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Monday, April 5, 2021

Bigfoot Audio Capture

I was going through my phone the other day trying to clear some space when I ran across a short video that I had captured a vocal in. 

Ordinary, for the past few years, when I caught something like this I would send it off to Tom to get his take on it but I was pretty sure I hadn't with this one. After listening to it again a few times I decided to send it off to get his thoughts on it.

This was captured in 2019 on a return to the south mountain (Canada) where I had my first encounter in 1997.
We had stopped to film what was left of a possible structure. I was filming and Becca was standing next to me waiting for me so we could head back upstream.

Near the end of the video, you will hear a vocal in the distance from the southeast. It would have been from the woods to the left of the structure further up the brook bank.

Here is the audio clip

I have no idea what was being said as it didn't sound like a word that I had heard before other than the  "Gah" sound at the end. Over the years I have learned that in this area a lot of their words end with an   "ah" sound.
I also feel this is most likely an adult female as it is not as deep as an adult male would be in my opinion. 
We did not get a visual or see any movement of any kind. I stopped filming as soon as we heard this in case it was a warning to back off.

I have found that if you respect their boundaries in situations like this, then trust is built much quicker and can lead to better results in the future.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and thanks for reading.


This post by Leo Frank, Leo enjoys the outdoors and researching Bigfoot. Leo has over 23 years of experience researching and investigating Sasquatch across different regions of North America. He is also the author of the very popular book Sasquatch Family Ties.


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