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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Has The World Gone Crazy?
It All Depends On How You Look At It 

By Dorraine Fisher

We, the human race, have been asleep for centuries. But things are changing. The slumber is over.

I know you’ve felt it...like the world is spinning out of control.Time seems to be moving faster. It’s hard to keep up with technology. News travels at the speed of sound. People are angry. Paradigms and beliefs of every denomination are being thrown on their heads. Human history is being challenged. No one agrees on anything. Everyone argues about everything. What the heck is going on?
Oh, it’s nothing really. The energy on the planet is just shifting...to an astronomical degree.. The energy of the human race is shifting. The slave state is crumbling. We no longer are willing to accept what we’re being told about anything. We’re realizing we’ve been lied to about everything and we’re tired of it. We no longer trust our governments or politics of any kind. Regular people are boldly challenging science and the history of the human race. And the history of the human race is challenging itself. History and science change their minds about the “facts” daily. Nothing we learned in school is correct anymore. The history and science books need to be rewritten. Everything we thought we knew is completely wrong.

Nothing is what we’d call “normal” anymore.

But the big question is why? Why is this all happening now?

There are many theories out there: Some say the earth is sliding into the Age of Aquarius.  Some believe we’re experiencing a collective spiritual awakening. Others believe the alien race called the Pleiadians is guiding humans to an enlightened future. Some believe the earth’s vibration is raising. Some say the government research program known as HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is controlling our minds and making us crazy. Others believe these are simply the End Times and we’re all doomed. But whatever you believe, we’re surely on the fast track to an uncertain future and it’s pretty uncomfortable for sure.

But let’s think about this for a minute. Have you watched children lately? They’re at least ten times smarter than we were as children. It’s a little scary at times how smart they are. And imagine these children growing into fully intelligent adults. I have a feeling the world will be a vastly different place in 20 years for that reason alone when they take over. The human race is getting smarter generation by generation.

But it’s not only that.   We have at our fingertips, by way of our computers and smartphones, the entire world and all the knowledge it contains. We not only have access to everything everyone on the planet knows, but we can receive new information from across the world within seconds. And since there is so much information out there to be had, it’s fairly plausible that a great deal of that information could be false or compromised in some way.  So we’re left to pick through it and decide what to believe. And when the person next to us decides to believe something different, an argument ensues.

And this wealth of information causes a lot of other problems. It becomes quickly obvious that we’re encountering a lot of misinformation or downright lies from institutions we used to trust. So now, we don’t know who to believe and it seems safer somehow to just not trust anyone. Especially those that want our money or to control us in some way. Which is just about everyone who’s in charge or trying to sell something.  And ironically, we argue about which of those is trustworthy. When maybe none of them are.

But the slave state is crumbling. We’re realizing that we’re not sheep. We’re starting to believe our lives might have been intended for more enjoyment than enslavement, and we’re trying to find more meaningful ways to occupy our time and provide for our families. We’re not happy anymore simply working for “the man.”  In fact, our resentment for the man is growing more every day. We’ve had too many bad experiences with “him.”

All this because truckloads of information come whizzing into our consciousness moment by moment every single day. We don’t know what to believe any more.

Of course, information is crucial. But we’re living in the first period in history in which the human race has had so much information to process.  It’s all a bit overwhelming, really. And we’re feeling the effects. Our collective stress level is at an all-time high. And we’re starting to feel like something has to give. Something is going to snap.

But if it snaps, is that necessarily a bad thing?

It depends on how you frame all this. Quite frankly, it’s pretty easy to just think the world is coming to an end and that we should prepare for our doom. But is that really the idea we’d like to spend our precious lives thinking about? Especially if it turns out not to be true? It takes a little more work to change our brains and opt for a different way of thinking.  In the age in which quantum physics is telling us that we create our own reality simply by virtue of how we think about it, is it wise just to blindly accept a negative fate because we’ve been programmed to THINK we have no recourse? Or can we create a better world? Science suggests that we can.

If you look closely, it’s happening already. We’re at a crossroads right now and the shift is already happening. We are all undergoing an awakening. Some say it’s a spiritual awakening. But whatever you call it, you know deep inside you that it’s true. The reason people are so anxious is because of that awakening. Because we’re living in a world we now realize we don’t know anything about. The knowledge we thought we had is crumbling under our feet. And we’re now grappling for some shred of truth that we can hold onto. But there’s nothing there. Every time we think we have it in our grasp, it falls apart again. And this is scary indeed...unless you understand it in a certain way.

So let’s break it down.

Any Tibetan monk that has dedicated his life to achieving enlightenment, or any alcoholic or drug addict who’s conquered their addiction for life will tell you that changing your own mind is a process. And that process can be very scary and painful at times. In these processes, whether by force or by choice, you’re finding that what you used to believe about yourself and the world isn’t really true. Once you find this out, it’s scary because you’ve identified with it and you’ve held onto it all this time because it’s the only thing you’ve known. But you don’t have that anymore, and for a while, you lash out. You get angry, you feel anxious, you blame the world and everyone around you for the problem. It’s not your fault. So it must be someone else’s. And for a while, people think you've gone a little crazy. But after a while, you have a chance to calm down and look around you. And if you stay the course for a while, you suddenly realize the world didn’t come to an end because you were uncertain about it. And then from there, you start your healing process with the understanding that it’s okay to not know things and it’s okay to not understand everything.

That’s where the human race is collectively right now as a whole. We’re at that sometimes crazy stage of the healing or enlightenment process in which we are realizing our knowledge of our world and ourselves is flawed. The stories we’ve been told are no longer true.  And we are now in the process of learning to deal with that. It's not easy Because people feel better in knowing they’re right. They take immense comfort in that, so they cling to what they think they know, and they criticize others for not believing it.  But deep down they’ve known something’s wrong. Things things have been off just a little. But they cling to their ideas because it’s all they have left...they think. This is that in-between stage before we figure it all out. But that has to come to an end if we want to move forward.

We really do create our reality. We really are in charge of our own destiny. And our thoughts really do manifest in our outer world. We control it all.

But keep this in mind. They, meaning the establishment that has controlled us all this time would like to keep control. They don’t want us to know how much power we have. So they keep feeding us the same load of crap every day trying to maintain the same order they’ve always had.

The problem is, it’s not working any more. They are no longer controlling us like they once did. So they’re panicking and scrambling. And the more they scramble, the more we don’t believe their narrative any more.  That’s what’s happening to us. We’re experiencing an awakening. We’re no longer asleep. Our energy is shifting from what we used to believe to a new reality of our own making. One of which WE have control.  We’re on the fast track to truth and nothing can stop it now. The world will never be the same, but it’s surely not ending. Like all good end-of-the-world scenarios, it’s more like a new beginning.

So, maybe HAARP has control of our minds. Maybe the Pleiadians are guiding our future. Maybe the reptilians are summoning their warlords upon us. Or maybe it’s just the end of the world and we need to prepare for our fate. Or maybe none of those are true. None of us knows for sure. But we need to grow and evolve, sometimes when we don’t really want to. And you can choose to spend this transition being scared to death or you can choose to enjoy the ride. It’s your call. But one way or another, everything’s gonna be okay.

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!


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Wednesday, October 04, 2017 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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1 comment:

  1. Awesome! This is one of tne of the best written pieces I've read in years dealing with this subject. It hits on many of the thoughts and questions people have about what they feel is going on over the recent several years.


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