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 Huge Bigfoot Seen Near White River

Yesterday, I shared two historic Bigfoot stories from our friend Tammy. Well, today I want to share Tammy's own personal sighting that took place near the White River Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas. The White River National wildlife refuge is a 160,756 acres wildlife refuge located in Desha, Monroe, Phillips, and Arkansas counties in the U.S. state of Arkansas.

This refuge has the largest concentration of wintering mallard ducks in the Mississippi Flyway. It also has large concentrations of snow and Canada geese. This refuge is home to four active bald eagle nests and a black bear population. And it is a perfect place to such a critter as Bigfoot.

Here is Tammy's sighting, in her own words.

Man Now A Believer After Bigfoot Sighting!

In Fayette County West Virginia, in the small community of Danese, a man claims to have spotted bigfoot and even took a picture of it.  According to the report, Billy Humphrey and his wife took a walk in the forest, on or near their property, when they had a encounter with the legendary creature.

Billy was not a believer in Bigfoot until then encounter, He also had this to say:
"I was lucky enough to get a picture on a phone that I had. In the picture, you’ll notice that he’s already started to turn and walk back down. When he got completely out of sight he let out a call “Whoooooooah!”. "

Here is a news report on Mr. Humphrey's encounter

Okay, so I took a break from working on the honey do list and spent another day in the Kentucky mountains. I explored an area that I had not been in for the past several years. I do make a few interesting discoveries and show you some of our beautiful scenery here in southeastern Kentucky. This area is a prime area for a large creature such as bigfoot, with plenty of water sources and food sources.

Over the last several years it seems that this part of the state has seen an increase in bigfoot sighting reports, which leads me to believe that the population numbers in this area are increasing.

With that said, here is a video our my outing followed by a couple pictures and more details about them.
Area of second sighting

TCC members Bobby and Corinna Long give us an update from their home state of Oregon. Oregon is home to numerous Bigfoot sightings and has an idea habitat for Bigfoot.

This report contains three different sightings by Bobby and Corinna spread over a span of around three years. If you have had a sighting in any of these area, please contact us.

A man that goes by the name Bob Smith, could be his real name, films what might be a Bigfoot near the Salmon river in Idaho.

Apparently, Bob was out on his property when he saw this figure walking on a steep hill. The whipped out his cell phone and got video of the figure.

Bob states " Possible Bigfoot walking across open hillside, not sure what it is"

Here is the video and then some enhanced still frames

Once again, I do not know much about this picture. I do not know where it was taken, who to credit or even if it is of a real Bigfoot. Here is what little I know about the image.

The best I can assume is that the picture was taken around 2016, but that may not be the date at all. A possible location of Pennsylvania but again this is just a guess.

What we are looking at, according to what I read, is a Bigfoot stooping down and looking directly at a game camera.

I have attempted to enhance the image to see more details.

Step right up folks and don't be shy. Today we present for your viewing pleasure the colossal, the stupendous, the extraordinary, the astounding, the remarkable, the amazing wonder of the world...

Okay, so it's not hardly that exciting but this is an interesting game camera capture. While we can't say for sure just what this is, it does appears to be rather hairy.

While a lot is not known about this image, I can tell you a little bit about it.

Is Bigfoot Building A Fence?
A Gradual Conclusion About Behavior

By Dorraine Fisher

All bigfoot researchers have seen evidence that they do some seemingly crazy things. And my woods are no exception. I’ve had a return of activity in my area since August of this year and even though I’ve been poking around out there fairly often and other people have set up game cameras in the area, the activity seems to be increasing instead of decreasing. And I’m finding a strange pattern developing in all the “manipulations” that are taking place out there.

A couple of months ago when I began really looking at this area, it became clear to me that this definitely wasn’t human activity. I’m hard-pressed to see humans anywhere around here except near the water where they do their fishing. And I can leave this area at dark and return at dawn early in the morning and see new structures have been built. Humans generally don’t go out manipulating trees and branches in the woods in the dark of night.  And as I looked around, I found something different.

