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Man Now A Believer After Bigfoot Sighting!

In Fayette County West Virginia, in the small community of Danese, a man claims to have spotted bigfoot and even took a picture of it.  According to the report, Billy Humphrey and his wife took a walk in the forest, on or near their property, when they had a encounter with the legendary creature.

Billy was not a believer in Bigfoot until then encounter, He also had this to say:
"I was lucky enough to get a picture on a phone that I had. In the picture, you’ll notice that he’s already started to turn and walk back down. When he got completely out of sight he let out a call “Whoooooooah!”. "

Here is a news report on Mr. Humphrey's encounter

A new Bigfoot picture hoax is burning up social media. This one was taken by one of those road monitoring cameras. It has a nice little story that goes along with the picture. The story is as follows.

"REAL BIGFOOT SIGHTING HERE IN Oregon. State Police received a frantic phone call about a Bigfoot sighting near the Hood River exit a few weeks ago.
The caller described the thing as “dwarfing the guard rail” and “too big to be a bear” not to mention it was walking upright.
The dispatcher immediately checked the ODOT camera and saw this image."

Sadly it appears to be a total fabrication. Below is a picture from the same ODOT camera and it clearly shows the mysterious "Bigfoot" standing in the same spot. Here is the picture

I received a couple interesting game camera pictures from a man I will only call Bill. Bill ask to remain anonymous. He actually sent me two photographs, a before and an after. Bill had contacted me about two weeks ago with the images and information.

These images were captured by Bill's game camera. This was in West Virginia. What follows below is a video and my conversation with Bill about the area and the pictures. I also attempted several different enhancements on the photos.

So, if you are on social media this morning you probably have been seeing this picture a lot. It reportedly shows a bigfoot walking near some trees.

Sadly, this is just another hoax using a archery target. Here is a picture of the actual target.

Is this a Dead Bigfoot?

I know I'm probably showing my ignorance again, but in my defense, I do stay rather busy and have a hard time keeping up with all the Bigfoot stuff. But I ran across this picture and the claim was that it was of a dead Bigfoot.

Now, I do not know where the picture comes from or where it was taken. I do not know how the supposed Bigfoot died, whether it died naturally or if it was killed by someone.

So, I was checking out some Youtube videos and just generally surfing the internet when I ran across this story. The version I found was done by Dixie Crypitd.

Supposedly, this photo is from a game camera. The hunter on the left is walking toward his ladder stand. There also appears to be a possible Bigfoot on the right, looking right at him. I assume this was taken very early in the morning hours while it was still dark. Most hunters make it to their tree stand while it is still dark.

Here is the short video followed by some more information.
©2017 Leo A. Frank - Cropped from original picture

I'm thankful to have the full permission from Leo A. Frank to share his story and his picture of an unusual looking Bigfoot. In this post you will find more of the background story behind this picture, along with several enhancements. Leo rarely shares his research in a large public forum like this website. We both understand there will be questions, comments and even criticism about the photograph. We ask that you DO NOT share the images anywhere without permission from Leo. Sharing the post via the web address is totally fine.

Before we get to the details about this picture and how it came about let me give you a little information about Leo.

It's time for another episode of Around the Camprfire with Dorraine Fisher! In this episode Dorraine gives her thoughts about the dreaded Blobsquatch pictures and videos. Have you every seen a Blobsquatch? I'm guessing that if you have been around the Bigfoot community very long you have already seen more than your fair share of Blobsquatches.

Here is Episode 7

In case you have missed some of the past episodes, just click the image to go to the video.

Look for more episodes soon!


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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I recently found a possible old trackline in the snow. The stride is 5 foot or more. I didn't move the tape measure between the photos on the left.

Toe to toe, it's around a 5' 5" stride. This is very close to the place where there was a bigfoot sighting back in November. (Post found here)

The pattern and stride of these track seem to be consistent with a bigfoot trackline. Of course with what appears to be some snow melt or possible blowing snow, I can not see any definition of toes.

There appears to be 13 individual tracks in this line that lead off into the woods.

The snow is about 6 inches deep and the tracks seems to have made a pretty deep impression. This suggest that what ever made these tracks was probably pretty heavy.

Here are a few more photos.

Close up of one single track. Appears to be about a 13-14 inch track.

Another view of the track line leading up into the woods.

Of course, in the end I can not say for sure what made these tracks, but I also can not rule out that a bigfoot might have made them.

Also, I should mention that these were found in New Hampshire on Feb. 18th .

I did follow the tracks into the woodline, I didn't find much. The tracks went to a bare area, and I lost them.

This post/report from TCC Team Member Jason Morse.  Jason is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, trained in wilderness survival tactics, a 26 year martial artist, DJ, EMT and amateur writer. Jason conducts bigfoot field research, witness interviews and more for The Crypto Crew.

