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Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Space X Falcon 9 Conspiracy

Was It Really The Target Of A UFO?
By Dorraine Fisher

Here's the new conspiracy theory of they year.
    On the morning of September 1, 2016, SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, watched as his rocket, Falcon 9 seemed to spontaneously burst into flames while it was still undergoing testing on a launch pad at Cape Canaveral. Quite a few people were present and took video of the event as the news unfolded.

    But it wasn't long afterward, after the video had circulated only briefly, that rumors began to surface that the craft was the target of a UFO. It seems a small unidentified flying object can be seen entering the air space from the right hand side of the screen precisely as the rocket explodes. And conspiracy theorists claim the craft was the victim of an alien air strike.

    Of course, this might be true...or it could simply be a bird...or a drone?

    Musk is claiming this happened during a "routine filling operation" and that the engines were not on and there was no apparent heat source. He's asking anyone that has video of the event to submit it to SpaceX in an attempt to unravel the mystery, that, in spite of those making fun of conspiracy theorists, has yet to be solved.

    Watch the video and tell us what you think.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

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