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Z - Boat 
(Publisher - Permuted Press)
Suzanne Robb

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Story Over View -

Brian Kingston, a captain with good intentions but a heavy drinking problem, jumps at the opportunity to make more money than he can imagine on a deep-sea dive aboard the search and rescue submarine, The Betty Loo. He quickly discovers just what he’s gotten himself, and his crew, into. The Betty Loo will be going to suicidal depths on a mission to rescue The Peacemaker, a sub once thought to be unsinkable. After receiving an anonymous threat on the day of departure, Brian is left with no choice but to continue on the mission. 

But the depths of the sea aren’t the only problems ahead. Upon arrival to The Peacemaker, he realizes that though not all the bodies are dead, there is no one to rescue. The crewmembers, both old and new, have to trust one another and fight for their lives against the adapting undead or join them in the floating graveyard that is The Peacemaker.
Review -
Wow! The detail in describing the attacking zombies is second to none. As the zombies snap and rip the flesh of their victims it creates a good visual in your mind.
The author does an excellent job at creating the state of despair and just general creepiness. Romero would be proud. 
What I guess I found most to my liking, other than the zombies, is that you get a good feel for the characters, their background and life issues that got them to their point in the story.
After reading their background, you can understand why some of them live in the shadows and partake of such suicide missions.
Imagine the feeling of being in a submarine full of zombies and under the darkness of the sea. The premise of the story is one of the factors that sets it apart from the crowded zombie field. 
If you like zombies and who don't, this should be a good read for you. The zombie craze has caused a lot of subpar products to be released to the market, I'm happy to say this is well above most of them.
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars


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Zombie attack
Zombies in Florida
The Zombie Of St Augustine Florida

In the early morning hours of the 12th of December 1963 a man and his wife were awakened to screams from their nineteen year old daughters room down the hall from their room. The daughter had been laying on her bed when she saw something at her open window. When the teenager approached the window she saw a man whose eyes were sunk in and his gums were pulled back from his teeth.

He was attempting to crawl through her window. She later said that he stank so bad that she could hardly keep from throwing up. The girl slammed the window on one of his arms and it came off at the elbow falling into the room with her. Her father got into the room and to the window in time to see the man stagger off down the street towards some woods. A neighbor man across the street ran into the street after hearing the girls screams and he saw the man to as he staggered off down the street and into the woods. The police were called and they searched the rest of the night for the man. Just at daylight the next morning the man now dead and minus his arm was now laying in some woods about a half mile from where he had attempted to enter the girls room.

The police investigated the incident and immediately thought some one had dug the man up from a local cemetery where he had been buried five years before. You see he was 61 years old when he had died and he had died in the house where the man and woman now lived with their daughter. When the police went to the grave yard it looked like someone had dug their way up and out of the grave.

When the local medical examiner looked at the dead mans nails the mans nails were dirty like he had been digging and he was also missing a finger. The missing finger was later recovered from the cheap cardboard coffin the man had been buried in. Officially the local police said someone or possibly several people had dug the man up and put him where he was found. They would never admit that the man had walked back to his old house on his own. Police said it was a prank but the people there that night said that not only had the man been up and walking but that he was also growling. How this could have been possible no one can say. This story is told by the ghost tour operators on ghost tours in St
Augustine Florida to this day. They say it's a true story that really happened.

This was posted by the good people over at SPIRIT Paranormal.

This kind of stuck out to me because of the "zombie attack" that happened about a year or so ago in FL, where the man ate most of the face off of another man.


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Well today is the last day of 2012, so Happy New year to everyone and thanks for a great 2012.
I thought it would be good to list some of our biggest stories from this past year. In no particular order.

Top stories from 2012

The Tent Video -

Dr. Melba Ketchum DNA sutdy-

The Erickson Project -

Sierra bigfoot Kills -

The Zombie Attacks -

Sykes - Oxford DNA Study -

Baltic Sea UFO -

The Mayan Prophecy -

Melissa Hovey Photo -

Bigfoot Encounter in New Hampshire -
Of course this is not all of the really good stories and tales we covered but it's some of the best one.

