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Humanzees ?

half human, half chimpanzee?
We share over 98 percent of our DNA with chimps, and while that one-plus percent is responsible for a lot of differences (just look at us side by side and that's apparent), it's still close enough that if the two species mated, a viable offspring could theoretically be produced. That said, scientific ethics and cultural mores prevent such things from happening, and if those fail there's the simple matter of the lack of physical attraction to other species with which biology equips all sexually reproducing things.
[NOTE: the following paragraph has been edited by the author for further clarity and accuracy.]
Which leads us back to Dr. Moreau (at least the 1996 version). The only way a "humanzee" would be created would likely be in a petri dish. Again, this is quite unlikely to ever happen due to ethical issues--but not out of the realm of possibility. But shockingly, during the 1920s, Russian scientists attempted experiments to inseminated female apes with human sperm and human females with hybrid embryos created in a lab.

Creature from the Congo named Oliver that was very likely half human half chimpanzee, called a Humanzee.Oliver's faced looked a little more human, he only walked upright, liked to mix drinks and smoke cigars, and preferred the company of humans to chimps. Especially the ladies (seriously, the first time he was sold was because he nearly raped his owner's wife.)

But DNA results came back and stated that Oliver was 100 percent you think the results would have been published stating that it was  a half human, half chimp? Do you think the results were already fixed before any test? 

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