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This is an interview that I've been trying to get to for a little while now. I was sick and couldn't do it but finally got better and got the interview done.

James has had several sightings/encounters with bigfoot over the years. His first was a face to face encounter that happened when he was very young. Two of his encounters happened in Bell county Kentucky and a third in Tennessee.

Here is the interview:

Yes! Another bigfoot sighting in Bell County, Kentucky. This is a very fresh report. The original report was taken in by our friend Charlie Raymond of the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization (KBRO).

Seeing as this was in my home county, Charlie put me in contact with the witness. I talked to the witness and her husband. We later met at the sighting location and she showed us the spot of the crossing.

Before we get into our follow up investigation, let's take a look at the original report submitted to KBRO.

The following report comes from our friend Richard. The sighting of a possible bigfoot took place around the end of January 2019. The sighting happened near the Whipple community. Whipple is a small area within Bell county.  Of course, being in this part of Kentucky, it is surrounded by mountains.

One thing you need to realize is that in this area all of our communities have numerous old mining roads, logging roads and trails around them. These are sometimes used for riding ATV or motorcycles, hiking or horseback riding. Some are used often while others are rarely used at all. Another thing to note is that some of these places have official names, while others don't. Sometimes the locals have a name for a certain area but that is not the official name. This makes it very hard and sometimes impossible to find on google maps.

This general area of Kentucky has had a fair number of bigfoot sightings. I have documented numerous reports over the years.

Here is the report from Richard.

Recently, I was contacted by a friend, who just discovered that I conduct Bigfoot research and log sightings. We haven't been in contact with each other for a few years, but that changed thanks to social media. It was good to message back and forth with an old friend.

After we talked a little, he told me about his Bigfoot sighting here in my home county of Bell. I instructed him to submit an official report with us. His sighting has, to my knowledge, never been officially reported until now.

Here is his sighting:
Not an actual image, used only for reference only.
Shots Fired In Possible Bigfoot Abduction Attempt

I recently got another report from right here in my home area of Bell County Kentucky. The person this comes from is a well respected person and for her protection we will only call her Patty. While I do know the location of the following events, I will not give the exact location. The reason for this is for the privacy of the family, some of which still live in the general area where this happened.

This report, to my knowledge, has never been officially reported until now. This report contains more than one event, as the family experienced possible Bigfoot on several occasions on or near their property.

Also, some of the events described may be slightly disturbing, so read at your own risk.
During my Bigfoot presentation. Photo by Lisa Peters
This past Saturday we had the first every Pine Mountain Paracon. This event was hosted at the beautiful Pine Mountain State Resort Park. If you have never been to Pine Mountain, you own it to yourself to make the trip. It is such a beautiful area, with loads of hike trails, things to see and even a zipline. And the food is terrific.

The Paracon featured several presentations on various topics combined with some local musical talent in between presenters. What made this event stand out was that not only was it a free event, it was an all day event. The doors opened at 11am and we finished off downtown at the Bell Theater for a live ghost hunt. The Paracon lasted until 10 pm. I can tell you my legs and feet were wore out.

While some animals are very well known, sometimes the color of the creature throws the animal into the rare category. We all know that coyotes come in a wide range of colors, but a solid black coyote is very rare. Some coyotes are dark in color, and even have some black hair. But a solid black coyote is considered almost as rare an an albino.

So, I was surprised when a local woman sent me a video from here in my county of what appears to be a black coyote.

Here is the video with some enhancements
Bigfoot tree knock in 3...2...1

I have a couple of reports to share. They do not contain a lot of detail but one of them is a local area and an area that I have been in many times. The other is from Tennessee and not too far way from me. The activity described in the reports are thought by most researchers, to be normal behavior for Bigfoot.

