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The Crypto Files

The Crypto Files is a series of films and Youtube videos that cover a wide range of topics. The Youtube videos, Found Here, are little short videos exploring various cryptids and mysteries. They are intended to give the viewer some basic knowledge of  popular and lesser known cryptids, as well as other unexplained or mysterious phenomena.

The film series features seasoned researchers Thomas Marcum and Tony Felosi and is geared more towards investigations and field research but also includes historical information. The series was created by Thomas Marcum. There are currently seven films in the series. The first film explored the famous Dennis Martin case. The film won "Special Mention" award in the Global Shorts Contest and is currently available on Amazon Prime and other streaming services.

Here is a list of The Crypto Files Films

Missing: The Dennis Martin Case
Imprisoned Spirits: In Search of the Unknown
Ghost of Portal 31
Harlan Kentucky's Manzo Shepherd Story
Benham Theater: Specters of the Stage
The Mysterious Monroe House 
Bazaar Encounters
The Hembree House - Facebook page click here
Bigfoot: The Legend is Real! - Facebook page click here

These films are available on several streaming services and DVD. You can order the DVD of the films by clicking Here!

There are currently several other films in various stages of development that will be released in the coming months. One film in particular that is gaining a steam is the upcoming release of " Bigfoot Witness 2 The Jason Morse Story". Also coming soon is  "Almost Live Season 3 Bigfoot and Beyond." Also of note is a new Bigfoot documentary that is currently in the planning stage, that promises to be amazing.

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  1. Thank you for your awesome videos. Could someone please tell me why they are not chasing these things with Dart-guns like zoos use, instead of some folks saying they need shoot one dead before science will believe.? They can tranquilize elephants, they shoudl be able to do that to a Sasquatch.

  2. Not sure a tranquilizer gun would work but I think the main problem would be getting close enough to use it.


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