Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Scott Carpenter on Finding Bigfoot

Scott Carpenter was recently on the TV show Finding Bigfoot. Scott is a bigfoot researcher from Tennessee and had successful samples in the recent DNA study.

Here is a enhancement of the game cam photo used on the Finding Bigfoot TV show and the one Scott talks about in the video above. I did this enhancement months ago.

Finding Bigfoot team dismissed this photo as inconclusive and stated it was pareidolia.
(Pareidolia -  psychological phenomenon involving a vague and random stimulus. Common examples include seeing images of animals or faces in clouds.)

I guess the Finding Bigfoot crew is waiting for a bigfoot to walk out, shake hands and introduce itself.

Also Scott talked about the town hall meeting and I did an interview with Steve who told his encounter at that meeting, but his report was cut from show. He was the man sitting wearing a red baseball cap. I personally know Steve, Here is that interview.

I would guess that there are many good reports made during these town hall meetings that never make it any further than that room, So I'm very glad that at least Steve's encounter can be told. After this interview I did with Steve a few other people talked to him about their encounter. One in which a man seen a bigfoot chasing a deer close to the area Steve had his sighting.

Also I would like to state that Mr.Carpenter was very good on the show and has kept a good attitude about being on it.
We wish him more success with his research.


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  1. They will call a dark mass , walking through a thick woods a Bigfoot , but not that?? Wow...typical.....oh and I got band from the Board, because I said, I was not impressed with the show and may not watch it....so it's not surprising......you Katz rock!

  2. Hey Scott Carpenter. Please don't drink from the Moneymaker cup of Bigfoot bullshit. He's a fat, greasy asshole who tries to force his opinion & theories on everyone else. His "North American Ape" theory is straight bullshit. He's even got Meldrum fooled & he's "educated." He (Meldrum) is clueless too. The Sasquatch are a type of people. You can't find "people" looking for "apes." These creatures, as you know, are much more intelligent than any ape on earth. I'd bet they (Sasquatch) just laugh their asses off whenever Matt & the boys come calling. That show is laughable as the most useless waste of time on tv. C'mon Animal Planet, you can do better.


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