Here is the TN

 - Start Report -
Name: Eric *******
Email Address: on file
State: Tennessee
County: blount
Date of Sighting: jan. 2014
Time of Day: 3:00pm
Nearest Town: Maryville
Length of Sighting: about five  to six seconds
How many Witnesses: one
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail: Heard three distinct wood knocks about one hundred yards away while solo hiking out of the rabbit creek trail back to Abram's ranger station.
Map:  General map of area.
- End Report -
If anyone else has experienced possible Bigfoot activity in the Rabbit Creek trail area, then please contact us. 

Here is the Kentucky report. It comes from a friend of mine and from Bell County.

- Start Report -
Name: Burt (Not his real name)
State: Kentucky
County: Bell
Nearest Town: Pineville
Describe sighting in detail: We was cooking out at a Shelter at pine Mountain State Park at Around Dark. There was a Strange smell at first and then a rock hit the trees over From us.  And we heard breaking branches. We Loaded up and left. That's the truth, I've never told anyone.

That was 5 years ago, I won't go back up there and cook out after dark.  Man, it was Crazy. I never smelled that smell in my life or had a rock thrown at me While cooking out. I may be crazy but the woman  that was with me heard it too. It smelled kind of like a wet dog.

Map: General map of area

- End Report -

The one from KY is a place I go pretty often and a place where I have found some possible tree breaks and arches. This is also the general area where the now misplaced by the Smithsonian, bones were found. There were enough bones to construct about 4 or 5 skeletons. I featured some of this in my documentary film Bigfoot: The Evidence files. It's an interesting story that I know really happened.

If anyone has experienced Bigfoot type activity while in the Pine Mountain Park area, then please contact me.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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Bigfoot in Kentucky
Bigfoot in Kentucky

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I got in another local bigfoot sighting report and wanted to share it with everyone. I know they are here and I'm glad some of our local people are contacting me.

-Start Report -
Name: James *******
Email Address: Withheld
State: ky
County: bell county
Date of Sighting: 2006 or 7
Time of Day: 12 am
Nearest Town: Cardinal Rd (No towns in this area -TM)
Length of Sighting: about a min or less
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: none
Describe sighting in detail:
"I was walking at night at about 10pm with my family. We was just going for a walk  and then I looked up by the strip job and seen something standing there it was about 6 or 7ft tall, black in color and just standing there watching us, but when I said look it was gone, I don't know for sure what I seen but it was big and black. I do know it was not a dog or something because it was on two legs!!!"

- End Report -

This got me to thinking about other sightings and activity in this area. I have found many signs in this area that bigfoot is around. Such things as tree breaks and twist and even a large "X" formation. So I thought I would plot a map of this general area. All of this is within 1 mile tops. The one sighting is from back in the 40's but the others are much more recent.


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Bigfoot chases boys
General area

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

The Close Encounter with Bigfoot

Bell County Bigfoot, the close encounter AKA the story of Caleb

This is a story told to me by a good friend that I go to church with, I 100 percent know this is a true story.
I'll do my best to tell it best I can but as you read it, it will become clear why some of the facts are hard to find and get to.
I have spoken to my friend a few times about this at great length and the event is totally amazing to say the least.

This took place in the 1980's (best I know) in and around the Hutch & Colmar area of Bell county Kentucky. This area has had many Bigfoot encounters/stories over the last 50 years.

Well, as the story goes several teenage boys were doing their normal thing for around here, teaming up and going 4 wheeler riding on the old strip mine roads and logging road. This is a normal thing around here and a fun thing to do on weekends.

Some of the 4 wheelers had 2 boys per 4 wheeler..in total there were around 5-8 people in this riding party, maybe a few more or less. Well, as they are going up on of the strip mine roads they see what they at first think is a big stump on a ridge but as they got closer the stump started moving. The road they were on went towards this big thing, as they got closer it starting coming toward them and of course they hit the gas on the 4 wheelers and tried to hurry past the massive creature.

At this point the Bigfoot really starts chasing the four wheelers, the bigfoot cuts down the ridge to try and cut the boys off, the first few  riders make it past the area where the bigfoot is coming to, but my friends brother who is on the back of a four wheeler with another person on it, are at the end of the riding group line, well this bigfoot makes its to the cut off point at almost the same times as the last four wheeler with the 2 boys on it.

