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Friday, July 28, 2017

The Paranormal And Metaphysics Converge With Science
“Spooky Science” That Will Change The World
By Dorraine Fisher

The studies known as the phantom DNA experiments prove humans can potentially control their reality.

In the world of physics, the science is starting to get a little spooky. And the findings suggest some things we never imagined.

We all often feel out of control, like we’re swirling in a vortex of chaos and confusion; totally caught at the mercy of Mother Reality. But are we really? You hear it all the time these days. That you control your reality. Some blow it off as some kind of new age hippie talk. Others listen but don’t take it too seriously. But many are starting to tune in a little closer. And that’s because it’s real.  And science has had to acknowledge it because they’ve witnessed it in the lab.

We humans, by virtue of our energy and DNA, have much more control over our world than we ever imagined. 

Three isolated studies done by three different teams of scientists came together to come to some amazing conclusions about the power humans potentially have.

The first experiment was to test the effect, if any, that DNA would have on photons. Photons are those little particles of light that everything in our world is made of. The photons were placed a sealed vacuum tube. And as the scientists expected, the photons behaved randomly, spreading around the inside or clustered in the bottom of the container.

But next, they added human DNA to the tube. And something happened that they never expected, and this is huge. As soon as the DNA was added, the photons started to become ordered. And, as if by magic, they arranged themselves in an identical pattern to the DNA strand.

And what does this mean? It means that DNA, the stuff we’re made of, brings order to and changes the behavior of photons, the stuff the world is made of. Indicating that we have much more control over our world than we think. Incidentally, the photons remained in order after the DNA was removed from the tube; something also unexpected. Did the DNA leave something behind? Or was there some other mysterious force at work?

In the second experiment, scientists wanted to discover whether human emotion affects living cells, especially DNA, and once those cells are no longer a part of that body. I.E. when tissue samples are taken, does human emotion continue to affect them when they’re separated? And if so, what distance?

They collected a swab of DNA from a donor and then isolated the sample in another room several hundred feet away. In the meantime, the donor was exposed to certain emotional stimuli; video images designed to evoke strong feelings. The DNA had been placed in a specifically designed chamber to record any responses, though they expected nothing. But to their surprise, as the donor experienced strong contrasts of emotions, the DNA in the other room responded simultaneously. They later separated the donor from the DNA by 350 miles and still experienced the same response. It was as if the DNA was still connected to its donor in spite of the great distance.

Now, imagine the implications of this in the case of someone’s organs being transplanted into another person. Or what about having sex with multiple partners. We’re theoretically leaving a piece of ourselves behind in everything we touch.

The third experiment was conducted to find out if human emotion affected living tissue. They placed human DNA in a beaker and, using special techniques designed for this purpose,  exposed it to a powerful form of emotion known as coherent emotion applied by people trained in the technique of centering and concentrating their emotions. The results couldn’t be denied. Human emotions affected the DNA without touching it. Under exposure to positive emotions, the DNA remained loose and unconstricted. And under the influence of negative emotions, the DNA strands tightened up as if strangling themselves. Imagine the implications of how much our emotions affect our health if they impact our DNA in this way. And also imagine how much we could control it if we can learn to master our emotions.

So, what is all this saying to us? Paranormal believers have suspected for years that there is more to energy than meets the proverbial eye. And, with the results of these experiments, we now know that, even in a lab full of scientists,  things happen that can’t be explained. In a world where scientists are always searching for the physical evidence,  these experiments evoked metaphysical and what could be called paranormal experiences. Hence the names “spooky science” and “phantom DNA experiments.”   There was absolutely no reason for any of these strange occurrences, but they happened anyway. And now, science has the burden of finding answers.

And now we know there is an unknown field of energy that exists all around us.  And our cells and DNA somehow communicate through this field. Human emotion has direct influence on DNA using this field, and distance has no effect on the strength of the connection. And it’s not only an energy source, but a connection between us and everything and everyone else. The idea that we’re all separated and independent from each other and the world outside is an antiquated idea. As the ancient shamans have been telling us all along, we’re all connected. But in the meantime, we have peer-reviewed science moving a little bit more in our favor.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!


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1 comment:

  1. Fantastic article! Oh, the implications. I think at some level, humans know this and yet we fight it.


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