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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Two Alien Entities Photographed?

Take a close look at this rather remarkable photograph, these are real extra-terrestrial entities that were captured high above the town, floating stationary in their anti-gravitational craft.
I photographed them with my camera which was a Sony HX-300 if I'm not mistaken. The alien to the right was looking out from a large window and seemed totally unaware that I was observing it through the viewfinder of my camera. Then suddenly a small reptilian alien put its head around the side of a wall inside the craft like it could somehow telepathically sense me watching them from a safe distance.
I immediately took this photograph capturing them before they turned off all the lights within their craft only leaving the outline of their ship visible in the moonlit night sky. 

After a while, they soon flew off heading in the direction of Torquay. I was left with a photograph that shows two different extra-terrestrial beings standing within their anti-gravitational craft. 

This is quite remarkable and I have done a re-analysis of the photograph and have cut out the aliens removing the background, showing greater detail of how they actually looked. 
I seem to remember that it was around quarter to eleven when this sighting took place and I was looking out from my open bedroom window at the time.
I can still remember being really excited that aliens were real. Since this encounter, I have gone on to witness and photograph thousands of UFOs within my area of Devon.
Unfortunately, however, I lost this photograph and I have been looking for it for several years now, so when I finally found it on a hard drive that I had safely stored away I was elated and very excited to share it online with the UFO community. 

I have lived a life encountering these beings and their incredible technological craft for decades now, and this photograph is yet further proof of their existence and continued observations of us here on Earth. 
This photograph was taken back sometime in 2015, at Newton Abbot, Devon, England. 

All the best John.

This is a guest post by John Mooner. John is a British ufologist and the chief investigator for www.worldufophotos.org. He has always been fascinated by the field of ufology and has been investigating this phenomenon for over two decades. In this time he has learned that we are definitely not alone in this universe, and reality isn't quite what it seems to be! Visit his personal website at https://ufologist.yolasite.com

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