Everyone have a great New Year, be good and be safe. It looks like 2013 is going to be an interesting year for bigfoot.

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TCC - Not bigfoot,ufo,ghost releated but makes a person wonder what is wrong with people. This seems to be happening more and more. There is still some mystery surrounding these zombie style attacks. At first it was blamed on the drug "bath salts" but later blamed on  marijuana and still some point to LSD and PCP as the cause. I just wanted to share this video and story before it gets pushed away.Here is the story about this attack. Video is below.

A retired teacher in Guangzhou, China allegedly brutally attacked a younger man in a squabble over a subway seat on Monday, repeatedly biting him until both men were covered in blood.
The incident was caught on tape by a female passenger, who uploaded the clip to Chinese website Sina Weibo, China Daily reports.
The older man, a 67-year-old who has been identified only as "Chen," boarded the subway at around 8:30 a.m., according to Sina.com. The younger man, a 28-year-old identified as "Wu," reportedly shoved Chen out of the way as he scrambled to get a seat.
Chen then began chastising Wu for not respecting his elders, a witness told New Express Daily, according to China Daily's translation. The woman says the older man then punched Wu, resulting in a physical fight that ended with the biting scene in the video.
The witness noted that bystanders initially did try to break up the fight, but it quickly became so violent that they were frightened away.
Both Chen and Wu suffered only minor injuries, according to Sina.com's translation of the Southern Metropolis Daily.
Neither man is facing charges, and both reportedly apologize for their actions. Even so, residents of Guangzhou may want to consider seeing if they can get in on the zombie apocalypse training offered by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just to be safe.

[Source: Huffington Post]

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Zombie Apocalypse starting soon in France?
A group from the Pasteur Institute was able to reactivate muscle stem cells from deceased persons after 17 days, which functioned normally after transplant...

by Fabrice Chretien

French scientists were able to revive stem cells of muscle and bone marrow from persons who were already dead for 17 days, reports the journal Nature Communications in a paper released on Wednesday (13th) in France.

A team of researchers from the Pasteur Institute demonstrated that it is possible to reactivate the muscle stem cells from human cadavers and transplant them to make new ones born in perfect condition.

The scientists found that these cells did not die with the person. That's because they reduced their activity to a minimum and, after discarding the mitochondria (small bodies that help with breathing), were in a state of hibernation.

Thus, cells could survive even in an environment so hostile, without oxygen and in the middle of an acid bath, as well as in the case of a muscle injury, "sleeping and waiting out the storm," as Professor Fabrice Chrétien affirmed to the newspaper Libération.

"This reserve of stem cells could serve to make bone marrow transplants used to treat leukemia and blood diseases, among other conditions. They could also address the lack of donors," said Chretien, who led the study alongside researcher, Shahragim Tajbakhsh.

Despite the advances that have also been successfully tested in rats, the experiment showed an increase of one type of substance called ROS, which, in turn, has an incompatibility with the cells and genome, Professor Jean-Marc Lemaitre pointed out to the paper, Le Figaro. Due to this fact, the study still needs to determine whether these new cells, even in perfect condition, can hide still undetected malformations.

[Translated from the Portuguese version by: Lisa Karpova]

TCC - So it appears France is working on getting it's own  zombie apocalypse started.

The recent terrifying spate of 'cannibal attacks' seems to have spread to China, as a drunk bus driver was caught on camera gnawing at a woman's face in a horrific random attack.
The unfortunate woman will apparently require plastic surgery to repair the damage done by her crazed attacker.
According to local news reports, the driver, named Dong, had been drinking heavily during lunch with his friends before the outburst on Tuesday.
He then ran on to the road in the city of Wenzhou, in south-east China, and stood in front of the car being driven by a woman named Du, stopping her from moving.