Today I want to share a few possible Bigfoot track photos with you. These tracks were found by our own Tony Felosi back in 2016. They have never been reported or shown until now.

These were found in a remote area of Harlan county Kentucky. It is an area that is still under development. How Tony found these tracks was that he and another person was riding a side by side doing some hiking trail inspections and developments.

This particular area, at the time, was even more rugged than it is now. As the they made their was up the mountain on the ATV, Tony noticed these human looking tracks in a sandy area of the road.They stopped the ATV and Tony took several pictures of the best track. There were several impression but the one that hit in the sandy area made the best impression.

Here is a couple more photos of the tracks.

Bigfoot Activity And Possible Sighting In Illinois?
By Dorraine Fisher

It actually started a couple of months ago. An area of woods near me in central Illinois that I frequent due to the amount of wildlife I see there for my photography. As a bigfoot researcher of sorts, I had discovered minimal evidence a few years ago that there may have been bigfoot activity in that area, but I never found enough to make a very big deal out of it. So I opted to spend time out there for recreation and picture taking opportunities.

But a couple of months ago, that was August of 2018, things started to change there. On my drives through there, the trees seemed to get rearranged on a regular basis. Every time I drove through the area, I started noticing that trees were being manipulated and moved around.

This Bigfoot sighting report comes to us courtesy of fellow researcher Michael Cook of Cook Cryptid Research. This report is in the general area were we both conduct research and I'm grateful to him for sharing it with us. I rarely make it up to this end of Harlan county, so I'm glad to hear of a sighting from this area and happy to enter it into our database of reports.

Here is the report.

I got the following report a few days ago. I have been messaging back and forth with the witness to get more details. This sighting took place in Kentucky and is not that far from me. I know there is a picture floating around of a Bigfoot in a river, it is not associated with this sighting or report. This report did not have any pictures associated with the sighting but does contain some good details.

Here is the report along with my conversation with the witness.

I recently got in this Bigfoot sighting report from Nova Scotia. I have had this report in my emails for several days. I didn't get a chance to really read it over or post it due to the fact my wife had surgery the day after I got the email. So there were several days that I was just unable to really dig into any work.

Once I got a chance to really read the report, I went to google maps and scoped out the area. As you can see from the picture above there is a lot of forest area in this general spot.

Now lets look at the full report.
Recent Track Find by The Crypto Crew
Things to Consider When Finding a Bigfoot Track
Tony Felosi

On a recent hike, with my good friend and Bigfoot mentor Thomas Marcum, we found what we believe were two sets of BF tracks. One was a juvenile about 10 inches and the other was of a much larger adult. 

They were walking in line with each other with junior trying to match the stride of the adult, so there would be one set of tracks. At least that’s what I believe after seeing several sets like this; Thomas had brought my attention to this phenomenon several months ago.

So, I finally got a chance to go to my main Bigfoot area. I've just been so busy this year that I haven't had time to get in there. Yesterday was primary election day for us, so after I voted I thought I would go hit my area for a few hours. I also knew that the forecast called for rain but here it was around noon and no rain yet.

As I'm driving to the area, and I'm almost there, you guessed it, it started to rain. But I have came this far and was not about to go back without hitting the woods for a little bit. I have to say the day, even thought I got soaked and dirty, was a very good day and I had Bigfoot activity.

Mock up photo using still frame from video below.
I ran across the follow youtube video by tcsjrbigfoot. In it he tells about some people who saw a Bigfoot near some power lines.
Here is the video.

Thanks to tcsjrbigfoot (Tim Stover) for the very cool report.

Over the years I have taken in a few reports of Bigfoot being near power lines. One report was from Massachusetts of a Bigfoot looking through a bag of trash near some power lines. Another was of unknown screams near some power lines. I have read many reports of Bigfoot near power lines.

