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Monday, July 24, 2017

Ancient Myths Or Factual Accounts???
Taking A Fresh Look At Our History
By Dorraine Fisher

We were all taught in school that depictions and tales of magic and fantastical beings in ancient artwork and writings are just myths; amazing works of fiction and products of active imaginations of our ancestors. Since these have seemed to be too ridiculous to take seriously, we’ve dismissed them and largely ignored them as any serious parts of our history.  But what if that’s a huge mistake and what if we’re missing the point entirely? The biggest flaw in the human brain is this: If we think we know something already, we won’t look at any new ideas about it. It’s the biggest flaw because it can bring progress to a screeching halt. Did scientists first looking at ancient texts and art just decide that the stories were just too unbelievable that they simply HAD to be fictional stories? Dragons, giants, reptilians,  animal-human hybrids, star-beings? Those things don’t exist today, so surely they didn’t exist then. Surely they’re just the products of stories made up to help the ancients explain things they didn’t understand? Or are they?

What would happen if we all started to look at these stories differently, like possible factual accounts of history? Like Noah’s flood, that’s now mostly acknowledged by science as a factual occurrence, many other ancient texts and stories are slowly being revisited and many of them are being found to have some truth to them. Now, I’m not saying that all of them are 100 percent factual. But what if we take a second look at all of them with a different pair of eyes. Just imagine. What if the ancients were trying to tell us their interpretation of the actual story as they witnessed it? And let’s keep in mind that these people weren’t ignorant. Far from it. Let’s assume that they were every bit as intelligent as we are except that they lived in a different time and world of which we have no concept, any more than they would have had any concept of the world WE live in.

If we changed the way we think about all of the stories of ancient history and how they were depicted, and we approach the subject again with this fresh perspective, what might we discover? Have you ever wondered if we might finally solve the mysteries humans have been grappling with for centuries? Why so many depictions of such strange things and strange events. Could it possibly be that there’s some shred of truth and fact in them?  And are we ready for those truths? The ancients were well aware of themselves and the need to record history for future generations. Is that what they did and we’ve been ignoring all along because we think we’re too smart to believe it? Are we stuck because we can’t simply think outside the box? Would a fresh, albeit unconventional perspective get us UN-stuck. I wonder.

Ancient depiction of Aztec natives capturing and killing a “giant.” Numerous giant skeletons have been unearthed in different areas of the world, only to be confiscated by authorities and either hidden or destroyed. And even without the fossils, there are many depictions of giants in ancient art from all over the world within cultures that were thousands of miles from each other. Were they all just making the stories up?

Medieval depictions of woodwose. The idea of 8-12 foot tall hairy wild men is not a new one. Long before bigfoot became famous, there were the legendary woodwose of Europe. Did they really exist? Historical accounts of them go way back as far as humans have existed. And historical depictions of them are everywhere in artwork and architecture. If they never existed, why have the tales persisted throughout history? 

Ancient Sumerian cylinder seal depicting the story of creation by the Annunaki or “gods.” As the story goes, a giant alien race of giant gods came to earth from another planet looking for gold to repair their own atmosphere. Minding the gold was a tedious task that they didn’t want to do, so they were said to have used their own DNA combined with the local intelligent primates, possibly homoerectus, and created a slave race to mine the gold: humankind. Truth or fiction? Modern humans emerged seemingly out of nowhere 200,000 years ago as the advanced Sumerian culture emerged.  And half of our DNA structure is labeled “not of this world,  or curiously, “alien” DNA. You decide.

Ancient depictions of hybrid beings. This is one of the hardest ideas to grasp unless you can think outside the box. If extra-terrestrial “gods” of sorts manipulated life on this planet to create a race of slaves, is it that much of a stretch the twisted geneticists might have tried some other experiments too? Especially if it suited a particular purpose? Or if they simply wanted to see what they could create? Many people believe that modern geneticists are doing the same thing today.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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