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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The True Story About The Bigfoot Named Fox
Will The Real Janice Carter Please Step Forward
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Someone’s going around impersonating Janice Carter. At least that’s the story according to Janice Carter herself and long time friend Sally Ramey.

On Dec. 17, a post on Shawn Evidence’s blog referenced an account originally appearing on Robert Lindsay’s blog from an anonymous person claiming to have been with the two women and several other people when they visited a dying Bigfoot named Fox. Sally denied this nameless person’s account here on Crypto Crew, but a comment on Shawn Evidence’s blog, posted by Jan’s friend Melody, led people to believe that both Janice and Sally were present when the creature died, leading the community to believe that the two women have knowledge of the whereabouts of the body of this creature.

To add to the confusion, Shawn Evidence’s blog later ran an e-mail from someone claiming to be Janice. Within that same post Shawn ran a response from the supposed "anonymous witness" claiming that Sally and Janice’s two stories contradict each other. And this anonymous witness claims to have the only "real story."

But so much has been taken out of context and so many untruths have circulated that the two ladies
felt the need to respond.
"Someone is trying to target us for some reason," Sally told me. The two women have tried to get the story straightened out, but because of her brain injury, Janice often has trouble with written communications. In this case, one misused phrase made the two women appear to be at odds with each other. But the bottom line is that neither of the two women was actually there when Fox died.

This is what Janice herself told me this week:

"Dorraine, The only person I sent an email to so that it could be used was Melody and she posted it to Shawn's blog or Robert's, I do believe. That is the only post that should be anywhere on the blogs. No one, including myself, my daughter or Sally, was at Fox's side or present in the area where the Bf reside/live when Fox passed away."

And in closing, this is what Sally had to say also:
"Jan and I have both stated that only she and I and her daughter made an attempt to visit Fox. People may mince words, but we did not see any Bigfoot, and no one else was there. We will comment on this matter no further."

The two women are both baffled by who might want to impersonate Janice and spread untruths, but both felt the need to clear this up once and for all. *********DF


[The source for this information came directly from Janice Carter and Sally Ramey. Both are very easy to find and talk to.]

[Robert Lindsay Blog,Bigfoot Evidence Blog]

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. I would never automatically call bullshit on a story, but in the case of one like this, without aything at all offered as non-anecdotal evidence (and I can appreciate the stated reasons for this), I would think the teller(s) of the tale would be more than willing to corroborate her (their) story(ies) with polygraph examination. Otherwise it's, unfortunately, a very difficult story to believe and has "extreme delusional fantasy" written all over it. These ladies may maintain that feel they have "no need to prove anything", but if that's the case, then why would they ever tell anyone or allow their story to be made public to begin with? Didn't one of these ladies even appear on Monster Quest?

  2. It sounds like you've got things backward, Right Hand. An anonymous person recently claimed that Janice and Sally led a group of people to where they witnessed the death of a bigfoot. Janice and Sally are calling BS on that other person's fantasy. Sally said in a previous column here that she never saw a bigfoot when going with Janice to visit the bigfoot Janice claims to have grown up with. So you're asking them to prove a story they said didn't happen.

  3. Would a dying Sasquatch, if they exist, really permit a group of people to be around them? Wouldn't they act like any other wounded or sick creature and become hostile? The anonymous person's story makes no sense. Seems like anyone can make up stuff and get it onto the blogs and people fall for it.

  4. "Then why would they ever tell anyone or allow their story to be made public to begin with?" They didn't - someone else made these claims. That's the whole point.

  5. LOL..
    This stuff will never end..fantasy wanting to become reality.
    Just keep this on mind...
    No one has come up with a *BIGFOOT* we all can *see*. They never will. Stay tuned forever.

  6. Fox has a nice coo-lo

  7. I checked the story of Fox and his clan in 2004, visiting Janece Carter's home for five weeks, and was not doubt that it was true.
    Afterwords I met both Janece and Sally in May, 2011 while visited Sally's home, and spoke to them both together re Fox' how he died. No one of them presented at the event, happened on June, 2010. And Janece told me that she knew where Fox was burried, and she told no need to disturb his memoiry and the body. And I agreed...
    Igor Burtsev

    1. By the way this pic was created by my daughter-in-law Lidiya Burtseva on the photo made when I was there. The pic was reconstructed the real night event when Janece gave to Fox the garlic and pulled a bunch of hairs from his arm. Lidiya just changed me to the Fox' image.
      Janice was photoed in that very dress in which she was during that night.

  8. This story is about as true as Jeff Teagle being a good researcher and good liar


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