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Thursday, June 1, 2023

More Swimming Sasquatch

We can't resist sharing more stories of bigfoot and water. This is an aspect of the creature that makes so much sense and many don't consider it. But then again, many do. These stories are for you.

Bob Titmus happened to be in the Butedale area of British Columbia bigfoot hunting by boat out of Klemtu when he heard about this alleged sighting in July 1965. The shore worker who reported the encounter enjoyed recreational fishing and was lucky enough to have his own outboard boat. His friend also had a boat and the two of them usually met and went out together. On this particular day, the friend wasn't able to leave as early as the shore worker, so they decided to each take their own boat and meet later.

The island is a large one that faces the mainland across a narrow channel of the inside passage. There is also a small island near the mainland shore in front of the village where the two men liked to fish on the far side of the small island.
The shore worker set out in his boat and headed for their spot. He stopped his motor when he noticed that there appeared to be something moving in the shadows of a tiny inlet about 75 yards away. As he continued to look, he then also saw something in the water.  He continued to stare, trying to determine what he was looking at.

He realized he was looking at two gigantic bipedal creatures, dark in color, heavily built, and covered in hair. The thing in the water appeared to be another of the creatures and was moving forward with great power, although he could not see any arm movement. It was then he realized that as the creature was swimming towards the inlet, he and his boat were in the path it was taking.

In a panic, he started his motor and sped off. As his boat moved away, he got the impression that there may have been two more of the creatures on the opposite mainland shoreline.

Bob found the witness and talked to him and his fishing buddy. The buddy's part of the story was that as he was in his boat making his way out to meet his friend, he watched in amazement as his friend tore past him at top speed heading back to Butedale. He never slowed his boat or gave any sign that he even saw him.

This wasn't Bob's only encounter with swimming sasquatches. In the fall of 1961, he discovered tracks on the beach of a tiny island in a bay on the offshore side of a larger island. He had been out on the water when a storm blew up and he realized he would not be able to outrun it to get to the bay he was heading for. Instead, he aimed his boat for the smaller islands nearer to him.

Now Bob had already been on these islands and knew that a sandbar ran between the two and it formed a little bay that would give him good anchorage to ride out the storm. When he reached the bay, the waves were breaking over the sandbar and he wasn't certain if the tide was coming in or going out. However, his anchor seemed to be holding, so he went below and tried to clear up the mess from the waves that had almost swamped the boat.

With that task finished, Bob headed top side to see how the weather was. As it seemed to be starting to quiet down, he remained on the deck, scanning the island and sandbar. That was when he saw a string of large tracks with a long stride. He grabbed his binoculars for a better look. It confirmed what he suspected. They appeared to be bigfoot tracks.

What was frustrating was that he had no way to get ashore without swimming to the island. After a few moments, he stripped off and entered the water. He had to get a better look at the tracks.

The tracks came out of the water and ran at an angle towards the trees and undergrowth and then ran alongside the growth line for around 125 feet before entering the trees. He measured the tracks at around 13 or 13 1/2 inches long and were approximately 6 inches wide at the ball of the foot. The stride measured an even 4 feet. Some of the impressions were deep, even though the creature seemed to have been walking, not running.

It was still raining quite hard and had been raining for several days. This made it difficult to judge how long the tracks had been there and from where exactly they started as the tide line changed. In his opinion, Bob judged the tracks to be very similar to the 14-inch tracks that he was familiar with down in California.

As Bob was freezing in the cold and was afraid his boat might slip its anchor, he didn't spend much time trying to follow the tracks through the undergrowth and trees or to find where the tracks came out onto another shore. He was unable to make accurate measurements, take photos, or make casts.

Other water incidents with bigfoot include :

-A bigfoot was hit by a boat propeller in Louisiana.
-Tracks found on island beaches in South Carolina.
-The Lake Worth Monster is seen swimming from the mainland out to Greer Island.
-Sister Lakes Monster tracks were found that led into a pond and didn't come back out.
-There are also several "wild child" stories that include water.
-The "What is it" in Cincinnati, Ohio that emerged out of the Ohio River.
-Saginaw fishermen are recorded in the Indiana Folklore Archives talking about a manlike monster that climbed out of the Saginaw River and then returned to it.
-At Bossburg, the tracks of the bigfoot known as Cripple-foot were always found by Lake Roosevelt. When they were followed in the snow, the tracks both began and ended in the river. If these were faked, the person doing so would have to have been working from a boat.
-John Green saw tracks near Woodland, Washington in 1963 that came up from the Lewis River. Other people who had seen them when they were fresh said that at the beginning, they could be seen quite a long way under the water.
-A 10-year-old boy from West Linn, Oregon, and his Aunt and Uncle reported seeing a big hairy animal standing upright in the Detroit Reservoir. They watched as it reached down and caught a fish. It bit off the head and then ate the fish. When it looked up and saw them, it ran off, leaving 16-inch footprints in the mud.
- A logger in northern Oregon saw a bigfoot standing in a small lake.
-A shrimp boat crew from Placida told of seeing a bigfoot swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, twenty miles from shore. A captain of one of the boats also said he had seen one swimming underwater once.

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This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of War has been met with great reviews.

[Please Note: Sadly Nancy passed away on the first of January, 2022. We will continue to honor her and her research by sharing her work. RIP Nancy. -Thomas]

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