Attack: A man named Dong was seen gnawing on the face of a woman (left) but was later arrested (right)
Dong climbed on the car's hood and started beating the vehicle while the panicked woman screamed for help.
When she left the car and tried to escape, the bus driver leaped on top of her and wrestled her to the ground. It was then that Dong started biting Du's face, leaving her covered in blood and weeping as passers-by tried to pull the attacker off his victim.
Witnesses said that the bus driver had gone 'crazy' and was successfully resisting attempts to subdue him.

Du  will require plastic surgery after the attack on a crowded Chinese street
When police arrived, they managed to take Dong into custody, bringing the appalling rampage to an end.
Du was taken to hospital, where doctors said she would need surgery to repair her nose and lips.
The incident comes in the wake of a number of similar attacks committed here in the U.S.

At first the attacks in the U.S. were blamed on the drug known as "Bath Salts" but after an autopsy was conducted on the attacker Rudy Eugene none was found in his system.The attack in Florida with Eugene seemed to set off a string of attacks over the last couple of months. This has led to many calling these events  "the zombie Apocalypse". There has been around 15 of these attack reported via different news sources.The three most recent attacks are this one in china, the one from Texas where the man ate part of his dog and one from New York where a woman tried to bite a policeman's face.  Some are even saying it is a virus and that homeland security knew about the potential of it spreading back in 2007.
We will try to keep an eye on this story.


Map of the outbreak
I did not make this map but I wanted to share it.
Also there is a new report coming out of Michigan today of a similar type event, I hope to have more details later.
Feel free to share this picture.
Below you will find 2 videos of the UNCUT Zombie Type Attack that took place in Miami.
One video has been color corrected and the other has been zoomed and color corrected. The attack lasted around 18 minutes.The attack is on the left part of the screen.
Following the videos is a picture of the man face after the attack. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.
A little while back the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out a Zombie Preparedness
warning (Read it Here) ...it appears they may have been on to something.

Reported on May 27, 2012
MIAMI (CBSMiami) -- Miami police shot and killed a man on the MacArthur Causeway Saturday afternoon, and police sources told CBS4 they had no choice: the naked man they shot was trying to chew the face off another naked man, and refused to obey police orders to stop his grisly meal.
The bizarre shooting happened shortly after 2 p.m., when police responded to a 911 call about two naked men fighting on a bike path along the Causeway, which was packed with traffic on a busy holiday weekend.
Miami police have not confirmed the details of what happened next, but sources close to the investigation told CBS4 News that officers found one man gnawing on the face of another, in what one police source called the most gruesome thing he'd ever seen.

The fight was taking place at the causeway exit near the Miami Herald building, and amazed officers tried to stop it, ordering the man making a meal out of the other man to stop.

Sources told CBS4 that the man refused to obey, and continued his attack. Investigators sharing limited details about the confrontation, saying only that the two men were fighting and the officers felt they had no choice but to take deadly force.

"During this confrontation an officer did discharge his weapon striking one of the individuals, said Det. Willie Moreno, spokesperson for Miami Police.

But the sources close to the investigation say that dry recitation of the facts apparently doesn't go far enough. They said the man still would not give in to police commands, so officers fired again. "That individual has lost his life right now," Moreno said.

With the attacker dead, lying nude on the pavement, officers and paramedics were able to get to his victim and rush him to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Police sources say the man had virtually no face and was unrecognizable. Police have shared no information about his identity or condition.
Once the bizarre confrontation came to an end, police were left with the task of figuring out what had happened. The investigation forced the closure of the causeway from Miami Beach to Miami, and also closed an exit to the causeway from I-95.

The investigation snarled traffic for hours and delayed thousands of motorists until ways could be found to get them off the causeway. Police have had little official to say about the details, and have not released the name of the cannibalistic attacker.
TCC -  So maybe watching all them zombie movies will finally pay off...but seriously this is totally weird.
Is there even a West Virginia substance abuse resource list for this type of addiction?

