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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Terrifying Encounter in Nova Scotia
I recently got a report submitted to us of an interesting event that took place in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sometimes these encounters can be very terrifying and something that sticks with you for years.

As many of you know Nova Scotia is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada. About 75 percent of the area is forest land. The area is also filled with numerous types of wildlife, which also includes bigfoot.

Here is the report
- Start Report -
Name: Nick *******

Email Address: On file

What State was your sighting in?
Nova Scotia. Canada

Date of Sighting

What Time of Day: 10:00pm
Nearest Town:

How long was your sighting?
3 mins

How many witnesses?

Did you get any pictures or video?
Describe what you saw or what happen:

A friend and I were on our way to visit a buddy just on the edge of town and decided to walk out, and take the back paths through the black tracks and duff banks.
The black tracks are old railroad beds, that are now removed, that use to haul coal from the mines in Springhill many years ago, the old rail lines are black from coal dust, and the duff banks, are huge hills of coal dust, shale rock and dirt, caused from what is called a bump from the coal mines, that still burn deep underground from the mine disasters back in the days.
 Anyways, we were cutting through the duff banks and come across a new dirt road built by the county called Lagoon Rd that comes off a main street called McGee Street and runs to the water treatment facility.
Well we cross Lagoon to the foot path that runs uphill about 100 yards to meet the T in the path to meet the black tracks.

Well to the right of us, going up the foot path is a gradual slope about 30 to 40 feet to a tree line, which levels off about 20 to 30 higher at the bottom of foot path, but level at the top of foot path where we meet the black tracks.
Well my buddy that's with me, sets me up for a dirty trick of scaring the sh*t out of me, by whispering to me, half way up the foot path, let's ease up the path, we may sneak up on some deer at the apple trees just up around the bin, after hitting the black tracks. So being a bit of a hunter myself, and knowing this area well, I get in the zone of creeping up, and listening attentively, this was the perfect set up for him to scare me. So as we hit the T in the foot path and black tracks, he grabs my shoulder from behind me, and screams, nearly pi$$ed my pants, shocked from him scarring me from behind, and its pitch black in front and left and right of me, I literally ran full tilt on the spot, like you'd see shaggy and Scoob do in the cartoon.
My buddy started laughing, and then what sounded like a pheasant or partridge flew out of a tree over us after sounding as though it pumped its chest a few times first.
So I turn around facing back down the foot path and back to black tracks, calling my buddy every name in the book. Until we heard diagonally into the woods way back say 300-400 yards beyond tree line, snapping. Then more snapping getting closer, running, faintly, then nothing, then again, getting really close now, can hear the leaves on the ground now, was mid October and lots of leaves down but still wet like.
Well I've spent a lot of time in these woods, especially this area, hunting and playing, sledding the last 15 years, I know the lay out, all maples, birch, balsam, pines and firs. A ravine back about 250 yards, 70 feet high far side, steep hill grade down to base of ravine and creek bed about 30 wide then back up this side ravine 50 ft.
I figured when I heard it stop or get quiet, it must have went down in ravine, and up our side when we heard it coming strait towards us.
I was paralyzed, the tree snaps were crazy loud, like they had to be really big branches breaking on tree, which usually are a good height up the tree, or if they were on ground it was heavy enough to crush them and foot fall was so heavy, sounded like tank bull dozing through those woods until it hit the edge of the tree line on foot path. No bullshit,  this traveled this 400 yard distance in no more than 30 seconds. We didn't even hear or notice any breathing from whatever this was, I mean it covered a good distance, thrashing and not.out of breath, I ran on the spot for 3 seconds and could have used a puffer.... anyways I said to my buddy what the f*#k do we do, he said in a low voice, start walking down the path back to the road, and keep calm.
I wouldn't even look up from path in front of me, I was terrified I was going to trip,  and startle this thing, I've even to this day, never been so scared. I could hear this thing walking the edge of this tree line paralleling us. All I can remember is the smell of wet rotted leaves, mixed with like sour vomit, and heavy foot fall, one foot then another foot, I said in a whispering voice to my bud, I'm running man, he said no don't run, it may chase us, I couldn't help it, I said well you should have thought of that earlier before scaring me and making this thing come after us.
I knew I could out run my buddy, so I bolted, I hit the dirt road and didn't even look back for my friend. I continued out to the main road and stood under the brightest street light and waited for him, for what seemed like forever. I honestly didn't know if whatever that was, if it got him, or he ran straight back through the duff banks like a moron would and not to lights and potential public safety.
Eventually he made it to the road laughed a bit, and decided to get back into town, no more pissing around. I asked him what he thought it was, he said he's never experienced anything like that in his life, and use to walking those old black tracks 6 kms home alone many many times.
Took me almost 10 years to ever tell that story to anyone, when I watch things on bigfoot and some of the things these other witnesses say, takes me right back to that night, I relive it all the time. Like it was yesterday not nearly 25 years ago.
I asked my buddy a few years back if he remembers that night and he laughs it off like it was nothing, I believe it affected him as well and trying to bury it.
What color was the creature?
Couldn't tell was too afraid to look up
- End Report -
Wow, that must have been very scary. I thank Nick for sharing his story with all of us. I can remember my first encounter with a bigfoot, I didn't know what it was at the time, but it also paralleled us as we walked. My dad and I were also scared and got out of the area.
While some may not like the fact the encounter is 20+ years old, I can assure you that many times these hairy forest dwellers stay in the same area for many, many years and possibly for generations.

If you have had a sighting,encounter or any weird event, then fill free to submit it to us via the link at the top of the page.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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