Monday, June 25, 2012

Possible Alien Skull found - DNA tested!

A mysterious skull found in Bulgaria in 2001 is actually alien in origin?
Amazingly that is the claim being made by researchers in the field. The skull was discovered in the Rhodopes Mountain Range in Bulgaria on May 21, 2001 and is unlike any human remains ever found.
Is this really an alien skull?
Could this be proof of aliens?
alien skull?

Along with the skull discovery, a small metal fragment that was disc shaped was also found. Measurements and testing were performed on the skull remains and here is what was found so far:
  1. Skull is about as large as a baby’s.
  2. Skull weighs 250 grams and its bones are light and thinner than humans.
  3. 6 cavities were found with none of them resembling a mouth.
  4. Primary DNA Test findings revealed that material doesn’t match humans.
  5. X-ray photos show that the main cavity almost definitely housed a brain.
  6. Main DNA Tests and Radiocarbon dating is not complete yet or results have not been announced.

TCC - So could this the final proof of Aliens? Or is this just some misidentified skull?
[Source: socyberty ]

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  2. Nowadays, genetic testing are finished utilizing DNA examination to test for different sickness, diseases, parentage and numerous different things.


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