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Google Maps UFO?

The link, which I'll share, to this google map anomaly was sent to me by J. Anderson. I guess it can be classified as a UFO as I don't know for sure what it is or isn't.

Its is funny that sometimes Google Maps captures odd things and this one is pretty good. If I was going to try and explain this I would think that this is either a bird in flight or maybe even some type of insect.

I used Google Maps and went back before the object was there to see if I could see a bird in a tree or if the object was captured in another frame, but I found neither. That does not mean it was not there I could have easily missed it.

Just for fun and as an attempt to identify the object, I zoomed in on it and tried some filters.
Here are those pictures and a link to the Google Map image.

Recently there was a short video released by The Sun online magazine via Twitter and it has caused a little stir.

A driver found this odd looking creature crawling around inside his care. He took a short video and many have no idea what this alien looking thing is. It has been labeled as strange, alien like, unknown creature, demon and many other spooky names.

Before I tell you what it is, lets take a look at the short video.

Here is the video:

Up for discussion today is yet another mystery game camera picture. Once again I can't remember where I found this image and I have no idea who to credit.

What I do remember, or at least I think I do, is that the picture was taken in Florida. The trees in the background look like something you might see in the sunshine state.

I seen where some people say this is a bigfoot or skunk ape, as it is know in Florida, while others say it is just a dog.

I have zoomed in and adjusted the lighting on the figure in question.

This reported game camera picture is setting Bigfoot Facebook groups on fire. It has sparked some spirited debate as to just what kind of critter is in the photograph.

Here is what we know, so far, about the image.

The picture comes from South Carolina and it was taken by a trail camera. Many believe it to be a juvenile Bigfoot while others say they see a feral hog.

Here is my thought and some more enhanced pictures.

This will probably be a short post. The following video has been around for some time now. The video reportedly shows a "little man" filmed by some off road dirt bikers. The video was supposedly shot in the middle of  Aceh forest, Sumatra. The figure appears to be holding a staff of some sort.

The lead biker crashes at the appearance of the "little man". The other bikers stop but one biker chases after the figure. The chase is caught on camera thanks to this helmet cam.

Here is the video and after that some more information.

Ah Valentines day, why not have a post showing a romantic couple embraced near the seaside while getting photobombed by what many say is a sea monster. Love is in the air and it appears to have attracted an unexpected spectator. This photo has caused a minor stir on several websites and social media. Many are saying it is some type of sea monster that just happened to surface at the right time.

At first glance, I was like "look at that" and then I checked it out more and thought "Hey, I know what that is".

Photo Credit: Melissa Doubleday
A strange object apparently has washes up on a Muriwai beach in New Zealand. The original photos, of whatever this is, was posted on social medial by Melissa Doubleday. She posted it with the question "Just curious if anyone knows what this is?"... Well apparently no one has answered the question or solved the mystery of just what this might be.

Some have speculated it was a whale carcass covered in some type of crustacean. Others have speculated it is a work of art. But the crustaceans are alive on the object. The best guess so far, at least that I think may be the answer, is that it is a large piece of driftwood covered in gooseneck barnacles.

There is now video of the object and you can see the crabs moving and working.

Many newspapers and online news sites are now covering the mysterious object, but as of yet there is no solid answers as to just what the object is.

It is always cool when weird things wash up out of the ocean, I guess we can add another one to the list. This particular mystery is being shared and reported on around the world. Best I can tell this was a recent wash up, but I'm not sure of that or when it happened.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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I was just recently sent the above photo by Ryan. It was taken in Maryland on 4/26/16. Some may not know there is a legend of a goatman in Maryland. We also have a very similar legend here in Kentucky. If you have seen the news recently, you might have seen that we had a woman killed while researching the Kentucky Goatman legend. The lady and her boyfriend were from Ohio and were investigating the Kentucky Goatman. You can read that story Here or just search the web for it.

As for this new report from Maryland, I was contacted by Ryan via email. He also sent me two photos that he took. I will include various enhancement during this post. Here is what he told me about his sighting.

