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Bigfoot Report From Perry County, Ky

I got the following bigfoot report in a few days ago and wanted to share it with everyone. This comes from an area that is not too far from me. The area is very similar to my area here in southeast Kentucky and is idea habitat for a being such as Bigfoot.

I emailed  back and forth with the witness to get a few more details about his encounter.

Here is the report.

Bigfoot Encounter and Track Castings
Interesting experience and track findings from Jerimiah Fountain. What started out as a night research trip turned a little frightful. For those who may not know, Jerimiah is a seasoned researcher with around 20 years of experience. He became seriously involved in bigfoot research after a face to face encounter in 2000.

The events described below took place in the state of North Carolina on April 27th, 2020.

Here is what Jerimiah told me about the encounter:

"Wild night in the swamp last night. Had three boulders tossed at me from three different directions. The splash they made, they had to be 20-30 lbs each. Lots of Chimp like vocals. So went to another area and sat on a knoll over looking the bayou. Sat there in the pitch black."

After hearing movement, that sounded like more than one creature, Jerimiah had this to say:

Okay, so this is another one of them stories and pictures that I don't know who to credit. The above image and the another image, shown below, were posted on Facebook. I do not remember who posted it or in what group it was posted.

I did ask some questions about it and this is what I was told:

I recently got an interesting story told to me by a man I will only call Anthony. Even thought the events happened many years ago, it goes along with numerous other tales about kids and Bigfoot.

We can't bring up the subject without mentioning the recent story where the little boy was missing and later found. The little boy say a bear helped him but many believe the "bear" was a Bigfoot. And it makes more sense that it was a Bigfoot. The 3 year old boy was missing for days and once found stated something to the effect that  "A friendly bear helped him"

So, this story by Anthony adds to the many tales of Bigfoot being curious about children.
Here is Anthony's story.

I got the following Bigfoot sighting report submitted to us over the weekend. The sighting area was in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge Nation Forest at or around Lake Agnes. The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest is the largest of the National Forests in Montana. Covering 3.36 million acres, the forest is broken into nine separate sections and stretches across eight counties in the southwestern area of the state.

The hike trail to the lake is approximately 2 miles. The trail begins on the east side of Brownes Lake at the State campground. The first segment of the Agnes Lake Trail climbs 1.5 miles and almost 1,000 feet in elevation to Agnes Lake.

Here is the report and the details of the harrowing encounter.

This post is just to alert our readers and follower of a new Bigfoot book that was recently published. The title of the book is "Bigfoot- My encounters with the forest people, America's last free tribe". Yeah the title is a mouth full.

The book was written by Midnight Owl and Richard Taylor. It is my understanding that this is only book 1 and that there will be more volumes released in the future.

Here is a summary of what the book is about according to the amazon listing.
Photo credit: Blogspot.com
I recently ran across a report that while it rang familiar, it was one I had never read before. It takes place here in my home state of Kentucky, in Perry County. There are numerous reports of hunters seeing or encountering Bigfoot. What makes this one a little different is that it also involves a hunting dog. It has long been my stand point that Bigfoot does in fact dislike dogs and that dogs are pretty much terrified of Bigfoot. My stance is base off of person experience.

Its not be very long ago that there was a report about a Bigfoot killing a coon dog. I think that it may happen more that we know or more that it is reported. I know of many hunters who "lost" a dog while hunting. Sometimes the dog would be found and other times it would not.

Now back to this report I had never read.

The only way I can tell this possible event is to back up a few days and fill in some gaps. First, it is ginseng season and that puts me in the woods several times a week. Often times, I'm in very remote areas. Areas that you can only reach if you walk for a few hours. So, a few days ago I was in an area, an area where I have been many times and didn't really feel as if there were bigfoot in it. I do know there are bigfoot in the general area but I didn't feel like there was any on this particular area of the mountain. I had never really seen any thing that would make me think that bigfoot was in this particular spot.

Mock up photo of a Bigfoot about to do a wood knock.
I got the follow report in a couple days ago of some late night knocks from multiple areas. It is an interesting report and the person has Bigfoot research experience. check it out.

- Start Report - 

Name: Anthony ****
Email Address: On File
State: WA
Date of Sighting: 9.7.15
Time of Day: late nite (about 3:35 am)
Nearest Town: SULTAN
Length of Sighting: 3:35am to 4:55 am (Over an hour)
How many Witnesses: None, people were asleep
Any Photos/Videos: No, I wish.
Describe sighting in detail:

On Sunday 9.7.15 from 3:35am to 4:55 am while on a camping trip.

