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Monday, July 11, 2011

Photographer Neil Sandbach was taking pictures around a farm in Hertfordshire, England, when he captured this astounding picture. When Sandbach looked at the digital photo later, he couldn't believe his eyes; he was certain that he had not overlooked a child hanging around the farm that day.

He later asked the farm owners if they'd ever had any supernatural experiences there (he did not tell them about the photo), and the owners confirmed that they had witnessed the specter of a boy in white night clothes many times before.

In 1966, retired clergyman Rev. Ralph Hardy was taking a picture of the spiral staircase (known as the "Tulip Staircase") in the Queen's House section of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, when he captured this image. Experts analyzed the original negative and verified that it had not been tampered with or manipulated in any way.

This photo served as proof that the many ghostly encounters at the Queen's House were real. Footsteps, slamming doors, and the chanting voices of children are often heard around the staircase. Visitors to the museum have even been pinched by unseen fingers during their tour!

Full-body apparitions have been seen on many occasions; one such apparition appears to be mopping up blood from the bottom of the stairs. Historians say that 300 years ago, a maid was thrown from the top of the stairs and fell 50 feet to her death, which might explain the ghostly clean-up crew.

The Fire Girl
Taken November 19, 1995 by Tony O’Rahilly

As the Wem Town Hall in Shropshire, England burned to the ground, local residents took photos of the wreckage from across the street.

Tony O’Rahilly utilized a 200mm telephoto lens to snap this photo of a small girl framed in the doorway. None of the other onlookers or fire fighters working the scene remember seeing a little girl, and there would be no reason for her to be in the dangerous shell of the burnt out building.

Dr. Vernon Harrison later examined the photo and it’s negative and determined that it was genuine. Further investigation into the young girl’s identity uncovered records of a child named Jane Churm who passed away in 1677 in northern Shropshire after lighting fire to a thatched roof with a candle.

Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove
Taken on August 10, 1991 by Mari Huff

Mari Huff of the “Ghost Research Society” took this photo during an investigation of of Bachelor’s Grove cemetery near Chicago. The photo was snapped in an area where the group’s equipment had been acting strangely.

The small, abandoned cemetery was empty except for the paranormal investigation team, and yet when the film was developed this image of a young woman materialized.

Bachelor’s Grove cemetery is considered to be one of America’s most haunted places, and is known for hundreds of paranormal incidents (including full body apparitions).

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