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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UFO Reported by Matthew OBrien to The Crypto Hunters

Matthew OBrien sent us the follow UFO report. The pictures are ones that he took.
(please do not use photo without TCH permission)
Date of UFO sighting - 8/4/2011
Place - Seattle in Daytime
Witness - Matthew O'brien

Here is the Report-

It was a perfectly clear day here in Seattle.  I spotted the little silver line in the sky and ran inside to get the camera.  Of course, it was gone by the time I got back.  But I waited around, camera in hand.  The spot where I saw it kept 'growing' clouds.  They would appear for a minute then shrink and go away,  and then come back in a few minutes.
It was very odd.  Like I said, no other clouds in the sky.

So finally, after a while, the silver line showed up again and I got 5-6 shots of it.  It would appear in the same spot, move about 15 degrees to the right, and then disappear again.  It did this several times.  It was way, way up there, and not in the regular flight path that airplanes use to go into Sea-Tac.
It didn't move very fast, it probably took 15 seconds or so to move the little bit.  No sounds.  I'd say, it was visible for at least a minute over the course of all the appearing and disappearing.  I've seen similar photos of just a silver line like it on UFO TV documentaries.
Also wanted to note that the Blue Angels were in Seattle that day, but about 20 miles south of my place.
I didn't see the Blue Angels, but could hear them off in the distance.
I live in the U-district in Seattle, which is in the north-east part of town.
The UFO was to my north and east.


(Please do not use any of these photos without The Crypto Hunters permission)Photos-
Photos of the cloud Matthew was talking about

pic 1
pic 2
 pic 3
 pic 4
 ufo pic 1
 ufo pic 2
 ufo pic close up

Thanks to Matthew for sending us the report and allowing us to use his story and photos.

Please send any ufo,bigfoot,ghost..ect reports to us via email (link below) or the "sighting?" link on our facebook page.(www.facebook.com/thecryptohunters)

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

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