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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Dreamer
Lisa Peters

I have always been a dreamer, whether I was sleeping or awake. When I was little, my dreams were not always your typical little girl dreams. Instead, of kittens and rainbows, I would also dream about deceased family members or people I did not know and far off places, that I had never been.

Sometimes when I had the visitor, they would tell me things such as they were happy and safe; there would a bright light around them. Other times, they would be scared or confused. Being little, I did not understand what I was dreaming. My mom thought I was being an emotional little girl and one who had a big imagination, and that I was having nightmares/night terrors.
As I grew older, my dreams grew more vivid, intense and well downright scary! I started dreaming of different countries, seeing cities and everything would be so real to me. I could have sworn, I was actually there, walking the streets in a Chinese market or in an old house, in the middle of nowhere. I would later on, see this market or place, on television or in a book and it was like déjà vu. I had seen this house with a maze of rooms; I knew there was a green rug with a hole on the edge, in the living room. However, how? I never talked about what I was experiencing, because, well I thought I was crazy.

I would dream about physically fighting with someone and a lot of times something. I did not know whom or what was going on but, I always had this urgency. It was a fight of good and evil; I was the good and the evil, well was not very nice. As I got older, the dreams got more intense. However, the one thing that these dreams had in common, for the most part, was whatever I was fighting; I was rebuking it hard in the name of Jesus.

I did not know what was going on with me, but I prayed and prayed for some type of answers. I couldn’t talk to anyone about what I was experiencing, who would understand a crazy gal, who fights evil, in the name of Jesus and goes walking through fields in England. I thought there has to be something wrong with my brain, just had to be, because it was not normal. However, I kept thinking back to a college professor, that had told me "If you think you are crazy, well you are not. It's the ones who deny it." Professors know what they are talking about, right? However, I still was not convinced.

During this time, also, I had a dear friend of mine’s mother, who was very sick. She was a very religious lady, who meant the world to me. We would talk a lot, about different things God, boys and just everyday life. I never told her about my dreams or worries. Her health continued to decline and the very last conversation, I had with her, will be one that I have replayed repeatedly in my mind for years, for different reasons. One thing, she told me that not so long ago, finally started making sense. She told me that I was different from most people, that my heart, mind and spirit was opening. God had a different type of purpose for me, that he only trusted certain people with this purpose. When the time came, I would know it and that it would be unconventional and not something everyone would understand or believe. That God had would place me, where he wanted me to be, he would make me strong, he would not leave me, he would surround me with angels and with people, who would help me, both fight and understand. All I had to do was wait, be faithful and pray. I did not understand what any of that meant! I still don’t, years later, but I believe I am learning.

So, as I’m still dreaming, fighting and praying, I have been given a whole new circle of friends and people who are like me or are ‘awakening’, also. As you will see in the upcoming months, if you follow our page or are friends with me on social media, you will see my journey into not only the paranormal, but discover, a long with me, what an empath is (yes they have a word for me!). You will see me, with my, team investigating a house, that has a lot of evil, within its walls. I had not seen this house before or knew much of its history, but I had SEEN this house, I had SEEN rooms inside this house, I felt the evil, I knew that evil. However, I could not explain it. You will witness my emotions, my unsureness and as my boss man, Tony Felosi, says the start of my ‘awakening’.


This post by Lisa Peters. Lisa was a certified 911 Dispatcher for 11 years, Trained Tactical Dispatcher, and Medical Phlebotomist. She has a passion for the paranormal and deep interest in our unseen world.

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