The bigfoot makes a grab for the boy on the back of the four wheeler, this is my friends brother, it either grabs him slightly or the four wheeler (not sure on this but one or the other) and almost rips him off the four wheeler, but due to the speed they rip loose from the bigfoot.

Of course these boy are scared almost to death about this and now all these years later it is very hard to get them to even speak about it. I talked to my friend about maybe getting his brother to tell me even more details but he said he can't hardly talk about it without breaking down and crying as it was so terrifying.

The other boys are also like this, they can't talk in great detail as it really bothers them to this day.

This is a truly amazing story and their is no way it is a made up story. This is coming from people I have known and went to school with many years of my life, even now we still are in church together sometimes. There are many questions about what made this bigfoot aggressive. Could it have been the sound of the ATVs or was it just an aggressive bigfoot?

Some Facts
* This took place in the Hutch & Colmer area of bell county, Kentucky.
* There is a good water supply to support a bigfoot creature thanks to the Cranes creek river and many old strip mine ponds.
* There is a ample source of food for Elk, deer and bears, so it should be enough to support a bigfoot as well.
* Heavily wooded areas for easy hiding of a bigfoot creature.
* Several reports of bigfoot in and around this area dating back to the 50's.
* This event was seen by 5-8 people. (update: 6 boys total)
* Best as I know this story has never been told to any media people, nor the local newspaper or ever reported to any bigfoot researchers until now.

Other facts
Somehow over time, even before this event, this bigfoot was given a name and it is commonly call Caleb and some times Ol' Caleb.
I've heard people say "them boys seen Ol Caleb" so this means this is a known creature by some folks and there is a history of it.
Thanks to my friend and his family for sharing this amazing story with me.


ok, I got to talk to my friend last night and I now know how many boys was in this 4 wheeling party.
There was a total of 6 boys and the party had 3 four wheelers ..so 2 boys per 4 wheeler. All these boys still live around here as far as I know but it's hard to get them to talk about it.
Just recently another brother of my friends was deer scouting in this same area and found some very large tracks in the snow, it was around where he had some corn out to bait deer...not sure if this was a bigfoot or not.

I would love to find out more from any of the people involved. If by chance I learn more details I will try to update this post.


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White bigfoot seen in Cary
Cary, KY - Bell County
Again I know this is an old sighting but many have never read about it before. This is just adding more bigfoot sighting history to the area.

Where: Cary, KY (Bell County)
When: Late 1950's
Witnesses: 2
Creature: Standing
Two teenage boys were playing near coal mine when they noticed something standing right at the mouth of the mine.
It appeared to be a gray or white looking ape type animal but it was on two legs and it was standing with one arm hanging over a wooden cross timber, the cross timber would be about 8-9 feet tall. The two boys ran to tell parents but when they got back to the mines the creature was gone.

-End Report

White bigfoot seen in Cary
(not actual photo, used as a reference only)


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Actual Court House Building

This is a guest post by Tim Cornett. Tim is a amateur Kentucky historian and author.
Tim has worked as a reporter, publisher, editor and photographer.
Find out more about Tim by Clicking Here

Over the years I have actually been involved in some ghost "sightings." Here I'd like to tell you about one of the earliest ones.

Back in the 1980s I was Supervisor of Bell County Dispatch which handled telephone and radio calls for the Bell County Sheriff's Department, the Pineville Police Department and the Bell County Volunteer Fire Department. At that time Dispatch was located in the basement of the Bell County Court House.

The person who worked the midnight shift, from 12:00 midnight to 8:00 a.m., was a lady named Pat Whitt. Pat had told me that two or three times during the last month or so she had heard someone on the upper floors opening and closing doors. There wasn't supposed to be anyone else in the building during those hours except for the state police troopers who had an office next door to dispatch who would come into the building occasionally to do paper work.

