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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Displacement of Bigfoot?

Whether its Bigfoot or other large animals,they can get displaced due the advancement of man.
As strip mining,logging and land development continues it will displace many animals and Bigfoot is no exception.

Strip mining site
Logging site

When one of the above mentioned activities occur in a location that is home to bigfoot then one or two things will happen:

1. Bigfoot, along with other large animals, will have to retreat deeper into the forest.
2. Bigfoot and the other large animals will have to live in closer proximity to humans.

If number 2 happens (which i think it has and will continue) there will be even a bigger increase in Bigfoot sightings.

Thanks to camera phones we are getting more and more videos and pictures of Bigfoot. Most are what we call blobsquatch but as time goes on the camera phone will continue to improve and the pictures and videos should get better and better.

As most people have noticed over the years,there has been increased reports of black bears, Bigfoot and large cats among the general public, I feel this is a direct result of the advancement and development of our lands.

It has been my experience,living where logging and strip mining happen everyday, that smaller animals such as raccoons,chipmunks, squirrels,rabbits..ects are not as effected by the strip mining and logging and normally keep living in the area, but larger animals like deer and black bear move out of the general area. These larger animal tend to move back in rather quickly once the mining or logging has stopped. Many times deer will even come back to the area on days when the working is stopped be it for a holiday or weekend.

Would this be different for a Bigfoot? I would guess that the time period for a Bigfoot to move back into an area where is was displace would be much greater due to the lack of food source,fresh water loss of cover/shelter and the fear factor would play a part. The Bigfoot which would have been scared off by the big equipment,blasting ect... would have a deeper intelligence and remember the event longer making it be more cautions. In fact it may never move back the the area.

So in closing, we can all get our cameras and cell phones ready as we should start seeing the big guy more and more.
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Sunday, October 09, 2011 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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