Monday, August 22, 2011

Erickson project photo enhancements

TCH - I have made an effort to enhance the photo released by the Erickson project. Still not much detail, the hair kind of looks funny to us but time will tell I guess.
With this new photo, we decided to ask a question on our facebook site (, and that question is
"The Erickson Project will trun out to be?"
1. 100 percent real!
2. A hoax
3. Some truths and some lies.
(Feel free to reply with a vote)

On our facebook site the one with the most votes is # 2. A hoax.
We sure hope this is not a hoax and everything the Erickson people are saying is real,but in the world of  Bigfoot hunting you never know until the end. We will be keeping an eye on  this and other big name projects...if we can provide info showing it's real or a hoax we will do so.

Thanks and Happy Hunting!

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