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The Crypto Crew creates several video series on youtube. You can watch them here. Enjoy! Please note the videos below do not include our research and field work videos. You can watch them on our Official Youtube Channel by clicking here.

The Crypto Files is a series that focuses on all cryptids and other unusual activity. It may range from historical photos and reports to the latest viral report of a cryptid.

Thought provoking videos that are designed to challenge you and make you think about things in a different way. Featruring the Crypto Crew's Dorraine Fisher.

The Crypto Tracker Chronicles features interesting interviews and field research all conducted by the Crypto Crew's Leon Drew.

The Crypto Crew's founder, Thomas Marcum, shares some of his thoughts about various topics in the cryptozoological world and offers a look into some personal aspects of his Crypto World.

The Eugene Johnson show features interesting stories, reports and updates from none other than the Crypto Crew's own Eugene Johnson.

Podcast/Youtube show with host Big Jim Blanton! The show covers a wide range of topics.

Check out more of our videos on our Youtube Channel, just click the Youtube icon. 


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