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Monday, January 26, 2015

General map of the area

A couple of day ago I received a possible bigfoot evidence report from Ned. In the report he tells about a few different possible finding while hunting.

Here is the report.

-Start Report-

Name: Ned
Email Address: On file
State: NH
County: Stafford
Date of Sighting: 2001 ?
Time of Day: 4:15pm
Nearest Town: Pittsburg (NH)
Length of Sighting: 5 min
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:
My son and I were deer hunting near a large deer wintering yard not far from the Canadian border. It was snowing heavily as we were taking our evening stands. It became darker than normal due to the heavy snowfall so I headed back toward the truck on the tote road that I walked in on.
On the way, My son was also sitting on the side of the tote rd and jumped to his feet quickly as I got to him and began a hurried pace back to the truck in front of me.
We were walking in our old tracks that now had a couple of inches of snow in them.  As we got to the top of a ridge that we had to go down over, my son stopped dead in his tracks staring at the trail.  He was looking at some very large tracks that had been standing in our tracks.
The tracks were about an inch larger in length and width than my size 12W 800 gram thinsulate hunting boots.  The tracks were as fresh as could be in heavy snowfall yet without seeing what made them.  That being said, we could not make out tread or toes due to the snow falling back into the  track when his foot was pulled out.
What struck us as very very strange was the direction he came from and returned. The nearest road in that direction is a mile away over a heavily wooded ridge. He only had a few minutes of daylight left. Why he didn't follow our tracks back out to our truck and ask for a ride back around the mountain to his vehicle is odd. Considering how hard it was snowing.  Visibility was minimal even in the remaining twilight. When it got pitch dark, even with a light, he is going to have a hard time finding his way back.
Also,when he stepped into the tote road, he stepped down off a 4ft high embankment and into the road with one step. When he left, he stepped up over the same embankment with one step.  Not anything we could have done and we are both over 6ft tall. Also odd was that he headed back on a tangent line to the line he walked in on.  My son thinks it is possible that it was another hunter because they have been known to cross from the other tote road to this road during daylight.
One more thing:  Both my son and I experience the feeling of dread and extreme uneasiness prior to heading out that evening. This was evident in my sons "hurried pace". Neither of us have ever felt that way in the woods before.
Several years before that, in the same area, I came across tracks in fresh snow, of what appeared to be a hunter that had a gate that I could not match when I tried.  I found it odd that a hunter would be running in the woods at dawn in the heart of a walk-in hunting area.  His gate never once slowed or stopped in over a half mile that I followed his tracks. The tracks were in fresh powder but did not seem to be any bigger than my tracks.
A hunting buddy of my sons, had a similar experience on the same tote road which borders a huge Cedar swamp, only this person (or thing) headed out into the swamp and never came back out.  He followed it and saw where it stepped over "blow downs" that he thought was not possible. He may agree to tell you of his experience but I am not sure. It wouldn't hurt to ask.
I have one more incident that happened in the same time frame as the first report but it occurred about 18 miles further north on the Maine/NH border in October. I smelled a skunk like smell when I came to some large footprints in the mud.  This happened a mile or two from another sighting by a young couple on Bosebuck Mountain in Maine.

-End Report-

It sure does sound like there could be Bigfoot in Ned's hunting area.  Thanks Ned for sharing what you have found and if your son's buddy wants to share his report, then please have him submit it via the link at the top of the page.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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