Some researchers theorize that Bigfoot uses power line right of ways much like we use highways. That Bigfoot use them to travel from one point to another. I'm not 100 percent sold on this theory but it could be possible that Bigfoot do use them sometimes or in certain areas. Of course, I assume most of the sightings near power lines are just a coincident. 


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

As some of you may know, I took a lot of heat over calling and attempting to prove the Siberian Bigfoot Photos a hoax. I pointed out the fold/wrinkle in the back of the "creature" and red material at the nape of the neck. Others came up with ridiculous ideas to keep hope alive for this hoax. Saying it was long braided hair and not a fold in a suit and the "red " thing could be a wound or a blood spot from a kill. Let also not forget the beard theory to explain the long flowing hair around the face.  I was called dishonest, a non believer, a hoaxer and more over this set of photos, all because I tried to let people know it was fake.

Well, now the jig is officially up and I'm waiting for the apologies to roll in. (Not really, it don't happen often in the world of Bigfoot)

The main investigator and researcher of the Siberian photos was/is Igor Burtsev. He was convinced they were of a real Yeti but upon doing more investigation found out different.  He posted an update on the photos and confirmed they were hoaxed.

4 people in group and 1 in a suit.

So, in the end it was an April Fools joke from 2011 that fooled many experienced Bigfoot analyst and researchers.

Now can this all be over with, with this set of photos? Is it clear now it was a hoax/prank?
In case you still don't get it - the long flowing "beard" was most likely hair hanging out from under the mask from the person in the suit and the red thing was most likely a ribbon that was suppose to keep the hair tied up and out of the way.  There were 5 people in the group with 1 being in the suit. It was done on April 1st - which we call Aprils Fools Day. The photo had different timestamps and were taken at different times.

I'm glad Igor finally exposed these as fakes after pushing them so much.


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Follow up Report!
More reports of Bigfoot in Kentucky

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Bigfoot Encounter - Follow up Report!

This is a follow up report and video from a reported Bigfoot encounter that took place in Kentucky.
You can read the original report by Clicking Here.  I hope to have more on this encounter in the future.
[Correction: It is not Barren county it is Pike County.]

Here is the follow up video that Danny went back and took.

A special thanks to Danny for getting the video, I know when a person first experiences this type of event/encounter that there is a big element of fear involved.


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Map of area
Bigfoot Crosses the Road

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Driver Has Close Sighting Of Bigfoot
I got this great report of a bigfoot sighting in a couple days ago. Yes it is older, but it is a very good one and has not been reported until now. The attention to detail by Brenda is great, maybe it was her military training.

- Start Report -

Name: Brenda
Email Address: withheld but on file
State: MS
County: none given
Date of Sighting: 1979
Time of Day: approx. 1:00 a.m.
Nearest Town: Meridian, MS
Length of Sighting: 30-40 seconds
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
In 1979 I was sent to PSD Meridian MS for training, after boot camp in Orlando. One afternoon I drove into town for shopping and a movie. Came back very late, stopped at a late night diner for a to go meal of bbq burnt ends as I was hungry and knew the chow hall was closed. The diner was open but completely empty except for the bartender/chef/waiter, (all the same guy).
As I was driving back to base, I had my window halfway down to let the cooler air in. The road was a narrow, two lane paved interstate highway, and totally deserted at this hour. I was driving slowly and carefully as there were deer and the road was surrounded with dense pine forest on both sides of the road, however there was an approx. 20 foot gap from the edge of the pavement to the tree line on both sides.

I was about halfway home and I was smelling the lovely bbq smell, when I noticed a strong stinky skunk smell, so I slowed down even further because I didn't want to hit a skunk, or drive over a dead one and get the smell on the tires. The road had a slight curve in it right then, and I couldn't tell if there was a deer or roadkill ahead so slowed way down.
I grabbed the handle to roll the window up (no automatic buttons in this car), and when I looked up (split second later), I saw a large dark shadow of movement to my right, coming out of the tree line. Thinking it was a bear I came to a stop. I still only had the window 2/3 of the way rolled up. I was in shock because I expected to see a bear. This was NO bear!

