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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Reality 101: There Is No Reality

By Dorraine Fisher

Those who’ve had paranormal or cryptid encounters have the potential to be some of the most enlightened people on the planet. Why? Because they’ve had an experience that not everyone has had or will have. And through that experience, the universe is pushing them to make sense of it all. The universe is pushing them to think outside the box. The universe is giving them an opportunity to expand beyond boundaries of what’s considered acceptable or reasonable.  And they may see this experience as a curse, but it’s very significant and important to a bigger picture and I’ll tell you why.

There is no absolute reality that everyone understands as absolute truth. There can’t be. Because none of us has had the exact same experience of our lives as anyone else. Reality is a very arbitrary thing that’s unique to each individual. It’s shaped by the life they’ve led, the experiences they’ve had, the energy that has surrounded their existence on this planet, the things their parents and other influences taught them to believe, accidentally or on purpose. Everyone gets their personal beliefs and ideas from these experiences. So, if a person doesn’t believe in the paranormal, it’s because they’ve learned not to.

Those in the paranormal community are forced to wrestle with reality every day. And there is constant debate about what’s real and what isn’t. What happened and what didn’t. Are you crazy or are you not? The argument, sometimes disguised as debate in order to justify it, is nothing more than different people experiencing different realities. And they’re all trying to convince the others that THEIR reality is the actual REAL reality. 

But here’s the thing. There really is no reality. Reality is just a word we throw around because we can’t wrap our minds around the idea that there no absolute way of understanding our world. We all think our view of reality is the correct one. We all understand things a little bit differently. And we do that because we’ve all had a different experience of it.

Imagine a plane crashes. One person on the plane dies and one person miraculously survives. The family of the deceased person views the crash as a tragedy. But the family of the surviving person views the incident as a miracle. This is a clear case of difference in perception. Both of these families had a different experience of this plane crash. So, therefore, they have a different view. The reality for one family is different than it is for the other. There is not one right way to perceive the crash. It was both a miracle and a tragedy, depending on your perspective.

And these same differences, in reality, appear everywhere and with everyone.

Eyewitness testimony in crime is fast becoming considered to be unreliable. Why? Because we’re learning that everything is open to interpretation. Three witnesses to the same crime remember that crime differently and recall different details.  But which one of them should we believe? We’ll believe the one that seems most reasonable to us, which is, incidentally the one’s whose perceptions most closely match our own. It really has nothing to do with what actually happened at the scene of the crime. Very often it’s a matter of which ideology has the most support from the largest number of people.

And that’s why debating the paranormal is so difficult. Paranormal beliefs haven’t had enough widespread support. It really doesn’t matter if you had a paranormal encounter or not. You can insist that you did until the cows come home, and you probably did. But all people have a completely different sense of what reality is and of what’s actually real and what’s possible. So, in order to have a really meaningful discussion about reality, we have to get inside our opponent’s head, study their history, and really find out what makes him/her tick before we can have any sense of why that person maybe does or doesn’t believe in paranormal events or beings. But I can guarantee you if they don’t believe you had a paranormal encounter, you probably won’t convince them that you did. The only thing you’ll glean from the experience is finding out the real reasons why they don’t believe you. And maybe you’ll find that’s enough. But they can’t possibly replace their personal reality with yours. They haven’t witnessed what you’ve witnessed.  It’s just not possible.

Most of the population has been taught to believe that paranormal beings and events are mythical or a figment of the supposed witness’s imagination. That’s because most of the population has been given its reality by someone else or the culture they live within. Or their idea of reality has been shaped by their own personal experiences that didn’t allow for mysterious things. It’s only when a paranormal event suddenly happens to them that they change their paradigms. Because suddenly, their reality has changed. They saw something they couldn’t explain. They are forced to change their view of reality.

Reality isn’t what we think it is.

But here’s something to think about. If you’ve had a paranormal experience, you should consider yourself very lucky. You are one of the chosen ones. The universe has come forward to teach you something very important that everyone needs to know but not all can handle it. There is more to our world than we can possibly perceive with just five senses. You’re supposed to talk about it. You’re meant to talk about it. Your experience is only a tiny part of the bigger picture of what the human race is supposed to learn about supposed “reality.” And even though it may have sent you into a tailspin when you tried to tell people about it only to be ridiculed, you’re still the teacher. The only people that have these experiences are the ones who are strong enough to handle them. That’s you. But understand the nature of reality before you begin. You have a tough audience.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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