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Monday, May 11, 2020


3 Signs You’ve Dreamt Of Your Past-Life

By Dorraine Fisher

We’ve all lived before. We come to planet earth in the form of a soul in order to advance that soul to higher levels of consciousness. And we do that by living difficult 3-dimensional lives and learning lessons in the density and heaviness of a body.

Don’t believe it? There are clues along the way. We find ourselves in our current life with emotional issues of which we can’t seem to identify the origins...in this life. We will try to think back on our lives about how we became so afraid of water, or heights, or confined spaces, or any number of things that humans fear, but we can’t find them. There’s no possible reason why we should fear those things and yet we still do. Why?

The answer can often be found in our past lives. And sometimes our dreams will show us a movie illustrating that life. When we have our normal nightly dreams, our unconscious mind is trying to help us unravel our emotional issues so that we can heal and feel better. Whether we know it or not, as we came here to advance ourselves, our souls are always working on guiding us toward a certain level of healing. We need only to learn the language it uses to guide us. And part of that language comes in our dreams. And dreams about our past lives can be the most telling of all. They give us tiny glimpses into a past that we can’t recall easily in our waking life.
Since all dreams are about our healing, our dreams about our past lives usually come to us when something in our current waking life is unconsciously reminding us of something that happened to us in one of our previous lives. But how do we know we’re having a past life dream?

 1. Past life dreams have a special quality to them that almost seems real to us. And the reason they feel real to us is that they are true recollections of something that happened to us. In past life dreams, we may feel the bite of the chill in the air around us or the waves of heat from a campfire. We may feel the intensity of our emotions in that moment, like fear or frustration, or confusion. We may feel the closeness and touch of human contact. The entire context of these kinds of dreams feels more real than your average nighttime dream.

 2. Everything we see in the dream fits the historical context. And if plays out in front of us like a movie. We can see that we and others around us in the dream are wearing clothing that reflects a certain period in history. We may see objects also that reflect the period and we may be attending to chores and other duties that are not of modern times. You may be doing something in the dream that you wouldn’t be able to do in your current waking life. Past life dreams take us to a place in history that we’ve consciously long forgotten. And they come to us in amazing detail. Look for clues in the objects you see in the dream. You may see memorabilia or other personal items. Especially items with names on them, books, or street signs.  Any written words can give clues to what the dream is all about, especially if they’re words of another language that you can actually understand even though you don’t speak that language in your waking life. 

 3. But the biggest signs of past life dreams are the historical accuracy of them. Every period in history has its own particular theme;  social structure, chain of events, or overall context that gives you the feeling that it’s actually a real experience of an actual historic time. But the interesting thing about this is since you were actually there (in a past life), the historical events you recall from that life may be different than you may have read about in the history books. And your recollection may be more accurate since you were actually there. Even though the historians might argue with you.

Keep in mind that past life dreams may have strange dream symbols in them that may remind you more of regular nighttime dreams. And this may make you believe it’s not a past life dream. I once had a dream about one of my lives that took place during the Great Depression. Everything was historically accurate down to the smallest detail, except that I was running around in the dream with chemicals in my hair from a hairdresser. This made no sense, in the historic angle, but was a message that my thoughts about something, indicated by the dream symbol of hair, needed to be altered in some way. The dream was telling me I needed to recall this past life and change my perspective on a matter in my waking life.

Past life dreams will have an overall different feel to them. You’ll just know there was something different about the dream as soon as you wake up. And it will feel like you’ve just seen a movie or had a glimpse into a time in history that you may know nothing about in your waking life. They can spur you to do some research on the period of the dream to try and unravel its message. And if you do a little investigating, you may find a very important story of your history that you need to remember in the present. 


Check out the story of my most significant past life dream HERE.

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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