I discussed this with Bell County Volunteer Fire Department Chief Earl BeBusk, who also had office space close to dispatch. We decided to have a group of volunteers on stand-by and the next time Pat heard the doors opening and closing she was to call me and we would search the building from top to bottom.

A few weeks went by before I got the call from Pat - at about 2:30 a.m. Within thirty minutes we had all of the volunteers assembled at the court house. Our game plan was to lock down the elevator and position someone in the stairwells on each floor and at each entrance to the building so that no one could enter or exit without being seen.

With the volunteers in place Debusk and I started on the second floor, checking doors. We found all the offices to be secure and the doors that didn't lock, such as the bathrooms and supply closets, revealed no one. We moved down to the first floor. While we were checking those doors we heard doors opening on the floor above. We went back to the second floor for a recheck and while doing that we heard doors opening on the first floor.

We checked and rechecked both floors several times and during each check we would hear doors above or below us being opened. And no one had been seen using the stairwells or entering or leaving the building.

We finally gave up and returned to dispatch.
Pat said, "Well? Did you find anyone?"
Knowing their had been rumors for years that the building was haunted, I told Pat this and jokingly said, "Pat, it has to be a ghost"
"Oh. That's O.K. then if it's a ghost. I just didn't want a live person in here that I didn't know about," Pat replied.


©The Crypto Crew

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Not actual bones, just used for reference

This is a guest post by Tim Cornett. Tim is a amateur Kentucky historian and author.
Tim has worked as a reporter, publisher, editor and photographer.
Find out more about Tim by Clicking Here

Several years ago Dr. James S. Golden, Jr. of Pineville told an interesting story of the discovery of skeletons on the mountain just outside of Pineville.
According to Golden, a local hunter stopped to rest just before dawn. Sitting down on what he thought was a pile of brush and branches at the bottom of a tree, the hunter discovered he was seated on a pile of what looked to be human bones.

These bones were taken to Golden, who was able to assemble four almost complete skeletons - complete except for the skulls. Golden said that the skeletons appeared to be from a race of people who were “short and stocky. The femurs were twice the diameter of a modern man’s, and shorter.” He estimated that the people would have weighed between two and three hundred pounds, based on their skeletal structure.

Without the skulls there was no way of determining more about these people. Theorizing that the bones had come from some ancient burial site on Pine Mountain, Golden, the hunter, and others scoured the mountainside for more bones, and hopefully, the skulls.
Dr. Golden’s best theory was that the bones had washed out of their resting place during heavy rains over many years and lodged against the tree where they were found. He guessed that the skulls, being round, would have rolled on down the mountain side and possibly entered the Cumberland River just south of Pineville, where US 119 meets US 25E.

The skulls were never located and Golden, unable to glean any more information from the skeletons, sent them on to The Smithsonian Institution, where presumably they rest today. (Efforts by the author to locate these skeletons have been unsuccessful; Golden forwarded them to the museum, but calls to the Smithsonian have proved fruitless in finding their exact whereabouts.)

-- excerpt from Bell County, Kentucky: A Brief History by Tim Cornett

[Locally you can get Tim's books at Book Haven, The Cumberland Gap National Park and the Bell County Historical Museum.]

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Bigfoot in Kentucky

Thomas Marcum

Over the recent years it seems Kentucky has become sort of a hot spot for bigfoot sightings.
Several TV shows have came to Kentucky in search of the elusive creature many in the state call "woodbooger".

Bigfoot reports back in the 1800's referred to the creature as "wildman" but over time it has been called many different names and been seen often.

According to the BFRO's  sighting reports (Found Here) for Kentucky there have been 85 possible bigfoot sightings. It's good to keep in mind that many sightings go unreported and others are reported to other groups like ours and others,we have one report ourselves dating back into the 1940's and there was also a report a few years back about a lady hitting a bigfoot with her car and hair was collected and send off for analysis. I never did find out much more about the hit and run case or the results of the hair sample.