Late at night I heard something out side of my tent, so I went outside. I heard foot falls
running away from me. So, I went and started a fire to keep warm as I couldn't
go back to sleep, It's 2am.

So a hour later I heard a wood knock and then rock to wood knock and then a wood knock. It was coming  from one area then another different area, and then another in different spot.

I'm not sure how far way they were but it was odd they did it in threes. Then I heard chatter and it wasn't anyone at the camp site.

When I heard it I kept silent, so I could hear them. I counted about 15 wood knocks mix with rock knocks an about 8 different chatters.

Then after they quieted down, I heard a very strange noise, like one was trying to distracting me from the others.  Then it started raining and they were done, I never heard anything else.

What was interesting is how the three were far apart from each other.
Seems like they were communicating with the trees and the way they were

General Map of area:

- End Report -

What makes this more interesting is that the person reporting it does conduct Bigfoot research. So, they have a basic understanding of natural forests sounds and what could possible be Bigfoot wood knocks.

A big thanks to Anthony for submitting his encounter.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Overhead map of Buile Hill Park

I just got in another report from the United Kingdom. Brenda ran across our report from Deborah (Found here) and wanted to share her similar sighting. Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Brenda  ****
Email Address: on file
State: Lancashire
Date of Sighting: JAN 1984
Time of Day: Early evening about 5pm
Nearest Town: Salford
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds
How many Witnesses: just myself
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I recently read your article with a lady named Deborah, who saw the yeti bigfoot in Buile park in Salford and I wanted to get in touch because I saw the same thing in 1984 when I was 30 years old.
I was walking my dog there and it was freezing cold and I was having a cigarette. It was dark at that time of year at 5pm and I thought I was alone in the park as it is usually shut then but this particular night it was open. I was smoking when movement to my left caught my eye.

There was nearby light and I saw this tall thing there. It looked about 6 foot tall and was quite podgy. It had a bit of a belly on it. What got me right away was that it was bare feet. It was then that I noticed it was nude. It had no clothing but it had hair all over the body.

Thats when I thought it must have been someone playing silly beggars but this thing just stood there. I saw it had male genitalia and that was when I became worried. I thought it might attack me.
It stood there staring for about 20 seconds and then it turned very quickly and ran off into the trees. I quickly left the park and returned home and told my then boyfriend and his brother but he laughed and said I must have seen the local perv trying to pick up a prostitute.

I will never forget that thing. I did not know anything about Bigfoot and stuff but thats what it must have been, and to learn someone else saw it in the same trees was startling. I would never forget it.
It looked like a chimp but with the body shape of a man. It couldn't have been a monkey because it was too tall and it was like a caveman from the dinosaur days.

It had a piggy type of nose and large black eyes. It was full of brown hair and it had a human's face but it was also like a chimps. Hard to explain.
I would like my email kept secret from the public as I don't want hate mail but thought i would get in touch because that lady saw the same thing in the park as me. Thanks from Brenda.

- End Report -  

Notice in Brenda's report, at the end, she states she don't want her email public because of hate mail. I can totally understand that and that is part of the reason why people do not come forward. Once you report a sighting, it seems you are quickly labeled a nut or crazy. People ridicule you over Bigfoot sightings and it takes strong and brave people like Deborah and Brenda to step out and tell about their sightings. I get it sometime myself and often times as soon as I have any differences with anyone on any subject they quick point out I'm crazy and believe in Bigfoot or have a PHD in Bigfoot. I guess it just goes with the territory.

Thanks again goes to Brenda for sharing her sighting.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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mock up photo for the report

An “Almost Touching” Moment With Sasquatch
Eric Kern’s Profound Second Encounter In Illinois
By Dorraine Fisher

Sasquatch juveniles are a unique curiosity.  If they are indeed a type of human, do they possess the curiosity of human children? Are they playful like human children? And do they often believe they’re invincible and make mistakes just like human children?

    From all the stories I’ve heard over the years, I believe they may be a lot like human children. And I also believe they are generally watched very closely by adults…since they live in such a dangerous world. And no story illustrates this quite as well as Eric Kern’s second encounter that took place in Bealls Woods State Park and Nature Preserve near his home in Mt. Carmel, Illinois back in 2013. This was an encounter with a young Sasquatch that he almost touched… had the moment not been interrupted.