"I'm in DC for the GRC summit starting yesterday and was playing tennis Saturday (23rd) morning at Montpelier Park while some friends played golf at Pawtucket Greens.
As we were packing up we saw something on the forest bordering the park. As I took out my camera phone it came up onto two feet and I realized it was a goat. I told some people back in DC about a goat waking on two legs and they said it was some old Maryland Goatman legend.
I called WBAL in Baltimore and talked to someone about it but I don't think they believe me. They think it's a bear holding a freshly killed goat. They ran the story yesterday concluding that but I think there's more to it. I started looking into cryptozoology and found your site so I'm sending them to you."

Here is a link to the short report done by WBAL - you can view it Here

Here is a brief overview of the Maryland Goatman Legend:

According to urban legend, the Goatman is an axe-wielding half-animal, half-man creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. The tale holds that he was experimenting on goats, the experiment went awry, and he began attacking cars with an axe, roaming the back roads of Beltsville, Maryland. A variation of the legend tells of Goatman as an old hermit who lives in the woods, seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road.
The story seems to originate with an alleged sighting in 1957. The Goatman is also said to have murdered a number of hikers in 1962.

I was able to follow up with Ryan about his sighting and pictures.
I ask him about the height of the creature, and how long he seen it, here was his reply.

"I watched it standing for a few moments and then it came down on all fours and disappeared into thick forest. This photo was taken with my phone zoomed all the way in and, if I had to guess, I was about 30 yards away. It stood probably about 7 feet tall when it was on two feet. WBAL determined it was a bear with a goat in its jaws but that wasn't how I perceived it."

Here is another photo that Ryan took.

Here is a zoom on the figure, you can clearly see the horns and the goat looking head.

 Now, I can't see this being a bear with a goat's head in its mouth. I can't see this as just being a goat standing on it's back legs. The witness said it would about 7 foot tall, no goat standing on it's back legs would be that tall.

So, we are left with the possibility that this IS a Goatman. I will be the first to admit that I'm just not sure what this is but it does not appear to be just a bear or just a goat.

I also did a short video on this image, but all of the information and more is covered here in this post. If you would still like to watch the video, you can do so at this link. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTucQwHJIuc

Now, I have to ask ...if anyone has more information about this recent sighting of a possible goatman or if you have also seen it in this area, please contact me.

UPDATE - I guess I should have also included the following information but it slipped my mind. I ran these two photos on some software that detects edited images. There was no obvious signs of anything like Photoshop. Here is some of the Meta Data - size 4032 x 3024, 72 dpi. I also ran an error level analysis and it didn't reveal any thing unusual. Please keep in mind that many of these test are inconclusive and that photoshop is sometimes difficult to detect.  I'm not saying this is or isn't an altered image, I'm just saying I didn't find anything that suggest it was altered. The witness has been very open to any questions that I have ask him and seems to be just looking for answers.

UPDATE 2 - So, after reading this report JR, who lives near the reported area, thought he would go out and see if he could find the exact location this picture was taken at. Here is what JR report to me.
"I went to the park that this guy talked about and walked completely around the 3 wooded sides and nowhere do I see the 2 trees that are on the ground where this goatman was. I walked it twice. I think I need more info from the guy who took the pic. ....... The only thing I can say is I would probably have to talk with the guy or him email a pic of the park with the location marked of where he saw it. I did see one print in the mud outside of the wooded area about 12-13" long and took a pic of it.

It was about an 1" deep but it is muddy and I could not see any toes on this print....."

I ask JR if there was a chance the downed trees had been moved, here is his reply: "I don't think any trees were moved. I would really like if u could get this guy to email me or find out where he was in the parking lot when he took the pic. It appears to me in the Montpelier park the only place he could have been 30 yards from the animal would have been near the entrance to the park. Ask him if this is where he was parked. Also if u would confirm that he was at that park and not at the tennis courts at the golf course. I will go back. By the way I don't know if u saw where I posted it but my wife grew up in this area and spent all her life there. She said when she was a kid there were reports of a goatman she remembered and it scratched a car all up. That was over 50 years ago though. "

So, I email Ryan, the man who took the picture, and as him for more information on the exact location he took the picture. Here was Ryan's reply: "Yes, I took it while we were leaving. It was a ways back so I walked into the woods a bit to take the photo. I don't live in Maryland, I was there for a risk assessment conference. Next time I'm in that area of gladly meet someone and show them the exact location."