It was standing extremely upright, and it took three strides to cover the ground from the tree line to the middle of the road. It stopped at the yellow median line on the road. It was facing toward the trees in front of it, not facing me or the car. It was standing approximately 30 feet in front of my car, brightly lit by my headlights. I had the brights on so reached down to dim them. As it stood there it raised its head up a little, sniffing the air, then turned his head, still sniffing, and looked right at me. I realized he was smelling the meat.

He looked as if he was entertaining the thought of coming closer to investigate, but didn't. He was not afraid of me at all. I thought he might try to get in to the car to reach the bbq, so I quickly rolled up the window all the way and locked the car door. I thought about backing the car up, or trying to whiz past him, but was afraid I'd hit him, or he'd try to attack and damage the car if I provoked a reaction from him. But he didn't make any threatening move. He stayed that way for approx. 30-40 seconds, his body in relaxed stance, then turned his head forward again, and took three more large steps. Reaching the tree line, he disappeared into the forest.

While he'd stood there looking at me I took notice of as many details as I could. He was approx. 8 ft. tall, maybe taller, covered head to toe with deep auburn red hair, med. long length, and silky, glossy hair/fur (like that of a deep auburn colored Irish setter). It was quite beautiful. It had rained recently so no surprise it was "clean" looking. What I immediately noticed was his extremely short to non-existent neck. the head wasn't sunk into the shoulders, but he had an extremely short one. His skull shape was more elongated than a human one. His shoulders were extremely broad, but not disproportionate to the rest of the torso. Long trunk, and very long and thick, muscular legs. Feet in proportion, but the toes had no hair on them and were dull, charcoal black. His arms were very very long, not odd, but def. longer in proportion than a humans. Again, the fingers, halfway to the tip, had no hair and were charcoal black. Couldn't tell the size of his hands as he carried them down at his side, and couldn't see the far side. Near side (left), hand was slightly cupped and the palm was black.

Face also not covered in hair. He had a deep charcoal black face. No deeply exaggerated brow, but definitely pronounced. Face overall was not human, but the eyes (a gold I've never seen in a human), were definitely intelligent looking and glowed like a wolves eyes when a flashlight shines on them. He had a flat nose and thin "lips"  He continued sniffing the air and his facial muscles and eye movements were not compatible with this being a mask. Too many muscles moving the skin than could be done with any fake mask or makeup. He stood completely straight and upright while standing, but slightly hunched when walking.

Overall impression he gave was of being a young male coming into his prime. He didn't seem to feel threatened by me as he showed no fear, no aggression, only a slight curiosity in the food. He then turned his head forward and another three steps and he was at the tree line, and disappeared into the trees. I have never seen a human move his limbs like he did. The overall impression I got was of a deep auburn haired shaggy Chewbacca except the arms and legs were thicker, and the face was a bit different,  but this was definitely no costume, unless a hoaxer wanted to spend several thousand dollars for the purpose of scaring the few people out on the road at that hour!

The road was wide enough to accommodate two large cars side by side with a few feet more on either side and another foot space between the cars. Then counting in the ground easement on either side as approx 15 ft x 2, it was approx. 45 feet from tree line to tree line. he took it all in six long strides. I zoomed past the spot where he'd stood, and glanced at the trees he had entered. Saw nothing but thick black forest, no sound or movement of foliage. But it was night time and couldn't see much in the darkness.
As I drove on home I noticed I was shaking uncontrollably. I got to my barracks, ate, and went to bed. Next I wrote the incident down with all the details fresh in my mind. I never told anyone of this incident until last year I told a relative. To this day I Know it was a bigfoot and not a hoaxer in a costume.

- End Report -

Thanks for this excellent report of your sighting. You did a great job with the details and by writing it down right after the sighting it helped preserve the details. This is a good rule of thumb for others, write down your sighting as soon as you can.

©The Crypto Crew

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