“The second time around was in July of 2013.  Me and the wife just got a new puppy and he is a hellion.  So one day the wife told me to go take him for a walk in the woods.  At the time, I was still apprehensive about going into the woods, so I went in the afternoon. It was nice and hot. 

“And as we got there, I noticed one thing: not a single bird chirping or nothing.  But my pup wanted to go, so he led me. It was fun as hell until we got to an old dried- up river bed full of overgrowth.  As we got to the top, he started to get riled up something bad.  As I got to the top with him, I saw a sandy- colored object just hunched over at the bottom.

  I thought [it might be] a wild dog.  Then my dog started to bark like mad. Then it [the creature] stopped doing what it was doing and turned as it was hunched down.  It saw me and I saw him, but this time I didn't feel like I was in trouble at all.  More like, what the heck are you doing and what are you? As he stood up, he was young.  At least a teenager from what I gathered from him, but as we looked at each other he had this look on him like he was more scared of me than me of him.  As he just got some bravery up, he took three steps to us. At this time my dog is going bonkers.  Then he reached out and touched my dog and he stopped dead in his tracks.  Not a sound or nothing.  As he did this,  I felt no threat at all,  like an old friend meeting up again.  Then, as  I put out my hand to see if he would touch my hand, a loud bang like a fire cracker went off and a loud grunting started up.  As this happened,  the “sandy kid” stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me, and then ran down the embankment of the river bed and disappeared.  As I looked to see if I could see him,  I see this huge shadow in the tree line watching me.  Then my dog either smelled it or saw it because he pissed right there and tucked his tail right between his legs and ran back to the car dragging me be behind him all the way.” 

    Eric explained later that he didn’t know the other adult was there until it made the loud sound he determined to be a very loud wood knock. He felt the adult was sounding a warning or threat because it believed Eric might do harm to the juvenile.
    I asked Eric how he felt about this encounter after his first had been so frightening.
“Well, I didn't feel anything. It was like meeting an old friend.  You don't feel the need to worry at all.”
    So now, we can only speculate that the encounter might have been a little more touching and surreal had the adult not stepped in to protect the younger.  But we can’t blame them for being afraid of us. They have a million good reasons to be.


[ Eric's first report can be found by Clicking Here ]

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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Bigfoot in the UK
Bigfoot in the UK
I received this possible Bigfoot sightings report from England over the last couple of days. While this is an older sighting it is rare that we get reports from this area of the world. We are very glad to get them and we hope this report will bring others from our friends on the other side of the pond.

- Start Report -

Name: Deborah
Email Address: on file
State: Lancashire
Country: England
Date of Sighting: may/june 1982
Time of Day: early afternoon
Nearest Town: Salford
Length of Sighting: 10/15 seconds
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: I have an artists rendition of his face  (Done By Alex Evans)

The smaller picture is the Sykesville monster and he look so similar we used this to start, the artist name is Alex Evans and she was happy for me to share as she did it, so I could explain what I saw.  He looked very much like the drawing, but its not perfect.

(A Special thanks to Alex Evans for allowing her rendition to be shared)

Describe sighting in detail: 
Buile Hill Park I was around 14/15 when I had my sighting, it was 1981/82 in late may early June.
It was warm and breezy and just a beautiful day. It was nearly school break up and with nothing important going on we sneaked off around lunch to the parkland and didn't go back for afternoon lessons.
The area where we were had an old mansion called Summer hill. It was run down and overgrown, massive trees and rhododendron bushes, tall grass, there was an huge Victorian green house left to ruin and the landscaped gardens had returned to nature.
There are rabbits, squirrels, small muntjak deer, there is also a swampy water course in the SW corner.
We were hidden in the foliage which opened up like a huge teepee. We were there for about and hour ish, making noise, giggling and rolling around, maybe around 2:00 pm. He just lean forward out of the greenery. I froze at the size of him, I could only see from about mid chest area, but we were only about 8ft apart.
I fixated on his eyes and mouth as I could see his teeth, (not because of a facial expression just that his mouth was slightly open) his mouth was same as ours but his jaw was huge, he had dark tanned weathered skin and was covered in dark dark brown hair that looked auburn where the sun caught it. He had huge shoulders and a massive chest, he looked like a man/ape but at that time I thought he was a monster. I pushed my friend to the ground (I'm still ashamed of that to this day) and ran like the wind.
I turned to make sure my friend was up and running and I saw him just lean back into the greenery. I have tried to go back 3 times and could never do it, the first time I had a virtual panic attack and didn't try to return for years.
This changed things for me and I have studied the possibility of wild humans for 32 years.