There are several research groups in and around Kentucky that try to track reports and sightings.
Kentucky bigfoot is a very popular group in KY that also have a county by county listing of bigfoot reports. Carter county seems to have the most reported sightings, topping in at 13 total listings. Many reports listed fall within 2006-2011 range, so it seems to still be an active area.
Carter Caves State Resort Park seems to be the most active area or "hot spot".

Another popular Kentucky Group is BFRPKY (The Bigfoot Research Project Kentucky). The Director of Operations is Chris Bennett. Chris is also co-host for squatchdetectiveradio.com, which is a internet talk show about bigfoot. They really help keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings around the bigfoot community.

Many of you have no doubt heard of The Erickson Project (Found Here) and their now some what famous "Matilda" sleeping bigfoot photo.


This photo is from a reported video filmed in Kentucky in which Matilda is filmed at close range and in HD. This filming took place over several months and it is commonly reported that the video follows Matilda during a pregnancy.
It has long been rumored that The Erickson Project Team will at some point release a video of this footage and many others. One can't talk about The Erickson video without referring to Dr. Melba ketchum's reported and up coming DNA paper confirming that bigfoot is in fact a real creature.Ketchum's paper is said to include several DNA samples from Kentucky.
Some say the EP video will release around the same time as the DNA paper to maximize and capitalize on all the hype.
Another reportedly included video in the EP video is a 2005 clip featuring a juvenile bigfoot feeding on pancakes.
The clip was shot in Kentucky. The pancake video was leaked to the Internet and created a big controversy. It is reported that Adrian Erickson purchased the video for $20,000 and will include it in the final video release.

Still frame from the pancake video 
I would guess that one of Kentucky's most famous bigfoot stories is the one that involves Daniel Boone. It seems Boone told of killing a ten-foot, hairy giant he called a "Yahoo". Most assume that Boone killed what we now call a Bigfoot and it seems to be a fair assumption.
The early pioneer settlers and explorers of KY would have likely been the first white men to set eyes on these large, elusive creatures,so the idea of killing one does not seem that far fetched.

Many are quick to point out that Boone liked to tell tall tales and dismiss his story completely but given the history of bigfoot sightings in Kentucky, it has just as much if not more of a chance of being totally true.

Kentucky is well suited as a place for bigfoot to live. Kentucky has twelve million acres,47 percent of Kentucky's 25,425,904 acres are covered in forest. Of the 12 million acres of forest, 11.6 million is classified as timberland.
Kentucky is loaded with lots of fresh water lakes,streams and a large population of deer and other game.

Here is some facts about Kentucky forest.
* Kentucky has one of the most diverse hardwood species mix in the nation (second only to Florida).
* Forty-seven percent of Kentucky is forestland - that's 11.9 million acres of forests.
* Eighty-nine percent of Kentucky's forestland is owned by private landowners.
* Seventy-two percent of the forestland is composed of oak-hickory species.

Champion Trees:

* The tallest champion tree in the state is a Scarlet oak located in Bell County measuring 199 feet tall.
* The largest recorded champion tree in Kentucky is a Bald cypress in Fayette County. It is 328 inches (more than 27 feet) in circumference.
* The county with the most state champions is Fayette County with 17.
* The smallest champion is a smooth sumac with a circumference of 13 inches and is located at McConnell Springs in Fayette County.
* The Kentucky State Tree is the tulip poplar, also called yellow-poplar.
* The State Heritage Tree is the Kentucky coffee tree.
[source Ky Division of Forestry]

Other somewhat famous cryptids tales from Kentucky include the names: "hillbilly beast","Pope Lick monster" and "Hopskinsville green men". In the past many TV shows like Monster Quest,Finding Bigfoot and Fact or Fake have been to Kentucky researching reports of bigfoot and other strange happenings.
Given the history of sightings and the lush forest land of Kentucky, we can see more and more sightings being reported in the future and return visits from numberous TV shows.
So if you're in Kentucky, keep a camera in hand because you never know where the big guy might show up next.

©The Crypto Crew
The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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