Update -  The flesh eating cannibal was 31-year-old Rudy Eugene.
Police believe that Rudy attacked his victim because he was having a bought of cocaine psychosis or was suffering from an overdose of “bath salts,” a synethic drug police say is being used as a new form of LSD.
In the meantime Miami police are asking that any potential witnesses who have not yet stepped forward regarding the incident to call the local police station at 305-603-6350 to report any further details about the attack to investigators.
[Via inquisitr]

TCC -  So a possible bad batch of "drugs" turns a man into a flesh eating zombie? If that is the case be ready for many more attacks.
(Thanks to Anita Wittig for giving us the follow up info)
Update 2 -

TCC -  More details are now coming out about this very odd attack.
Witness Larry Vega was riding his bicycle Saturday afternoon off the MacArthur Causeway that connects downtown Miami with Miami Beach when he saw the savage attack, he told local news media.
"The guy was, like, tearing him to pieces with his mouth, so I told him, 'Get off!'" Vega told Miami television station WSVN (http://bit.ly/L6kwWt). "The guy just kept eating the other guy away, like, ripping his skin."
Vega flagged down a Miami police officer, who he said repeatedly ordered the attacker to get off the victim. The attacker just picked his head up and growled at the officer, Vega said.
As the attack continued, Vega said the officer shot the attacker, who continued chewing the victim's face. The officer fired again, killing the attacker.
"It was just a blob of blood," Vega said. "You couldn't really see, it was just blood all over the place."
The victim, who has not been identified, is in critical condition at a hospital.

Update 3 -  The victim was identified as Ronald Poppo. Poppo is 65 years old and homeless.
Barry Alston said that he spoke with Poppo on several occasions.  “I know that he’s a peaceful person, and that he doesn’t bother anybody," Alston said.

Armando Aguilar, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20, said a man who was fatally shot by an officer had mauled up to 80 percent of another man's face in Miami.  The Fraternal Order of Police are thought by many to be Freemasons. Freemasons are thought by many to be tied to darks forces, namely Satan.

It has been told that it took 7 shots to stop Rudy Eugene from continuing the attack, with the final 7th shot being a head shot.

There is also some rumors that this is not a one time event and that a few other zombie style attacks have or are taking place...again this is a rumor and I will try to stay up on it.

All this makes me wonder is a bad batch of drugs made its way onto the streets and this was the results. If it is a bad batch of drugs then one can assume there could be more of this type of attacks to come.
I will try to keep everything updated.

Update 4 -

Several people called 911 after seeing events related to the vicious attack of a 65-year-old homeless man whose face was mostly chewed off along a busy Miami highway, according to recordings released by authorities Friday.
Callers only reported seeing two men fighting in the shadow of The Miami Herald headquarters and did not mention seeing Ronald Poppo's face being chewed.

Surveillance video shows Rudy Eugene, 31, attack Poppo alongside the highway last Saturday afternoon. A police officer fatally shot Eugene during the attack. Police have not released a motive for the attack.

"He's going to kill that man, I promise you," a female bus driver said, urging a 911 operator to send help. Poppo remains hospitalized.

The driver, who wasn't named by authorities, described the scene as she drove by.

"Listen, there is a naked man on the MacArthur Causeway," she said. "He is beating another man to a pulp — like on top of the man, beating him, the man is bleeding."

In another call, a man said the two men were fighting, saying they nearly knocked over an elderly bicyclist.

"These two bums were going at it with each other, taking up the whole lane," the caller said. "I think they were fighting or something."

The unidentified man gave his phone number to the 911 operator. He declined to comment when contacted Friday evening by The Associated Press.

Another male caller, who didn't mention the fight, reported seeing a man taking off his clothes and throwing them into the traffic.

"You can't miss him. He's naked," the man said.


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