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Original Image by Peter Lomas
Rhode Island UFO?

Today I had just a little free time and wanted to search the internet for any interesting UFO reports. I stumbled across a new report from Rhode Island on the MUFON website and wanted to share. There is an accompanying video with some enhancements. A white object is seen briefly and it appears to be moving at a high rate of speed.The witness was filming a horse and captured the object on camera on 6/13/21.

Here is the witness statement and video

Alien Invasion On Earth? Is It A Possibility?

By Dorraine Fisher

I’ve heard rumors that a full-blown War-of-the-Worlds-style alien invasion was coming, or that the world media would try to report that an alien invasion was coming to earth in order to strike fear in the masses and assume more control over our lives.  And they’re using the many new UFO sightings that have happened recently to reinforce this idea.

    But this is not plausible and I’ll tell you why.

    Many insiders will tell you extraterrestrials are already here and have been for aeons and they live among us, and you may even know one or have seen one.  Although there are around ten alien races that have association with earth and humans, there are two basic groups here: The Reticulans of the Reticulan Empire and the Galactic Federation Of Light, also known as the Confederation Of Planets.

 Interview and Bigfoot Activity

I've been a little while getting this ready to posting. It is from our, what amounted to, three day expedition looking for bigfoot evidence in Kentucky. Guy Luneau had driven from Arkansas to explore the wilderness with me. While we were out there in the woods, I wanted Guy to tell about his 2006 bigfoot event on camera. What happens at the end of his story was very unexpected and just what we saw or didn't see is a struggle for the both of us. One look at the image above and you can see the shock, fear and awe on Guy's face. It was a genuine reaction that was also filled with excitement.

We had already had a very successful day and had found a lot of  bigfoot tracks. We sat down and had a small snack. Once done with our snack,  I had Guy tell us his 2006 story, then it kind of got interesting for a bit.

Here is the video

Psychic Abilities:  How To Know If You’re Clairaudient

By Dorraine Fisher

Many of the reasons science rejects the idea of psychic abilities is because those abilities come in many different forms and manifest in different ways. And often psychic experiences are very personal to the individual having the experiences and those experiences often cannot be proven to others. So those with psychic abilities are left keeping them quiet. Being a psychic does not necessarily mean we can flat-out read people’s minds or predict future events 100 percent of the time. Psychic skills just don’t work that way. They are often much more subtle and vary from person to person.

Sasquatch Population Estimate in Eastern Kentucky and the
Greater Appalachian Mountain Chain

I am Guy Luneau, the 58 year old (here in June 2021) retired chemical engineer from Arkansas who recently met Thomas Marcum for my first time ever and went into the Bell and Harlan County, Kentucky foothill forests with him on May 18-20, 2021 to search for Sasquatch evidence. In late May 2021, Thomas posted the field trip story I wrote, and it can be found here. I was stunned to have witnessed the fifty-plus Sasquatch footprints in the mud that we found from at least 6 individual Bigfoots in two locations in just 2 days of poking around in the woods, as well as Bigfoot stick structures and sapling snap-offs that we witnessed. I did not even mention in that story the aged, sparsely-constructed “hut”/game blind/loafing structure that Sasquatch built and that Thomas showed me and we studied for 10 minutes. Sasquatch sign was present in an astonishing abundance – much more than I had ever thought possible when I had asked him to take me on this two-day field trip. It set my brain to work in ways that I never foresaw putting my brain to work. Eye-opening. Riveting.  Tapping into things that I had not seen coming my way.

As a seasoned veteran woodsman who hunts and fishes to feed himself, as well as being a lifelong birder who has seen all but one of North America’s approximate 700 bird species, I quickly recognized that Thomas, too, is a seasoned veteran of woodsmanship. After we had seen all the Sasquatch sign that we put our eyes on in two days, including the numerous footprints of a family of four Sasquatches that took a stroll together down the old two-track logging road through the forest that he took me down, plus knowing that Thomas has performed more direct, on-the-ground, Sasquatch research than almost anyone on Planet Earth, I had an in-depth discussion with Thomas to determine if (1) we could make a reasonable estimate of the home range of a family of Sasquatches in these foothills, and (2) make a reasonable estimate of the Sasquatch population in the eastern one-third of Kentucky which is comprised of the forested foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and has a low-density human population.

Hikers Encounter Bigfoot

Please note this is the video version of a previous post. We are trying to take our written reports and turn them into short youtube videos. We understand sometimes it is easier to watch a video than read the full report. 

