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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bigfoot Head found in 1980?
This is a News paper clipping of what was described as a Bigfoot head.
It was found around 1980 in Lewiston,NY. It seems that the Niagara River had some strange things going on and a team of Japanese researchers were using a mini submarine to search the Niagara River for a Loch Ness type of sea serpent that had been seen periodically.There was an overall feeling of something unnatural going on in the area.
Then this head turns up which was described as a bigfoot head and only added to the weird feelings.
If you notice in the photo this bigfoot appears to have some rather large fangs for teeth, like a saber tooth tiger or something. It appears to me that this looks more like a monkey head than a bigfoot head or maybe it is a saber toothed bigfoot? But I would assume everyone would have known what a monkey head looked like.

Niagara County

I had never seen this story until recently and wanted to share it. I tried to dig up some more info about this but was unsuccessful. I do know there has been reported sightings in NY. 

So who really knows if this is a bigfoot head or not, in any case it's a cool story.

This was posted several months ago via a link by "Sawsquash".... I thought I would share this picture as it is a much better quality photo.

If you would like to read more about this case you can do so by Clicking Here!

[Source:Ginger Strand]

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  1. My friend claims he had an encounter with what he believes to be a bigfoot back in the 70's in Allegany County, which is in Western NY.


    1. Once you start looking there are a lot of reports from NY.
      If your friend would like to share the story ..have them email it to me at thecryptocrew@kih.net


  2. Was the head under water? they didn't retrieve it? Just curious is all.

  3. i live in niagara county, this is very interesting! did you find this in the union sun and journal newspaper?? would like to read up more on this story! thanks for posting!

    1. It really didn't say what paper. I would suggest a trip to the local library to search the archives. Please email me anything thing you might find.

  4. Big fruit head means whats ?? this is looking a little bit confusing here.but the nice collection of the information you really have been presented here.

  5. Kind of looks like the head of a St. Bernard dog to me

  6. The Niagara Falls Gazette then wrote a story on the find and published the photo. The publicity attracted Bigfoot researchers who traveled to Niagara County from various States.



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