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Monday, June 7, 2021

Psychic Abilities:  How To Know If You’re Clairaudient

By Dorraine Fisher

Many of the reasons science rejects the idea of psychic abilities is because those abilities come in many different forms and manifest in different ways. And often psychic experiences are very personal to the individual having the experiences and those experiences often cannot be proven to others. So those with psychic abilities are left keeping them quiet. Being a psychic does not necessarily mean we can flat-out read people’s minds or predict future events 100 percent of the time. Psychic skills just don’t work that way. They are often much more subtle and vary from person to person.

But I want to talk about a very prominent form of psychic ability and that is clairaudience, or intuitive clear hearing. Clairaudience is the type of intuitive ability in which you receive information auditorily. And these messages can come from conversations you hear others having during your day, people who are talking directly to you, song lyrics, phrases or short sentences you have heard or with which you are familiar. But this can happen inside your head or outside. Most of us hear information all the time. But how do you know you’ve taken it to the next level and have clairaudient abilities?

1. You learn information auditorily. You absorb information and you learn new things most efficiently by hearing them rather than seeing them. I.E., you may prefer listening to audiobooks rather than reading regular books.

2. You often hear answers to your questions inside your head. Sometimes as a simple phrase you have heard somewhere or sometimes the lyrics from a song. The actual answer to the question will repeat in your head.

3. You automatically are drawn to certain sounds.. Often they are sounds that give you some kind of comfort or remind you of pleasant things in your past. You are more likely to own devices that emit sounds of birdsong, rain, or ocean waves in order to sleep or comfort yourself. Clairaudients often learn to play a certain musical instrument because they love the sound of it and take comfort in hearing it.

4. You love music and listen to it often. As a clairaudient, most of your messages come through music. You may turn on the radio, and a song is playing lyrics that precisely answer your question about something. Take note of what you’re hearing in the song. Is it the whole song that’s significant and keeps repeating or is it a single phrase or chorus that keeps repeating in your mind? And if there are no lyrics in the song, the title of the song may be a significant clue, or the melody itself may stir a feeling inside of you or remind you of something that gives you the answer to your question.

5. You wake up in the morning with a song in your head. First thing in the morning, there may be a song stirring in your head. This is the purest time for you to receive messages. And the song that’s stuck in your head in the morning is your strongest message for your whole day. Pay close attention to it.

6. Songs pop into your head or come into your experience throughout the day in a seemingly random fashion. This can happen inside your head, or when you walk into a store and music is playing or you’re driving down the road and turn on the radio. As you go through your day, there is usually a question in the back of your mind and a song will suddenly enter your mind or your outward physical experience. Ask yourself if the song or phrase from the song that comes into your mind is trying to answer that question.

7. You have a strong need for quiet time. Even though you love music and you love sounds overall, you still sometimes prefer the sound of silence the best. This is how you actually receive auditory messages inside your head more readily. Quiet time is an absolute must in order for you to receive psychic messages. Any noise around you can be very disturbing when messages are trying to come through so you often seek quiet places.

8. You see messages around you as you hear them in your mind. This is a trait that can confuse the idea of whether you’re clairaudient or not. But you will see phrases around you like road signs, captions, titles, headlines, etc. that may strike a chord within you or may answer your question directly. But as you see the phrase, you also hear it inside your mind.

9. You think in terms of symbolism. In order to understand clairaudient messages, you need to think metaphorically. In the case of a clairaudient, you’ll receive your verbal messages in the form of symbolic words such as song lyrics. I.E. song lyrics about rain could really be about sadness or onset of depression, or song lyrics about thunder could be about oncoming emotional turmoil. When trying to decode the auditory messages, consider what the symbolism of the word or phrase is. Some words and phrases can have a completely literal meaning. But if you’re having trouble figuring out the meaning of the message, consider the symbolic meaning instead. The internet is full of information on the symbolism of words that can help you discern the meaning of your psychic messages.

I believe everyone has a little bit of intuitive skill. It’s just a matter of finding out how you receive those messages. Clairaudience is just one way.



This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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