- End Report -

Excellent encounter and details, a big thanks to Deborah for sharing her amazing report with us.

I also want to let everyone know that a Muntjak deer is also known as barking deer. They are a small breed of deer and are thought to be the oldest known species of deer.

If you have had a sighting/encounter then please use the "report a sighting" link at the top of the page and send it to us. We would love to hear and share you report.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Witness interview

Interview with John Swaney about his Bigfoot sighting. John's facebook group can be found by Clicking Here!

Here is the interview.

Location :Connecticut hill, NY.
Date: Dec.8th 2013


This post by TCC Team member Leon Drew. Leon gallops the plains and rides tall in the saddle while in the mountains of the great state of Colorado. He is a Army Vet, History Buff, Telecom Engineer, Paranormal investigator and Bigfoot Researcher.

©2015 The Crypto Crew

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Another Bigfoot report from Nova Scotia, CA

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Bigfoot report from Nova Scotia

I had shared our sightings map on facebook and put out a call for reports and Leo Frank sent us in the details of his sighting. So a big thanks to him.

-Start Report-

Name: Leo Frank
Email Address: On file
State: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Date of Sighting: August 1997
Time of Day: around 11am
Nearest Town: Wolfville
Length of Sighting: 1-2 mins
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
In the summer of 97 I had just returned home from a year working out west in Alberta, most Maritimers head out that way for work in their teens or early twenties. After any time away from home I always head back to the south mountain near Wolfville Nova Scotia. The area has always been a special place for me with a lot of great childhood memories. The area around my grandparents property is mostly forest and across the road there is a brook where I had my first possible Sasquatch encounter in 1985 along with  six friends.

There were stories of what the people on the mountain and in the valley area called the tramp or hobo, apparently it was supposed to be a homeless man that wore animal furs and could not speak clearly, smelled really bad,did not shave and would chase people out of the area and away from the brook.

One night in the fall of 1964 a fifteen year old T. Coldwell was leaving the neighbors house to go home to what is now my Grandparents property and as she left the walkway and started out across the road to head up the mountain something very tall that cast a shadow across the entire road ran out in front of her and in to the wood lot between the properties. The only thing she was able to tell me was that it was very tall was across the road in just a few steps and that it scared her so bad she ran back into the house and would not leave until the next morning and had to have someone walk her home.

I also spoke to A&S Allen who told me of seeing a large black or dark brown figure on two legs in the corner of a field while bailing hay. Mr.Allen called out to his wife and pointed it out to her. Coincidentally their son was with me when I had my first rock throwing encounter with 6 other kids in 85. There is also a piece of property on the mountain where most hunters will not go. The way it was described to me was that you could go there 10 times and things would be fine but the odd time everything would go silent the birds would not make a sound the squirrels stopped making noise and you just felt like something was watching you, an overall uneasy feeling I guess but enough to make you not want to go back".It was like Someone would hit a switch off and then as fast as everything shut down it came back on" L. Miller told me.

This brings me to my sighting in 97 as I said I always loved the area it is an awesome place to hike and camp and I always walk up the brook never the road just the waterfalls make it worth the extra walk. On this day it had been raining a few days before so the water was flowing pretty damn good so I had to watch my step as I would cross back and forth across the water. As I turned the corner to go up to the first waterfall I saw what I thought was a black bear with it's front end in the water so I did what I always did when I saw a bear and started to back up slowly and was ready to haul ass back up the trail to my grandparents but this was not a bear it stood up, turned to his left and looked straight at me.

This was not what I thought a Sasquatch looked like as he was only about six foot and built like a light heavyweight wrestler or boxer . The hair on the chest and abdomen was black and thinner than the longer hair on the arms and legs there was no point to his head although his brow ridge was out further than a man, his face was dark like leather around his eyes, cheeks and some of his forehead his nose was flat with wide nostrils. His mouth was wide with thin lips that were a lighter color than the skin on his face. His neck was short, the neck muscles were visible. He stood there looking at me and only moved his head once to smell the air like what a dog does when you walk past it with food and then turned back at me.

I don't know how to describe what I felt at that time other than to say it felt l was there longer than I was, like time slowed down. It wasn't like fear it was very odd.There was no smell from him that I noticed and his eyes were a dark color, if I had to guess I would say dark brown. From the  expression on his face the deep breath like a  frustrated sigh as we looked at each other,  it was like I have seen you and you have seen me lets just leave it at that. I did not feel threatened but I knew it was time to leave so as he turned to his left I turned to mine and started back down stream I only turned back to look at him once and noticed that his arm was wet and and hung lower than than a man and his back hunched by the shoulders. I watched him take two steps on his way up the bank and I turned back around and continued back to my grandparents I did not see him look back at me at all.

