friends from the 70's & we could get paid too. Bobo do not apply.


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