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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Image from old Ghost Hunters Episode

Ghost Hunting With Infrared Technology

Replace Fear Of The Unknown With Curiosity

Ghosts have been of significant interest to the human race for centuries. Cultures all around the world believe in spirits that survive death to live in another realm.  They are actually the most widely believed of all paranormal phenomena.  The search for proof of afterlife based paranormal activity has become more popular in recent years, due in part because of cable TV's hit series like “Ghost Hunters.”

Ghost hunting can often however be a deceptively complex exercise.  Fortunately technological advancements have allowed the development of increasingly effective methods and tools that allow paranormal investigators help explain these paranormal phenomena. 

Diagnostic instruments based on infrared technology have been used extensively over the years in the search for ghosts.  As these devices have become more affordable they are now widely used by both professional and amateur ghost hunters alike.  The reason for their popularity is because they can detect one of the key indicators of the presence of paranormal activity. Temperature!

It’s All About The Surface

In considering the purchase of either of these infrared devices, it is important to understand that they are only able to measure the surface temperature of objects and not the ambient air temperature.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to see less reputable sources and sellers of these products suggesting that these devices will be able to measure fluctuations in ambient air temperature.  This is simply not the case.   

This would perhaps leave many people wondering why anyone would consider adding one of these devices to their ghost hunting kit?  The reason these instruments play such an important role in ghost hunting centers on the important task of eliminating non-paranormal explanations of evidence that might otherwise suggest a ghostly presence. 

Ghostly activity is often associated with sudden and dramatic drops in localized temperature which are known as ‘cold spots.’  The presence of a cold spot is not automatically definitive proof of paranormal activity however when there may be environmental or other explanations for decreases in temperature.  An infrared thermometer or thermal imaging camera can however quickly eliminate many of these other possible explanations, such as air ingress from windows or vents.  Being able to disqualify false indicators of paranormal activity is a critical task for any ghost hunter and these instruments are able to do this extremely quickly and effectively.

Recommended Equipment

Infrared Thermometer

As with many items of technology there are a wide variety of models available with a range of different features.  A basic infrared thermometer will enable ghost hunters to measure the surface temperatures of common objects like walls and other non-reflective materials reliably and efficiently.  High quality models for these tasks can be purchased for between $20.00 and $50.00. 

There are some more advanced models which come with the ability to measure not only surface temperature, but ambient air temperature as well courtesy of a K-type slot for a thermocouple.  These models would be ideal for those who do not have a separate device to measure air temperature and will enable them to be able to detect both forms of temperature from the same device at the same time. 

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal cameras are becoming increasingly popular, especially as their price continues to come down while their quality and features improve.  That said, budgetary considerations are likely to play a role in the decision-making process as to which model most consumers will look to buy.

The benefits of a thermal camera cannot however be overstated.  They are able to quickly scan a large surface area or multiple objects very quickly.  The ability to clearly view temperature hot and cold spots via the thermal image displayed on the screen allows users to assess whether there may be natural sources for any temperature fluctuations.  Many models also come with dual thermal and digital cameras, which eliminate the need for carrying additional equipment on the job. 

More advanced models come with greater resolution of the thermal detector for clearer imaging and video recording capabilities, but also come with a greater price tag.  Realistically, it is not likely that these features are required for ghost hunting purposes and a more affordable model will perform just as admirably.

Feared By Ghosts, Loved By Hunters

Compared to yesteryear, the ability to prove or disprove the presence of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena is greatly enhanced with the use of infrared technology.  It is an exciting prospect for ghost hunters that these instruments are more widely available and in the future will come with even more advanced features.  They have multiple applications which can be used to save money and which will offset the initial cost of purchase. 

In the realm of ghost hunting the ability to quickly and definitively rule out other explanations for indicators of paranormal phenomena is of critical importance.  The time to turn the tables has arrived.  Good luck haunting the ghosts!

Guest Post By Christopher Hale of GunandCamera.com

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