When I got up on the patio I tried to light a cigarette but had a very hard time as I was shaking so bad it was like being on cocaine. I sat and chain smoked for a while. The fear that I did not feel before I sure as hell felt now. I continued to research in Northern New Brunswick for 6 years after talking with some of the elders on the local Mi'kmaq reservation across the river in Quebec about Sasquatch, they were kind enough to point me in the right direction which lead me to an area that after some time I was able to find some snow tracks and eventually close enough to get a few pictures.

There are no reported sightings in the area that I had my encounters on the BFRO site and I don't imagine there will ever be, mainly because the people around the area a very private and and do not want the attention. There are things that have happened that stay in families for generations before people find out about them. The only reason I have been able to get people talking is because they have known me since I was a baby. I have worked for them, hung out with their kids or are related to them. I have wondered since my sighting if the stories of the Tramp may have actually been a Sasquatch. I don't know but I think it is possible.

-End Report-

This is an excellent report and the details are very similar to others I have heard. I know in my general area there have been some Bigfoot sighted that are in the 6 foot range and others in the 8 foot range.

 If you have had a sighting or encounter then please use the link at the top of the page and share it with us.


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Follow up Report!
More reports of Bigfoot in Kentucky

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Bigfoot Encounter - Follow up Report!

This is a follow up report and video from a reported Bigfoot encounter that took place in Kentucky.
You can read the original report by Clicking Here.  I hope to have more on this encounter in the future.
[Correction: It is not Barren county it is Pike County.]

Here is the follow up video that Danny went back and took.

A special thanks to Danny for getting the video, I know when a person first experiences this type of event/encounter that there is a big element of fear involved.


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Bigfoot Encounter

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I got in a unreported until now Bigfoot encounter. Even though this encounter is a second hand account, I feel there are some interesting elements involved. I have also noticed that it seems the white/grey Bigfoot are more aggressive. This report makes several that I know of where the white Bigfoot was more aggressive.  I have chanced the name of the person who reported this encounter,per their request. Their real name and email address will be on file.

Aggressive Bigfoot Encounter

- Start Report -

Name: Matt Bolder
Email Address: Withheld
State: Oklahoma
County: Blaine
Date of Sighting: 1988 / 1989?
Time of Day: late evening
Nearest Town: Watonga
Length of Sighting: as was told to me by brother, about 20 minutes or so.
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
This encounter was told to me by one of my brother's about 12 or so years ago.  He had said that he waited to tell me because he didn't think that I would believe him.  And hadn't told anyone else but our dad and a close friend of this encounter because he didn't really want everyone thinking that he was a nut or crazy.

So, I will try and recall what my brother had told me about what had happen since having him retell this incident to me dozens of times, because this close encounter scared the liv'n s@$% out of him and his friend that evening.

So, as was told to me, my brother and his buddy both worked together at a state park and after work they were both going to pick up some beer and discuss some of his buddy's girl-friend problems at one of the local party hang-outs west of town a few miles out down near a sandy river bottom area.  It's typically quiet and peaceful when there's no party's down there he said.  So, they get there in his buddy's white truck and park with the ass-end of the truck back about 50 or so yards from North Canadian River.

So, the front of their truck was facing east/northeast my brother said.  There was an open tall natural grass field in front of them with tree-breaks near farmers fence lines in front of them.  No sooner than after about 10-12 minutes in getting there my brother said and was about to pop open a beer, he saw something about 200-220 yards to the east/southeast running south toward the river bank tree line in front of them--my brother said he saw it first and told his buddy to take a look, and neither of them couldn't quite figure out what it was?

My brother thought initially that it was a horse since it was kinda of white/gray in color, and it had a fast running pace but smooth in it's stride.  He couldn't see anything but from about the shoulders up since the natural grass fields where extremely high during late July/August down on the river bottom areas.  He said he saw this thing run over a good quarter mile stretch and cover the ground very fast until it disappeared in the river bank tree line down about 1/4 miles south of their truck, which was the side my brother was sitting since he was riding shot-gun.

That evening my brother said was unusually quiet with very little wind howling, so they both could hear very well with both of the windows down on the truck while sitting still in the truck.  My brother states that once this thing disappeared into the tree line near the river, they both could hear the breaking of branches and tree limbs snapping, getting louder and louder, as if whatever it was, was getting closer and closer to them follow the river bank within the tree line.

