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Sasquatch Footprints

Uploaded by tcsjrbigfoot on Jun 22, 2011
Ohio Bigfoot Hunters: I know what made these impressions so I will not title it possible. We have named the subject in USO footage (Charlie) I found a possible trackway 75 yds from my USO footage location. This is in a low level area right next to a dried up water run off channel. There are hundreds of gravel / sand mixture areas in this location where I
always look for trackways. I rarely find anything but may have hit the jackpot this time. I will cast the possible prints to see if any definition can be recovered. While I stopped filming and before I left the area I took off my right shoe and sock. It did leave a good print with sharp edges but didn't come close to the depth of the print found. My estimate on the print is around 17 inches long by 6 inches wide. I weigh 225lbs so I figure whatever was responsible for this
evidence had to weigh at least twice as
much. I do know that a bipedal barefooted subject can leave sharp edged prints in the right soil conditions. This was proved to us during the foot casting event at the Bigfoot Festival.

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