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Monday, December 2, 2019

Lesser-Known Signs You May Be Telepathic

By Dorraine Fisher

It’s possible that every one of us may be telepathic on some level but may have a hard time seeing how that could be possible. It happened with me when I got curious and started studying the subject. I read the conventional information on it and then started testing the conventional how-tos for myself. Of course, they didn’t work, and I decided at one point that I’m definitely not telepathic.  And I almost gave up, but I didn’t because I always try to first try and look at a subject from a different perspective. So I dug a little deeper and reassessed the definition and now I’m sure we’re all at least a little telepathic. But we downplay the evidence and we don’t see what’s right in front of us. But here’s what I learned and you can open up your mind and take this information or you can shut down and leave it. But if you leave it, you may be leaving one of your superpowers in the dust.

Telepathy is conventionally defined as the “ability to transmit words, emotions, or images to someone else’s mind.” So people just basically think that telepathy is people speaking to each other with their minds. And though science rejects the idea, it may be possible for some very gifted individuals to hone this skill. There have been many claims, but it’s a hard thing to prove. So what are we left with? We’re left with the idea that we can either reject the idea totally or we can explore the definition of telepathy a little further. So, I opted to explore the definition more thoroughly and examine it from all sides. And I found that telepathy is a very real thing but not in the way we’re led to believe. Although we may have the ability to transmit messages, it may be a very difficult skill to learn. But what if we can easily learn to at least receive messages?

Here’s the thing. The universe is trying to assist you all the time whether you realize it or not. It’s sending you messages all day every day through TV, the internet,  the music you hear, the signs you see along the road, and the numbers you see on houses and license plates along the way. You attract everything into your experience that vibrates at the same frequency that you hold at that moment. This is quantum physics and the Law of Attraction. And you can either choose to see them or you can ignore them, but they are there. And they come to you in the form of a type of telepathy. We just don’t see them that way at first because we’ve gotten the idea that telepathy is supposed to manifest as a voice inside our head.  But if we open up or minds to the real definition, we find that the telepathic messages can come from the universe as well as other people. And the messages can come from anywhere. It’s a language of sorts. A language that also takes time to understand and use.

So, if you are deeply connected with another person, like your children, you may often have a question in your mind about them, whether conscious or unconscious. As a parent, you may wonder if they are safe. That question sticks in your mind and vibrates at a particular frequency within you.  And through the quantum field, the universe will try to send an answer to you that vibrates in a frequency that matches the question. But unfortunately, there is no voice in your head telling you verbatim whether or not your child is safe. Because quantum communication doesn’t work that way. You have to understand the language.

So as you’re wondering this, suppose you’re driving down the road and you come to an area where the road is damaged or washed out. There’s a big sign that says “Danger” and your eye is drawn to this sign. And maybe you’re eye stays on that sign for a moment. You may have a fleeting feeling that it means something deeper to you as your eye remains fixed on it for maybe a few seconds. This may be a telepathic message for you.

Imagine you walk into the grocery store, and even though you rarely pay any attention to the music playing in the background, you suddenly become conscious of a song that’s playing. It’s a song you know and it’s about someone who is hurt in a car crash.  The song evokes a feeling within you like it’s a message meant for you. And maybe it is. Maybe you’re scrolling through your social media and the first thing that catches your eye is a post about a local car crash. Normally when you see these articles, they have no effect on you. But this one does for some reason.  These could very well be messages meant for you. And this may be the time to ask yourself: has your child been involved in a car crash?

But telepathy may not just be about messages about other people. Say you have a goal you’re trying to achieve but you’re struggling with the steps to get there. It’s the main thing on your mind, so it’s prevalent to you both consciously and unconsciously, and it too vibrates at a particular frequency, so the universe will try to dish up an answer for you. You’re surfing the internet when you suddenly feel the need to check Youtube. So you open up the main page and  your eye goes to the top row of featured videos and one video that catches your eye is a how-to video about how to solve the very problem you’ve been struggling with. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe not. It may very well be a telepathic message.

Anything you see, hear, or feel that catches your attention and holds it a little longer than normal and resonates with you in some way can be a type of telepathic message meant for you.

Now, am I saying this is always the case? Of course not, but it’s well worth experimenting to find out.

When you’re in a restaurant or any kind of store or other public places, take note of the music playing in the background. Do the lyrics of the song in any way have anything to do with a question that’s in your mind? If you’re surfing the internet, are there any messages, ads, phrases, or signs of any kind that keep coming to your attention? And if so, do they resonate with you and your current situation?

Now, some will say that search engine and social media algorithms will control what I see there and that they are the reason I see so much I resonate with, and this is very true. But I’ve taken this into account and I’ve experimented with keeping track of what I search for on all my devices. And quite often, things that pop up don’t match anything I’ve searched for before. And it doesn’t explain why the very answer to my exact question is at the top of the page.  And this also doesn’t explain music I hear and signs that I see in public places when I go out. So, although algorithms exist and are prevalent, they aren’t controlling everything I see and hear. And you can test this for yourself.

And keep in mind that your personal perceptions play a huge role in the messages you receive. I.E. if you’re the kind of person who ALWAYS thinks their child is in danger, you’ll constantly receive messages that they ARE in danger. And that’s because you are vibrating at a frequency of fear and you’ll receive fearful messages into your experience. So, it’s important to keep anxiety under control and be aware of your personal perceptions about a subject before you try to discern the meaning of any message you receive. Just because a message you receive resonates with you, doesn’t mean it’s entirely true. This misconception makes the messages hard to interpret, and may very well be the reason many people reject the idea of telepathy in the first place. In order to work effectively, it requires you to be conscious and fully aware of the perceptions you may hold that can get in the way of clear messages.

But if you’re even a little bit curious, try this out for yourself and let us know how it works. You may find nothing at all and think I’m crazy. But then again, you may find a superpower you didn’t know you had.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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  1. What a great article. And this could be a whole chapter in your up and coming over due book. Great job!!

  2. With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable


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