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Friday, December 16, 2011

Gulf Breeze, Florida
If you live in an area where there is a lot of UFO sightings and reports, then you might consider making a UFO detector .
I was sent this by one of my contacts and was thinking I would share it. It's a low cost way for people who are interested in UFOs to try and detect them. It can also be use to give you an advanced warning of Tornadoes.

The T.V. UFO Detector

(by "TAL")
I would like to share the following info with you.

It is a Cheap UFO detector.

We call this the "TUFOD". It is a Television UFO Detector.

Simply follow these easy instructions.

1) Use a TV not connected to a cable company.

One with a regular TV antenna. Or better still...no antenna.

2) Turn on your tele-vision and adjust the "CONTRAST" control to maximum contrast.

3) Turn to channel #3 (or #2) ....now darken the screen (with the BRIGHTNESS Control)

to the threshold of darkness.


[An old cheap B&W TV works best. Some of the newer TV sets do not let you control the CONTRAST and BRIGHTNESS, to the full extent, that are needed to make this work.

So...get a small old "Black and White" TV Set, at a yard sale or some place]

Evidence indicates the UFO's emit an extremely powerful

electro-magnetic field somewhere between 27 to 70 megacycles.

* Channel #2 (and #3) serve as your detector frequency

as it receives signals of the 54-55 megacycle field.

Question : What will you see ?

Answer : Technically speaking , a UFO will APPEAR AS

screen, (which should be nearly black to start with).

If the SAUCER is very near, the screen will go stark white.


So...Just disconnect the Antenna. Now the range is a mile or so.

IF the screen starts FLASHING, go outside and look for the CRAFT.

* Adding an antenna will expand your detection range to 25 or 30 miles.

Question : How does it work ?

Answer : Turning down the brightness on your television set

changes the bias of the grid or cathode circuitry to the point

where the tube will not permit electrons to flow,

thus darkening the picture. If a UFO is near, the intense E-M field

which surrounds the CRAFT will also correct the
picture tube differential and the screen will brighten.

Question : Will adding a rotor-antenna help in any way ?

Answer : By using a rotor-antenna, you can determine

which direction the UFO is traveling.

Merely rotate the antenna until you receive the strongest signal.

This TUFOD or Television UFO Detector can also tell you
whether the object is hovering, accelerating or shooting upward by

the "POI" or Pattern of Identification.

Eventually , you will discover that each UFO type (Sphere; Saucer; Cigar;
Triangle; etc) will create its own unique "flash" pattern

NOTE : For people living where there are tornadoes,

this will also detect them and give you advanced warning.

* UFOs and Tornadoes are using the same natural harmonic frequencies.

The TUFOD can be used "in the field" if your TV can be run on batteries.

The TUFOD can also locate Natural and
Un-natural PORTAL " Vortex" ZONes.

TCH - Happy UFO hunting !

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Friday, December 16, 2011 1 comment » by Thomas Marcum
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1 comment:

  1. connecting to disk system, and cb amp, can point into night sky, and get numerous hits from orbiting craft, and if sighting with night vision, you can see crafts pretty easy. Lots of them can be found using night vision, even the cheap stuff. tv stuff, makes it easier to locate in space.


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