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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I have tried to do some enhancements of the photos.
Original photo by Albert Fuhs
Several ask where to look in the photo and Albert said: "..this guy in the low center was the first to show him self to me 5years ago....a baby in the tree on the far right tree"
So I did some enhancements of the photo
This is the one in the center of the picture
Here is the one of the reported baby:
baby bigfoot in a tree
Here is a possible 3rd bigfoot according to some views of this photo. Is this the one that is 8 foot tall?

Is this an 8ft tall bigfoot?

Here is the second photo
Second photo that was posted
Here is a zoom on the photo
is this bigfoot?maybe 2?
Here is the 3rd and possibly the best of the 3
Bigfoot and a deer
Here is what Albert said about this photo "..100% bigfoot with a rock in hand. i will call him rusty.."
Here is a zoomed and enhanced version of the photo
is this a bigfoot getting ready to throw a rock?
Thanks goes to Jimmy Craze and Albert Fuhs.
We are glad Albert decided to come out and let us know these are his photos.I should also make it clear that I "think" these are still frames from a video and not taken with a camera.
We would like to know what the readers think about these photos...TCC is still trying to find out more about the photos and the film.
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Sunday, August 05, 2012 6 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Is there a link to the original.

    1. Photos are on our facebook page where guest post.
      that is the only place I know of ...as this is part of a video.

  2. So clear ! it looks real. Cmon this is b.s.!

    1. Nope, No B.S. here ...

      This is the real deal and yes they are clear ... there is other clear pics of BF out there also, that people want to pass off as NOT the real thing ... I know this guy WELL that took this video !! And it is real !! I have seen the video !!

      See I am real to ...I want hide ..behind Anonymous.


  3. Albert is a friend of Todd Standings. Enough said. They are both full of crap. He claims that he is friends with BF but his pictures are terrible.

  4. Another load of crap. Out of focus. Can`t tell what the hell they are. Why do you people do this


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