My brother's buddy started to really get scared and wanted to leave, but my brother told him to sit still and just see what the hell this was?  So, his buddy reluctantly remained quiet with them both turned looking over their right shoulders staring into the tree line.  As the sounds began to get louder, all of the sudden, they stopped.  They both were looking but no visualization of anything.

So they both turned looking forward talking about what the hell they think it might have been, when my brother saw something in the right truck side mirror step out in the open behind them on the sandy river bank.  By this time, the sun had gone down but the moon was completely full that night--he said it was one of those nights that you didn't need a flash light--you could see everything fairly well, the moon was so bright.

At this time, my brother heard his buddy pulling out his 44 magnum from under his truck seat, and my brother said to let him have the gun since he didn't want his buddy accidentally shooting him. So, my brother took the 44 mag pistol and stuck his upper body out of his side of the truck looking back (toward the West).  He said that there was no sounds or smells, everything was quiet.  This thing was just gently swaying back and forth, no sounds, no noises, just swaying back and forth staring at toward the truck.

My brother said that he notices details that made him realize that this wasn't some guy suited-up in a gorilla suit...he said that the arms were extremely long with the hands hanging down near the knees, the head had a cone-shape, there was no neck, just a massive head down to very massive broad shoulders--my brother said that this things was one big S.O.B.!...and he could tell that it was covered in hair because the hair was glistening from the moonlight.  My brother estimates that this creature/being was at least 7-8ft in height since my brother was hanging out of the truck, he could tell that this thing was much taller, even at a 50-60 yrd distance.

About 20-30 seconds went by with everyone staring at each other. My brother's buddy was extremely scared and wanted to immediately leave, but again, my brother told him to just wait a second.  Then, this thing began to advance very quickly toward their truck, my brother told his buddy to get the damn truck started and get the hell out of there now!  He said that his buddy got the truck started and as soon as they began to drive forward, my brother was still looking back pointing his 44 mag pistol at this thing yelling that he'll shoot if he gets any closer--he didn't because he said in the back of his head, he thought that this still might be some guy, but as this things got almost upon them, the red tail lights of the truck reflected off the face and hands of this big SOB and my brother could make out a definite brow ridge above the eyes, very dark eyes, and a huge hand reaching out toward the tail gate of the truck while in a fast stride chasing their truck.

My brother's buddy fish-tailed the truck while speeding down the dirt road almost wrecking the damn truck my brother said--he noticed that his buddy was in a bit of scared-shock.  My brother told his buddy to slow the damn truck down, but his buddy was in shock and kept the truck going until they reached the highway, which was about 1.0-3/4 miles down the dirt. So, my brother calmed him down and indicated that he wanted to go back and find out what the hell that thing was, and his buddy said, "no F@#$n' way!!! And to this day, after this encounter, my brother did go back with another buddy to look for tracks, but his buddy that was with him that night has never been back due to fear.

I know this event has changed my brother's outlook on what's in the woods.  He remains and avid outdoorsman, and we know what various wildlife looks like, up close and at a distance.  But my brother said, that this creature was the biggest damn thing that he's ever seen up close on two legs!

To this day, he will talk about that encounter, but only to those he trust won't ridicule him--in knowing my brother, he isn't kidding or joking around with this incident.  I know he saw what he saw and I believe him 100%.  Our dad is still on the fence with this incident because he's never seen anything like this, but my brother until the day he dies will state that he feels actually privileged in seeing this 'thing' because he feels that not many people get to see something or experience anything like this in their lifetime.

So, he hasn't shared this encounter with many people and because of our occupations and positions, we would rather not be mentioned by our names in any articles, but you can share this incident with others--because we don't believe others would truly believe that these creatures exist, but they do--even in areas where you wouldn't even think they should.  There are very little trees and no mountains in this area of this encounter my brother had, but there is lots of Indian reservation lands surrounding the areas that we have heard lots of sightings have occurred.
Thank you for you time in allowing my to re-tell my brother's creature encounter.

-End Report -

Thanks goes to Matt for telling us of his brothers encounter.


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Bigfoot chases boys
General area

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

The Close Encounter with Bigfoot

Bell County Bigfoot, the close encounter AKA the story of Caleb

This is a story told to me by a good friend that I go to church with, I 100 percent know this is a true story.
I'll do my best to tell it best I can but as you read it, it will become clear why some of the facts are hard to find and get to.
I have spoken to my friend a few times about this at great length and the event is totally amazing to say the least.

