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Monday, August 16, 2021

This photo is the one causing the stir.

Sherman Pass Bigfoot?
Thinking that WSDOT is having a little fun with their viewers. They seem to like to do that and that's no problem. They continually come up with eye-catching cute phrases to emphasize safe driving habits and to try to install some commonsense into the drivers of that notoriously snowy, foggy patch of the state.
In a nutshell, nope. It's not. Here are a series of photos taken from the same traffic camera over a period of months at several different times of the day.

This photo they also used for that post actually comes from January 17, 2020. Same figure in the same position. Hmmm. How awkward to get caught in the exact same spot. Also note that in the two photos shared so far, there appear to be no footprints leading up to the "alleged" figure. Guess he came in through the trees? And didn't disturb the snow on the branches, either. Stealthy.

Ah, there he is again. Same BF place, same BF stance.

Looks like he may have gone ginger for the week. LOL

And again. Ginger.

A little earlier that same morning. Really likes to stick around.

And last but not least, on a snowy, foggy morning. He's there, just have to look closely. So, not a bigfoot. Just some peeps having fun while monitoring all those traffic cams in all mountain passes in all that snow and fog. Enjoy the view. Traffic cams can be fun. But they rarely show us a bigfoot.

Nancy "I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you." 

thanks to WSDOT traffic cam website for all the great pics. And wow, do they seem to do a great job when that weather gets tough!

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

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