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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Description: Birds fill our world with color and beautiful music in the morning and throughout the day. Although every region has unique species, there are endangered birds that continue to decrease globally. Without intervention, these birds will become extinct.

These rare birds are on the verge of extinction because of human activities such as hunting, development of industries, and residential areas, which lead to loss of their natural habitat. Hunters also contribute to the endangerment of these species because they not only kill the birds, but they also collect the eggs.

List of Endangered Birds

The list below contains the most endangered birds in the world. Some are very rare to see while others have not been sighted for a long time.

1. Bengal Florican

Bengal Florican is related to the Indian Bustard and is only found in a few areas in the world such as India, Cambodia, and Nepal. Poaching and clearing of forests for agriculture are the highest causes of extinction of the Bengal Florican. According to experts, these are less than 1000 of these rare birds worldwide.

2. Great Indian Bustard

These fowls are among the most endangered birds in the world, and they are disappearing fast. They inhabit the semiarid savannah, scrubs, and the semi-deserts. The worst thing about these endangered birds is that they are indigenous to India and the neighboring regions only.

3. New Caledonian Owlet-nightjar

These are among the rare birds not sighted for at least 10 years. Experts believe that there exists less than 50 New Caledonian Owlet night-jars.

4. California Condor

The locals hunted these creatures because of the myths. Folks believed that they would inherit the bird’s sharp vision if they wore its feathers. However, recently, the cause of their dwindling numbers is due to the destruction of their homes, illegal hunting, and accidental poisoning.

5. Red-headed Vulture

Found in India this vulture is among the endangered birds in the world. But why are birds endangered? There are several factors such as poaching, but the cause this vulture is on the verge of extinction because of the use of veterinarian Diclofenac.

6. Kakapo

These birds are flightless nocturnal species native to New Zealand. Kakapo declining numbers are credited to predators, destruction of their habitat, and clearing of the woodlands for commercial use. Conservation and relocation of these parrots are yielding fruits as the numbers slowly increase.

7. Giant Ibis

If you have been asking which birds are in danger of extinction, then the Giant Ibis should be on top of the list. It thrives in the swamps, creeks, and the floodplains of Northern Cambodia. A few live in Vietnam and Southern Laos.

8. Philippine Eagle

The Philippine Eagle is among the most majestic, beautiful, and strongest in the bird kingdom; however, the numbers have continued to dwindle over the years. Conservation efforts have helped to create awareness about the world’s largest eagle.

9. Christmas Island Frigatebird

This is one of the rare birds in Australia the Christmas Island Frigatebirds are large species which like to bully smaller fowls. The male birds have a red pouch that they inflate when they want to mate to attract the females. There are several reasons why this among the most endangered birds in the world; for instance, females breed after 2 years and the chicks require up to a year of care.

10. Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo

A native to the tropical rainforest of Sumatra this tiny creature favors the rainforest floor where it blends with the bushes and brown scenery. The declining numbers are due to deforestation and destruction of their habitats.

Over the past years, many animals have become extinct, and others are now endangered, and birds are among the most declining creatures all over the world. Most of these birds decline because of human activities and disruption. It is everybody’s responsibility to preserve and protect the endangered species as well as the existing ones to prevent extinction. You can learn more about these birds on https://allpetsexpert.com.

What other endangered birds do you know? Please share your comments with us.

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is a freelance blogger who specializes in conserving endangered animals and plants. Her extensive research and interaction with environmental experts equip her with enough knowledge to share with her readers. She aims to create awareness and to enlighten people on the ways they can conserve endangered species.

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