This took place in the 1980's (best I know) in and around the Hutch & Colmar area of Bell county Kentucky. This area has had many Bigfoot encounters/stories over the last 50 years.

Well, as the story goes several teenage boys were doing their normal thing for around here, teaming up and going 4 wheeler riding on the old strip mine roads and logging road. This is a normal thing around here and a fun thing to do on weekends.

Some of the 4 wheelers had 2 boys per 4 wheeler..in total there were around 5-8 people in this riding party, maybe a few more or less. Well, as they are going up on of the strip mine roads they see what they at first think is a big stump on a ridge but as they got closer the stump started moving. The road they were on went towards this big thing, as they got closer it starting coming toward them and of course they hit the gas on the 4 wheelers and tried to hurry past the massive creature.

At this point the Bigfoot really starts chasing the four wheelers, the bigfoot cuts down the ridge to try and cut the boys off, the first few  riders make it past the area where the bigfoot is coming to, but my friends brother who is on the back of a four wheeler with another person on it, are at the end of the riding group line, well this bigfoot makes its to the cut off point at almost the same times as the last four wheeler with the 2 boys on it.

The bigfoot makes a grab for the boy on the back of the four wheeler, this is my friends brother, it either grabs him slightly or the four wheeler (not sure on this but one or the other) and almost rips him off the four wheeler, but due to the speed they rip loose from the bigfoot.

Of course these boy are scared almost to death about this and now all these years later it is very hard to get them to even speak about it. I talked to my friend about maybe getting his brother to tell me even more details but he said he can't hardly talk about it without breaking down and crying as it was so terrifying.

The other boys are also like this, they can't talk in great detail as it really bothers them to this day.

This is a truly amazing story and their is no way it is a made up story. This is coming from people I have known and went to school with many years of my life, even now we still are in church together sometimes. There are many questions about what made this bigfoot aggressive. Could it have been the sound of the ATVs or was it just an aggressive bigfoot?

Some Facts
* This took place in the Hutch & Colmer area of bell county, Kentucky.
* There is a good water supply to support a bigfoot creature thanks to the Cranes creek river and many old strip mine ponds.
* There is a ample source of food for Elk, deer and bears, so it should be enough to support a bigfoot as well.
* Heavily wooded areas for easy hiding of a bigfoot creature.
* Several reports of bigfoot in and around this area dating back to the 50's.
* This event was seen by 5-8 people. (update: 6 boys total)
* Best as I know this story has never been told to any media people, nor the local newspaper or ever reported to any bigfoot researchers until now.

Other facts
Somehow over time, even before this event, this bigfoot was given a name and it is commonly call Caleb and some times Ol' Caleb.
I've heard people say "them boys seen Ol Caleb" so this means this is a known creature by some folks and there is a history of it.
Thanks to my friend and his family for sharing this amazing story with me.


ok, I got to talk to my friend last night and I now know how many boys was in this 4 wheeling party.
There was a total of 6 boys and the party had 3 four wheelers ..so 2 boys per 4 wheeler. All these boys still live around here as far as I know but it's hard to get them to talk about it.
Just recently another brother of my friends was deer scouting in this same area and found some very large tracks in the snow, it was around where he had some corn out to bait deer...not sure if this was a bigfoot or not.

I would love to find out more from any of the people involved. If by chance I learn more details I will try to update this post.


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Bigfoot and Firefighter
Firefighter and Bigfoot

This post by TCC Team Member Bill Hamilton. Bill is a full time wild land firefighter. As part of his job duties he gets to travel to remote locations. Bill is a trained observer thanks to his fire aviation background.

Wildland Firefighter Vs. Possible Bigfoot

A number of years ago I was on a fire in Oregon, it was very remote, six miles from the trail head into the incident. I was on a fire medical team out of Oregon at the time and took the night shift as the medic with 60 fire fighters to look after. I am the last one in and last out. A burn out operation was to be conducted that night and the division supervisor said "hey, Bill I'm gonna leave you on this ridge to watch us, so no fire gets underneath us. And if we have a injury you can hustle it over to us". OK, I said, sounds like a plan.

Now the evening prior to this while walking out, the day shift supervisor walked into a stand off with  a cougar after a few tense moments they simply walked off . So with this in the back of my mine I wedged myself into a rock outcropping and built a small fire in front of me. As the night wore on I heard walking but paid it no mind, as I was busy with radio traffic. As every thing settled down in the wee hours I started to hear music like wind chimes, and I mean loud.