Now, hopefully, the next time Ryan is in the area we can have JR meet up with him and they can go to the exact spot where the pictures were taken. I thank both Ryan and JR for their help and information on this case. Maybe we can find more clues and answers in the weeks to come.

-End Update 2 -


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Possible UFO photographed
What is this?

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

For those who may not know, Chris Light has been documenting unknown aircraft around his home for many year now. He is also retired from the USAF making his opinion more valuable because he knows about the many different kinds of military aircraft and their speeds. We have worked on some of Chris's videos in the past. He filmed 3 UFOs back in 2013 and we did an enhancement of the video (Post found Here). More recently he filmed an unknown tumbling object and we attempted to enhance it. (Post found Here) It should also be noted that Chris lives fairly close to a military base.

In this current photo, Chris was out taking pictures of the beautiful sky (He is also has a photography company) and later noticed this object in the photo. He ask me to attempt to enhance the photo in hopes of revealing what the object actually was, be it bird or unknown. Here are my efforts.

This first photo is an inverted version of the photo.
UFO in the Sky

UFO Enhancement

Here is the object zoomed in and some sharping and anti-aliasing applied. Still can't really tell for what the object actually is but it for sure is there. It don't really look like a bird  but it could be just because of the angle.


Same photo as the above but image has been inverted in a effort to reveal more details.
Still can not say for sure what it is or isn't.
During the process of manipulating this photo, many different techniques were used. I'm only showing some of them. I wasn't able to confirm the identity of the object. 
A much tighter zoom in on the object, unfortunately the photo becomes pixilated. I attempted to use more "de-blurring" techniques but this is about the clearest I could get it. I also blasted the photo with various colors techniques in an attempt to show more details but there really wasn't much more to see. 
So what is the object? I can't say for sure, it does not appear to be a bird but he angle could play a factor in it. There is for sure something there.
A big thanks to Chris Light for sharing the photo and for his continued work scanning the skies.
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What is this creature
What is this odd creature?

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

What is this Creature?
The people in the village of Garuhape, in the province of Misiones of Argentina were surprised at the discovery of this weird bird like creature.
The creature appears to have a bird type head and wings but the body of a lion, as described by people from the village.

The unknown creature was discovered by Valeria Machado. The creature was under a fruit basket in Valeria's home. Valeria is a genetics student at Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNAM).

Valeria said, "At first I thought it was a bird but soon realized that the creature had ears. Then I concluded that it was a newborn rat that could have suffered some kind of mutation."

The creature only measured about 4 inches long and was found in January 2014. The theory of a mutated rat is not being accepted by everyone.

Here is a close up photo of the head of the creature.
What is this thing
Mutated rat or something else?
In the photo the creature is laying in the lid from a small jar, some think it is a plate but it's not. It is also reported that the creature is still being looked at and studied. Whatever it is, it seems to be weird and out of the norm. It appears to have a birds beak and feathers but also a long tail and ears. Plus arms and legs, with feet not like bird feet. It's very odd. 

So do you think it is a mutated rat, A hoax or something unknown?


[Source: Eldia]
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What is this thing?

I was alerted to this by Todd Thomason, so I got to looking at where he directed me and this is what I found about this weird looking thing.

According to Victor Valley News , This strange looking thing was dug up by a dog, and brought back to it's owner in Phelan, Ca. It measures 7 inches in length and not much else is known about it. The strange find will reportedly be tested in a lab today, hopefully the results will be out soon and help solve this new mystery.

So I hope to have more info about it in the coming days. If anyone knows what this is, then feel free to post.

A big thanks to Todd for sending us the info and photo.


