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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Before I get into the whole story about this strange picture, let me tell you that I do know the people involved and the witness personally. I know the location and have been in this store many times. Now with that said I want to let you know upfront that I can not use the name of the store or the witness's real name. We always try to protect those who wish to remain anonymous.

Now, on with the story.

This was a very recent event and there seems to be some on going paranormal activity taking place. Today, I spoke with the witness, who was still shaken up by the whole experience, and got the details.

We were first contacted by a mutual friend about this ghostly event. TCC Paranormal lead investigator Tony Felosi, conducted the initial follow up to get the ball rolling. Tony was given a cell phone picture of the ghost figure. I did some slight lighting adjustment to the original picture, cropped it and it was pretty clear there is a figure in the image.

I arranged a phone contact with the witness, we will call him Steve, to get the full story and let me tell you it is a good one.

Steve tells me that some unexplained things had been going on leading up to this event. Some of the employees had been have stuff fall off the shelves, and had been hearing knocking sounds coming from a back room.

Steve sometimes stays in the back room and on this particular night he was in the back room asleep.
It was 1:45 in the morning and Steve woke up and was cold. He walks out into the store part of the building and he can see the figure at about 35 foot away. The ghostly figure walks towards the back of the building and stops. Steve can see the figure just standing there. He gets really scared and runs back to the back room. In that back room is also a security monitor. Steve grabs his cell phone and snaps a picture of the monitor as the figure is standing there. At this point Steve told me that he watched the figure and it just stood there and then it walked straight into the wall. Before it walked into the wall, Steve told me he ask "who is that?" and the figure just continued to stand there.

It is now about 2:30 in the morning and Steve has been really shaken up at the event. He leaves the store and drives home, all the while leaving the interior light on in his car.

Well, his parent and him watch the security video and they all see the figure moving about inside the store, I'm assuming this happened the next day. They made attempts to save the video file but for some reason it didn't save and was overwritten a few days later. All we have is this one picture that Steve took with his cell phone. I'm glad he managed to get it.

During our phone conversation it was very clear that Steve is still shaken up by these events. He told me that he "never did believe in stuff like that" and that he had "never seen anything like that". He also told me that it scared him so bad that he didn't even want to stay there anymore.

Original image. Only cropped and text added.
The witness and his family are a little reluctant to have us come and investigate the store. They are concerned it would have a negativity impact on their business. This is also why I have not given the location or name of the people involved. I tried to reassure Steve that most likely the ghost was not there to harm anyone. After we talked some more, there is a chance that we may get to investigate the building at some point.

Just who the ghostly figure might be is a good question at this point. It could be a previous owner, or a customer, very hard to say at this point. IF we get to investigate we might be able to get a name. I really wish the security video could have been saved, that would have been great. But I do not doubt for one second that this event took place as it was told to me by Steve. I have known these folks all my life, they would not make this up.

Also when looking at this image, it is good to remember that the security camera is up and that we are looking down at the figure.
A big thanks to Steve for sharing his story and picture with us. We hope to have an update on this in the future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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