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Friday, December 26, 2014

Things I Know about Bigfoot

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to write up a post about some of my Bigfoot research. I know for some the possibility of a large, hairy, human like creature living in the forest is a big stretch and they look at people like me as a being nuts or crazy. I guess that just goes with the subject at hand.

Never the less, I know what I have seen and found over the years and want to share some of it with everyone. I'm going to try to put a lot of thought into this post as some things have become common place for me and I don't want to just skip over it.    

First, let me start with the most obvious question: "is Bigfoot real?"
I can without a doubt in my mind, say a big Yes to that question. Nothing would ever get me to change my mind. With that in mind, remember there are a lot fakes and hoaxes out there. Some could even be disinformation.

So the first on the list of "Things I know about Bigfoot", would be:

1. Bigfoot is Real - For some people, the only way they are ever going to be convinced is if they have their own sighting or encounter with a Bigfoot. What little doubt I had was laid to rest once I became more active in my efforts to find and document the creature.

2. Stick structures/breaks - I know for a fact that Bigfoot does indeed break limbs off of trees and also creates stick structures like Teepees, "Xs", arches, ects... and they stick limbs into the ground. It is easy to either dismiss or just miss this type of evidence and it takes time to learn to distinguish between what is natural forest debris and what is something that could have been created by Bigfoot. For example, I was in an area and passed this one spot at least 3 or 4 times, I knew and had experienced Bigfoot activity there, and on my next trip there was this large X made with broken tree limbs. I have also found many tree breaks with large foot tracks next to them. Tracks too large to be from a human.

3. Stealth - It has been my experience that Bigfoot is or can be very stealthy in the forest. They can walk within 30-40 feet of you and never make a sound. You may ask, "how do you know this?" - well, I had a Bigfoot following me through the forest and there was no sound of walking such as leaves rustling or sticks breaking. Then, "How did you know it was there?" There were 2 main factors in me knowing it was following me and I will explain this during the remaining topics.

4. Bigfoot speech - I can confirm that Bigfoot can talk. This is one of the reason how I knew a Bigfoot was following me in the forest. While researching an area, I begin to hear what sounded like someone talking even though I was alone. It is somewhat documented in Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend film. The best way I can describe it is, it was like hearing someone talk who was just far enough out of ear shot that you could not make out any words. What I think was happening was that as I was filming and narrating my video, the Bigfoot was possibly mimicking me but I'm not sure on this. I can only assume they have their own language as that seems logical.

5. Trail Camera - This is the second reason I knew one was following me in the forest. It is assumed that Bigfoot avoids trail cameras and I would assume they do but I did get a picture of one, the one following me. I think as it was following me it was more concerned with me than looking out for game cams. This photo is also shown in Bigfoot: Tracking A Legend with some enhancements. The creature appears to be very muscular and not as hairy as reported in some sightings. The less hair could be due to a summer coat as compared to a winter one, in my opinion.

6. Tracks - Bigfoot does leave tracks but they are a rare find sometimes. I have been fortunate enough to find many tracks and a trackline. Bigfoot tracks, that I have found, are really wide at the ball of the foot. Wider than what I would deem as normal for a human. My foot is roughly 4 and 1/4 inches at the ball of the foot, while the track casting I have is 7 inches. In the tracks I found and the castings I have, I do not see any solid signs of the mid-tarsal break that many talk about. This does not mean it may not have it but I just don't see any signs of it in the tracks I have found. Also the foot appears to be really flat and not have an arch like in a human foot. One set of tracks I found were in an area where I was also making a good impression in the earth. The Bigfoot tracks was roughly double in depth when compared to my track. This led me to believe the creature was double my weight and that would put it in the 600 pound range.

I don't know exactly where Bigfoot fits in but it is very easy to see that these creatures are very intelligent and go beyond being just another animal in the forest.
There are still many more questions than answers.

Now for some stuff I think is possible but can not confirm for sure.

1. Whoops & howls - While out researching I do make calls sometimes in the form of whoops. I have never had any replies that I can deem where done by Bigfoot. Again, I'm not saying they don't do this, I'm sure they probably do, but I have never had it happen in a way to satisfy me that it was a Bigfoot. I have heard other peoples recordings of suppose howls and whoops that I think were real, it just never happened to me.

2. Whistles or Bird sounds - I have not had any thing like this happen other than some odd owl sounds that could have actually been done by two owls. Again, not saying Bigfoot don't do this just saying I can not confirm it with my personal experience. The two owl sounds I heard were early in the morning, it was daylight, around 9am. One owl sound on one ridge and then a reply from another owl on a near by ridge. I never seen the owls, even thought I looked but have to assume it was just owls.
3. Tree knocks - I have had some possible reply knocks but not enough for me to say for sure it was being done by a Bigfoot. It could have been something as simple as a nut falling from a tree. Again, not saying they don't do this, as I'm pretty sure they do.

I'm sure there are other things I have left out but I plan on continuing my research and learning more about Bigfoot. This is why I do research, to find out more about Bigfoot, I'm not trying to prove Bigfoot to the world. In fact, I think it might be better if the mass media and the general public just kept thinking of Bigfoot as a myth. I also think that the government already knows about Bigfoot. I do like sharing some stuff with like minded people or those who are actually curious about the subject of Bigfoot.
But I think that "proving it to the world" could bring a lot of problems for Bigfoot and possibly increase dangers for them. I guess it could bring good things....hard to say in the end.

Anyways, there is the list of some things I know for sure about Bigfoot and some things I think could be possible. I still have so much to learn.

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Bigfoot Stick Structure
Bigfoot stick structure

Have a great Day!

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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1 comment:

  1. Very good points Tom , I can say for a fact the close up encounter I had with the big guy in October 07 he walked through dry leaf cover & blares while looking me directly in the eyes & he never made a sound.

    As for the tracks I've come to think of their tracks and maybe the sound the one I encountered made like a snow shoe effect . Their feet being much bigger than ours & most likely padded or soft working like a snow show supporting their weight much better than ours & I think it would be more than a doubling of weight comparison in the tracks ,

    Also their feet if padded or soft might account for them being able to be so quite in the leaf clutter . I know the one I encountered had no reason to be as he was looking at me & very aware of me at the time yet was silent.


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