Up close encounter
Mock up Photo
This is a report that I just got in over the last 2 days. The witness wants to remain anonymous but I have their name on record.

-Start Report-
Name: Withheld
State: Ky
County: Jackson
Date of Sighting: Nov 1999 First day modern gun deer season
Time of Day: between 2 & 4 p.m.
Nearest Town: Tyner
Length of Sighting: 30 seconds
How many Witnesses: one
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
I was deer hunting on a friend's farm. I had been hunting since just before light and was very tired so I decided to sit by the root ball of a fallen tree.
Just before I sat down to rest, I heard rapid gunfire that sounded like it was coming from the other side of the hill I was on. It sounded like two different people were firing at something so I sat with my back to the root ball of this fallen tree.

I kind of dozed off for a few seconds but I began to hear footsteps coming down the hill from behind me. I thought it might be someone from our hunting party but it wasn't.
I stood up and as I stepped out from behind that root ball, there it was. I was face to face with a large Sasquatch!!!

We were about 25-30 feet apart and in the clear. I was in shock. We stood there looking at each other for about 25 seconds. What I saw that day changed my life completely. This creature was about 8 feet tall and weighed 700 pounds easy.

This encounter happened about 2 miles from Beulah Lake in Tyner Ky. The nearest road is Oak Grove Church Road. It was on private land & I can show you exactly where on Google Earth.
Ok. As this creature and I stood there looking at each other, I guess I may have been in shock because I couldn't run. I was armed but the thought to fire my rifle or pistol never crossed my mind. It would have probably just made it angry.
The creature was looking at me with what I can only say was the expression of "oh crap", like it didn't expect to see me there and it didn't know if I would shoot at it.

It was between 7'6'' and 8' tall, about 700 pounds (just guessing as best as I can). We were about 25-30 feet apart in open woods, meaning there was no underbrush to block my view. I got a really good look at it. It's hair (not fur) was reddish-brown and kind of all over the place, like the hair on an Irish Wolfhound that has never been groomed, but I'd say it varied in length. I could see the muscles under it's hair. It's eyes were all black, it's face was flat and it had a nose quite similar to that of a man. It's head was low-set, kind of like on it's shoulders. It's jaw was pronounced but not like that of an ape. It's arms were very long, hands were huge. I could see it's fingernails. They were black. It's skin color was kind of a grayish/brown and it's mouth was open just a little, but I didn't see it's teeth. This thing was built for business.  I was close enough and this encounter lasted long enough,(20-30 seconds) that I could see it's private parts. It was obviously male. All of a sudden the creature turned to it's right and ran to the top of the hill. It tried to keep the trees between us but I moved a step to my right and watched it go to the top of the hill. There it stopped and I got this really uneasy feeling in my stomach, I felt disoriented and I got the feeling to get the crap out of there, fast. I then turned to my left and made a b-line to the open field that was just a few yards behind me.

I walked to the center of the field, noticed where my truck was parked and went to my truck. I didn't get out of my truck until I saw another member of our hunting party. I have never mentioned it to my hunting buddies because I didn't want to be thought of as a drunk or on drugs. It took me until January 2013 to tell my wife. This encounter changed my life. I haven't hunted since and I sold that rifle. I went back to see my buddy that lives there in 2002 but I haven't been back since.

I have also had 6 other visual encounters and one audio encounter in which I heard a wood knock and immediately after that, there was a "Whoo-up" response. These encounters happened in Berea at the home we lived in at the time. This location is in a subdivision in the city limits of Berea, just behind an elementary school. We've since moved. Thank you for listening.
-End Report-

UPDATE - A few people that read the above report wanted to know if the witness smelled anything. So I ask and here was his reply: "Yes. The smell was like a combination of horse sweat, strong urine, body odor with a strong skunk scent. The smell stays with you for a long time."

Here is a general map of the area

Anyone else who has seen a possible bigfoot in this area or anywhere else, should contact us and report the sighting. Having these reports and adding them to our sightings map will help all researchers locate possible hotspots and areas with reoccurring sightings.


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The Crypto Crew Interview Series - In this interview I talk to James Turner about his 2 different bigfoot encounters. The map photo used in the video is from his second encounter near the Elk River area in Idaho. Our conversation goes off in to some other topics , so I hope you enjoy it. Also sorry for the sniffles but we both have colds.


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The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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