Friday, July 15, 2011

Fackbook find bigfoot Illinois video a Hoax!

TCH - We stated this was a fake from the start,but facebook find bigfoot placed this video at #37 as all time best bigfoot video of a real bigfoot but now it is 100 percent confirmed a hoax. The kids who made it come clean and show without a doubt it was just them fooling around and making a fake video. we are not here to bring down other researchers,but we will expose a fake/hoax if we can in order to get to real videos and not waste time on a bunch of fakes.

Video details:
Uploaded by FBFBJumpshark on Jul 14, 2011

Video response to the video posted by Facebook Find Bigfoot #39 of 69 Kid films rock throwing Sasquatch in profile N. IL.

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  1. Thanks for the upload. Facebook Find Bull Shit is a joke.

  2. It's not even the same kid from the video...


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