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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Legend Of J.C.Brown

I was on my computer the other day when I came across a video about Mt. Shasta in California. It caught my curiosity, so I watched the video . The video was about a man named J.C. Brown. In 1904, Brown claimed, while working for the Lord Cowdray Mining Company out of New England as a geologist, he was sent to Mt. Shasta to do work for Lord Cowdray.

While exploring the old Lava bed tunnels he came across a hidden village 11 miles down in the mountain and the halls and rooms were lined with gold. He told all these wonderful things to a Journalist in New York city and it soon caught the attention of some wealthy persons, some who were Scientist, Lawyers, Policemen and even a Judge.

There were also other citizens involved bringing the total of 80 people that meet with Mr. brown, ready for the expedition of a life time. The day had come for this great expedition but Mr. Brown was no where to be found, this caused most to take it as a farce, a lie if you will, just a tall tale from an old man. Some searched for Mr. Brown but with no avail.

More of the claims of Mr. J.C. Brown where that in one Room he found perfectly preserved Mummies of human stature, the smallest 6'6” and the tallest 10' tall. We will never know if it is true or not there have been many stories of strange tall beings and strange light on and above Mt. Shasta for years, even to this day.

Some Conspiracy theorist believe that he (Brown) was abducted by our own government to keep it all quiet or he was kidnapped on one of his many claimed expeditions to the mountain by the Lemurian race. It has been said by local Native American tribes they would abduct natives that ventured to close to the secret passages to the lost city in the mountain.

More of my curiosity got to me as I done more research on this subject. I came across a video on Youtube that was made by a man called Stephen Sindoni. Sindoni, who through his own research found out that J.C. Brown was not the man's real name. According to Sindoni, his real name was Mr. John Benjamin Body. Body indeed did work for Lord Cowdray Mining Company as a Geologist by trade his entire career. So this much we know of the Legend of Mr. J.C. Brown.

We will never know the truth to all his claims until someone comes forward with proof and until then it will just be a legend.


This post by TCC Team Member Jimmy Blanton. Jimmy has many years studying, researching and investigating the paranormal. He has an extensive knowledge of ghost hunting equipment and gadgets.  

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