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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Does Bigfoot Live In My City?
Urban Bigfoot Part 2
By Dorraine Fisher

A couple of months ago, I discovered some strange activity near me in a local park that I frequent in my little city here in the Midwest USA. It’s a nice old central park with big trees and all kinds of walking trails through wooded areas that for years was quiet. I had been to this park probably hundreds of times over the years and never noticed anything strange.

But as I was driving through it this last winter, I noticed some things had changed there. There were trees that had been knocked down or broken and I noticed a lot of branches had been broken or woven into patterns. Like these:

 And right near the street that goes through the park, I noticed a branch had been placed high above in another tree about 10 feet off the ground. And I knew this was a telltale sign of bigfoot activity. There was no indication where the big branch came from so the wind didn’t blow it there,  and it was placed too high to have been done by humans.

But the weather was bad at that time: cold, freezing rain. And then it started snowing and wouldn’t stop. So I couldn’t make it out there to do a better investigation of the area. But I told myself I would search the area as soon as the weather broke. And this last week it finally did. So I put on my boots and walked the woods in the center of the park. This was an area frequented by many people and their kids and dogs. There was a lot of noise and foot traffic in the area and it was very close to family residences and it was situated on the edge of the city but well within the city limits. Over my 10 years of bigfoot research, I had heard a lot about bigfoot being able to live very close to cities or even within cities, but for some reason I didn’t expect to find much here. This is a very popular local park, always busy. But since I’d seen some bigfoot signs around, I decided to check it out anyway. I knew that deer had moved into the park just a few years prior and I also knew that bigfoot follow the deer. So, as I walked these trails that were in sight of all kinds of people that use the park, I was astounded by what I found.

As I entered the area where the trails were, I noticed right away that there were things moved around; stick formations, broken trees, etc. But as I entered into the deeper woods of the park, I was flabbergasted to find this structure:

Now, there were a lot of footprints around it. Human footprints. So the first thing I thought was that it had been made by humans. Possibly some bushcrafters practicing their craft in the park. There was even a piece of cut log inside the structure for sitting. But as I looked around the area, there were lots of woven tree branches and small trees that had been torn off at the base.

Humans don’t break trees off at the base. They can’t. They have to cut them. So I believed I may have found bigfoot activity, and I looked for tracks around the area, but all I could find were boot and athletic shoe tracks from humans.

At this point, it was starting to rain a little and I was afraid I would have to leave sooner than I expected, but I decided to take the long way back to my parking lot. And to my amazement,  just up the large hill, I found this structure:

This was another structure that I felt was probably made by humans. There was even a bandana laying on the side of it, though I knew that bigfoot will pick up human objects and utilize them. I wasn’t sure what to think,  but the whole area was filled with indications of bigfoot activity; all kinds of stuff had been done to the trees that humans just don’t do. And many of the tree breaks were things that humans simply can’t do.

I was still looking for tracks, but there were so many human tracks that I was getting frustrated with the search. I kept seeing what I thought were bigfoot tracks that were trampled over by boots and shoes with traction marks like hiking shoes. And it was still raining just a little, but I knew if I could find one Bigfoot track, I would validate the whole search and possibly reinforce the idea that bigfoot had built these structures. But the mud on the trails was covered with heavy layers of leaves and other debris and I was giving up hope.  But as I walked over the hills on the slick trails I kept searching. And finally, in the middle of a lesser-used trail, in the soft mud, I was stoked to find this:

I’m always amazed to always find just one lonely bigfoot track and never a whole trail of them, but this made me happy. It got me a little closer to validation that this might really be bigfoot, although I could tell bigfoot were here just by looking around at the way the woods had been manipulated.

By now, the rain had stopped and it gave me an excuse to look around the area more. It was one of the “squatchiest” areas I’d ever seen and the energy was strange here as I ran into other people along the trails who had no idea what I was looking for. And these were manipulations of the woods that I know were not here a few years ago when I walked these trails. This one looked like they had started building another structure just up the trail from the others.

And when I got to the opposite side of the wooded area, it started raining a little again, but I found this structure:

I was still searching for prints all around these structures but couldn’t find any that were conclusive. And at this point I had run out of woods in this spot. And I headed back over another trail where I found some very strange-looking areas that had been seriously “rearranged.”

But I headed back to the parking lot in the rain, still searching for prints.

When I got back to my vehicle, I remember there was one other area of the park I hadn’t checked. But this area was close to the main city street with heavy traffic. Surely there wasn’t anything there. But something inside me told me I needed to look. So I headed across the park.
As I was driving into the other area, I noticed this structure by the park’s roadside.

This looked something like the barricades I’ve seen bigfoot build before in rural areas.  I had to cross a large creek and head into a parking lot at the base of a hill on the other side of the park that was not more than a quarter mile from the first area. 
When I entered the trailhead, there was a spot I knew of that was at the top of a big hill that I couldn’t see very well from where I was and I knew I had to go up there. So I started climbing. It was a long, muddy, uphill trail and my feet slipped in the mud all the way up. And as I reached the top, I saw a very large fallen tree at the top of the hill, not far from the busy street and at the edge of a golf course. I knew this tree had been lying here for a long time. I had seen it many times.  It had graffiti on the side of it.

But something looked strange about it this time. The trees around it had been manipulated. So I knew I had to find a way to get further up the hill and look at the back of this fallen tree. So I maneuvered around it through the thick, bare vegetation. And when I reached the other side, I was astounded to find yet another structure hidden underneath:

Keep in mind, this area is a city park, not more than a half a mile across and I found four structures that I believe could have been built by bigfoot in my urban area due to other findings like footprints, broken, bent, and woven trees in the area. If this is bigfoot activity, it is the most concentrated area of activity I’ve ever seen. Tell us what you think. Is this human activity or is bigfoot living in my city park? 

(Due to the possibility that this may be genuine bigfoot activity, for their protection, I will not be disclosing the location)


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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