While hiking in a remote area of Montana a small group of friends encounter a bigfoot.
Read the written report at - Click Here

Here is the short video

Hunter Hears Possible Bigfoot Vocalizations

Our friend Guy, had a very plausible Bigfoot localization event while turkey hunting. He reported it to the BFRO but has also granted us permission to post up he event. You have probably heard Guy or I refer to this event in some of our previous post. Well, now you will get the chance to read about it in greater detail. I have also included the above google map image of the area. 

Here is the report

 A Different Type of Bigfoot?

Since I became friends with Guy Luneau, I've had a renewed interest in the Ivory Billed Woodpecker. You see, the ivory bill woodpecker is very much like our elusive bigfoot. Depending on who you ask and what you read, you will find that some people tell us the ivory billed woodpecker is extinct. While others insist it is still around but only a few of them remain. Guy renewed by interest with his vast knowledge of birds in general. Of course, while on our expedition for bigfoot evidence, we talked about the many birds in our world, including the ivory billed.

The American Birding Association list the bird as "definitely or probably extinct". While the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) list the species as "Critically Endangered" on it's list.

New Fake Bigfoot Sighting video

New fake bigfoot video alert. This was a pretty good effort. You see a couple guys riding along in a side by side ..shooting the breeze when they just happened to catch a bigfoot running through the woods.

You can see the guys white sock as he steps ...other than that it was a good attempt. More pictures below

 Here is the link to the video ..language warning - https://youtu.be/Yfk-rInIQGo?t=53

7:11 PM No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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Sasquatch Field Trip in the Eastern Kentucky Appalachian Foothills
May 18-20, 2021 with Thomas Marcum

I am Guy Luneau, a 58 year old (here in May 2021) retired chemical engineer from Arkansas. I was born and raised here, worked in Texas in polymers/plastics technology for a career, then Joan, our son Scott, and I returned to Arkansas after retirement to leave the faster-paced Texas behind us.

I have studied Sasquatch for several decades. My interest in and study of the subject matter accelerated after I had an encounter 15 years ago with what likely were two Sasquatches in the Lower Buffalo Wilderness region of the northern Arkansas Ozark Mountains. In the darkness of night in mid-April 2006 at 4:15 a.m. while at my tent camp site, I was eating my breakfast and preparing for my third and final day of my wild turkey hunt. It was mid-week in mid-April. I had not seen nor heard any humans for 2+ days since launching my canoe into the Buffalo River – no canoeists, no hunters, and in fact, I had not heard even a single gunshot from another turkey hunter for 2+ days. Within 3 seconds of each other at 4:15 a.m., two very loud, very clear, hooOOO-op calls rang out of the mountainous forest. The first call was of an animal to the southwest of me on the south side of the Buffalo River. The answered call 3 seconds later was from a second animal, this one on the north side of the Buffalo River. I sat there stunned wondering what species those animals could be. I was stunned because I had never heard such calls in the natural setting.

Bigfoot Family Tracks
More From Our Recent Expedition

During our recent expedition, we made many discoveries that I wanted to share. I have already made two posts about our adventure. This post will feature a video we took while in the mountains. 

At this point in the adventure, we had already found the tracks where the bigfoot had jumped in the mud and walk around the marsh. The next area contain a fairly large mud hole that provided several tracks from at least three different sized bigfoot.

What follows is the video we took showing the tracks and discussing our findings.

Bigfoot Jumped Into Mud 
More From Our Recent Expedition

Once again, this may be a rather short post but I really wanted to share the things we found during our trip. Guy and I spent, what amounts to two full days and one evening, out looking for evidence of bigfoot. As you may have read in a previous post, Guy is a retired chemical engineer who has a keen interest in Bigfoot. He also had a possible bigfoot event back in 2006 that I hope to share in the near future.  

On on first full day out in the mountains, we were hiking in a gated area that is only monitored a few times a year. It was an area were I had had some success in the past but I had not been into this year. We were roughly about one to one and a half miles in on the trail when we came upon this marsh/bog type of area. I was familiar with the area as I had checked it in the past for possible evidence. On this day we got more the we expected. 

The Official BFRO Bigfoot Encounters Classification System - How Does Yours Rate?

By Dorraine Fisher

I don’t like labeling things or classifying them because I’m one of those people that believes that many things are subjective or even mysterious and can’t be classified so easily, like Bigfoot. I think the subject of bigfoot opens up a whole new world of many smaller classification ratings.  But nevertheless, humans sometimes feel the need to differentiate and compartmentalize.  And bigfoot research, in the interest of making sure it remains a serious topic, according to some, is one of those subjects that needs serious analysis with a concise classification system.  

So, in order to make this a reality, the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Research Organization) has broken bigfoot encounters down into three classifications. Many of us have already studied this and already think we know what category our encounter is in, but it’s always worth a second look just to make sure.

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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