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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Is this a Bigfoot?
The above image is a still frame from an interesting video from Eastern Kentucky BigFoot Research group. I personally do not know who runs the group but have worked with one of their other videos in the past. They have several other interesting photos and videos on their facebook page. All Images belong to Eastern Kentucky Bigfoot, I'm just sharing and attempting to gather more information about the figure. The exact location where this photo was taken has not been revealed, other than it was in Kentucky.

This particular still frame comes from a short video they posted to their youtube channel back at the end of 2013.

Here is that video followed by a few still frame enhancements.

There does for sure seem to be a humanoid figure in the video/picture. We know it was from a game camera and was taken in Kentucky, other than that we don't know much about it.
Lets see if we can enhance a still frame and get a better look at the figure.

Here is a zoom in on the figure. It is very human looking. It is really hard to get a good idea of how large the figure is from this image. From the vantage point of the game camera, there appears to be a drop off. Maybe the camera was place on this hill to get a better view of what was below. There could also be other pictures from the game camera that have not been released yet.

Next lets play around with the color of the still frame and see if any more details will come out.

Still can't bring out a whole lot detail. You can see what appears to be eyes, nose and a mouth on a very human looking face.

If you look at the face, under the right eye appears to be some sort of massive knot. Could it be some type of injury? or maybe it is just some on a tree limb. I guess that only adds to the mystery of just what the figure could be...Bigfoot or a human.

Lets try one more enhancement and see if we can get more details about the figure. 

That didn't help a whole lot but we can see that for sure it is a human looking figure. We may never know for sure if this is a Bigfoot or just a hunter but it was a good capture by EKBF group.

I'm sure they probably set the camera in a place that they thought had Bigfoot activity.

So, until we get more pictures from this game camera or some from more recent investigations, we are left with really not knowing for sure if this is a Bigfoot or just a hunter. Remember, not all Bigfoot look a like. Yes, the same basic shape and some qualities are the same but they may vary in their facial appearance and hair color.

Also, all images belong to Eastern Kentucky BigFoot Research group. I invite you to like their facebook page and visit their Youtube Channel.  

Being a Bigfoot researcher in Southeastern Kentucky, I can confirm that there are for sure Bigfoot in this general area of the state. The mountains of Kentucky provides a great place for something as large as a Bigfoot to call home. Plenty of water and lots to eat can be found in the mountains of Kentucky.

Now, as for the figure captured by the Eastern Kentucky Bigfoot team, I can not rule it in or out as to if it is a Bigfoot or not. It is an interesting capture and I give them credit for obtaining it and sharing it. I wish them continued success.

What do the readers think? Is it a Bigfoot or a hunter?


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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