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Ok, sometimes I would play a game with my followers and post up a photo and ask "what is it?" but I've not done that in a while. So I thought I'd have a little fun today and ask
"If you seen this figure in the woods would you think it could be a bigfoot?" or in other words "Could it be a Bigfoot?"

Just imagine seeing this dark, hairy figure moving around in the woods, late in the day at the edge of dark.

Here is the figure:

I think this was taken in Louisiana  --  I think some people might even take a shot at this figure under the right lighting conditions.

to see who or what it really is  Click Here

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed that.

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It is being dubbed "Beast of Tenby" and the" Beast from the East" by the Westerntelegraph.
This odd carcass washed up Tenby's south beach and was photographed by 27 year old Peter Bailey who was walking his dog on the beach.

Bailey said:  "I was taking my dog for her evening walk across the south beach when she started acting out of character by howling and running round in circles.
 I ran up to her to see if she was ok and then I came across this hideous looking carcass. I could see it had little hair left on it's decomposing body. Immediately I thought it was a horse but it had claws like a bear and a body of a pig. Surprisingly it didn't smell."

So what is this mystery beast?


[Sources: Westerntelegraph,Paranormal Geeks Radio]

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Figure in the sky in KY
The above photo was reportedly take by a game cam that for some reason was pointing up in the sky.
There appears to be a hooded figure on the left side of the photo. I've contacted the person who posted this in a effort to find out more details.
The photo was reportedly take in Prestionsburgh, Kentucky.

Here is a couple of photo enhancement I did

Cut out of figure and slight color adjustment

Zoom in on the head of the figure

I don't know what this is but it does appear to have a human type shape.
I will update this story with any need to know info .

©The Crypto Crew

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What is this in the photo?
This photo was taking in 2002 and as far as I know it has never been explained. The picture was taken by author Jeffrey Scott Holland in Richmond,KY outside of a Wal-mart.
Holland said "I saw a strange object floating across the Eastern By-pass, from the K-Mart side over to a position above Wal-Mart's parking lot."
Holland went on to say " At first we thought the object was a kite. I used the digital camera as a binoculars by looking through the zoom lens, and after close inspection I clearly saw a person's legs move, which put the whole object in size perspective. The object was scarcely bigger than the person himself, like he was in a flying chair."

Holland had stated he thought it could be a Autogyro (aka Gyro-copter) but once I blew up the photo you can see this does not appear to be a autogyro copter. I can not see any blades. Also normally Gyro-copters are very loud and make lots of noise. They normally fly kind of low to the ground as well.
So what is this thing? Flying humanoid? UFO? Balloon?
Here is the photo after I blew it up, what do you think it is?

What is it?

For those who are interested and maybe don't know, Mr. Holland has authored a couple of books about Kentucky. His latest can be found by clicking HERE or just search on Amazon.com for "The Devil and Daniel Boone". Mr. Holland has also done many other things and is a noted artist, writer and musician.


[Source:Unusual Kentucky]

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First let me say - I'm Not saying this is a Bigfoot ,but would like to see what others think it might be.
I was out testing out the night vision on a new camera and filmed some eyeshine. The local camp dogs were going crazy. At first I didn't see the eye shine because I was trying to see how to turn on the night vision and couldn't see the buttons.
If you think you know what this is please let me know.

Here is the first photo without the bigfoot in it...all you can see is one of the hogs.
1 hog visible
Now the next photo has what kind of looks like a bigfoot in it.
Notice the hog on the left,look toward the center above the hog on the left
Now I have zoomed in on this ...whatever it is ...and  here it is
Is this a bigfoot?
Could this be a bigfoot? I really does kind of look like one. I wonder is it is just another hog or something?
What does everyone think?
Heres the photo
What is it?
It don't look like a bigfoot, has legs that kind of look like a mans but the head of a horse or something.
Here is a Zoom in on it.
Weird creature
Anyone have an idea what this thing might be? Is it just a hoax?
Can't seem to get much from the photo itself..so thought i'd ask our readers.
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
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