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The above picture recently emerged on facebook. It was presented by California Native Entities and Bigfoot Forum . The back story is that the picture was taken by Mr. Phillip Newell, it was taken near the rural community of Hyampom, an area in NorCal which is currently surrounded by wild fires.

The picture is being presented as being a real bigfoot and in the write up they say "It is not a place that would be easy to set up a hoax, especially with the danger of fires and smoke in the area..."

But if we examine the photo more closely, it is easy to determine the danger of creating this hoax was set at about zero.

First let zoom in on the figure in the picture. The stance looks very familiar. In fact it looks an awful lot like the popular bigfoot statue that is sold.

Here is a picture of said statue. Looks to be the very same one to me. This photo of the statue was provided by TCC's Bobby Long.

So, I guess the next question is why or better yet how did they drag this massive and very heavy statue out in the woods to fake this photo? Well, they didn't have too.

Here is a link to a cell phone app, that will let you add, crop, change lighting and more to any picture taken with a cell phone. And guess what? it has 20 different styles of bigfoot, including the picture of the bigfoot statue. Here is a picture of the cell phone app bigfoots with the statue bigfoot circled.

So, sadly this is nothing more that another hoax and a very lazy one at that.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Game cam photo of possible bigfoot!
Possible Bigfoot Eye shine
This photo comes to us from fellow Kentuckian D.Neal (aka: Biggyfoot).
Here is what he told about the photo.

"Taken with a trail camera set up on my Deer hunting lease back in 2008.
After several weeks of research and measuring it was found that the possible "eye-shine" was at 7'4". Since 2008 I have found 2 nice tree structures and a tee-pee like structure. Pretty awesome stuff.
After this pic was captured we went and did several days of research and investigations concerning this pic. This is a huge trail, or open walkway if you will that goes back for several hundred yards. In the vicinity of the actual eye shine there is NO limbs or branches to hold an Owl or a Raccoon.
I still have this same property under lease and have found 2 great tree structures there also. Not much as far as sounds."

D. Neal recently gave me more info about how the picture has been studied.
Here is what he told me.

"When I first captured it a Photo expert with the BFRO studied it and said that it almost appeared as if the light was "emitting' from the eyes, but yet it was NOT anything electrical but he could vaguely make out a form. Then a photo expert from Owensboro took the original pic and worked with it for several days, SHE was NOT a believed in Bigfoot. To her surprise she said she was able to also make out a form, or a figure around and under the eye-shine that resembled a tall standing figure. Today she is a believer in Bigfoot."

but that's not all, Neal continued

"A Crime Scene annalist used a $25000 piece of machinery that studies photos and breaks them down did so on this pic. Although she couldn't make out a form or figure (she didn't have the original, just a copy) she did conclude that the eye-shine was NOT from a man made object, or an electrical source, and that it was not from an airplane or a car."

I have attempt to do some slight enhancement to the photo myself, here is my efforts.

Game cam photo of possible bigfoot!

Game cam photo of possible bigfoot!

This is a pretty cool photo and we thank D. Neal for letting us sharing the photo and the story.


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UPDATE -  The Youtube user Parabreakdown uploaded a video and in it he shows another photo of this creature and here it is

So if this photo is authentic then it was just a dude squatted down 

In case you have not heard Extreme Expeditions have release a photo and clip of what they think could be a bigfoot that came into their camping area.
I personally don't know much about this group but there are some people I respect and who are well respected, that are connected to them. Namely Lori Simmons and Thom Cantrall, both are stand up people.
Here is a little more about Extreme Expeditions Group.
Group info - Adam Davies, Andrew Sanderson & Carla Marshall run privately funded expeditions to some of the remotest parts of the planet, searching for evidence of new & unknown creatures.
Here is there facebook page - Click Here
Their Website - Click Here

They seem like nice enough people and seem to have experience researching bigfoot. But what is this "thing" in the video/photo? could it be a bigfoot or a person with something over their head? Some one even said they see a dog in the video/photo ---- I can't see a dog but I do see a human shaped figure.  I have attempted to enhance the clip, it appears this thing is sitting on it's knees.
A big Special Thanks to the Guys & Gals over at Extreme Expeditions for allowing others to analysis and enhance their clip/photos.

What does everyone else think about this video/photo, is it a bigfoot?


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Bear or Bigfoot?
The above photo was taken on Aug. 6 of  2008 by a person only identified as "Florian".
Some say the photo shows a bigfoot while others say it is just a bear rubbing it's back against the rock.
"Florian" stated that the animal got out of sight before any more photos could be taken.

Here is a zoom on the subject.

The creature does appear kind of odd looking almost like it has a head like a wolf.
I personally think that this is noting more than a bear but would be interested to hear what others have to say.


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