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UFO over Illinois? Wait a minute...

Several pictures of  an unknown object was taken by the witness as a object flew in the sky over Homewood, IL. The object was described as being a small white object. The sighting took place on 4/9/2020.

The witness also had this to say about the event.
"I have a sigma mirrorless camera that I enjoy taking cloud pictures with. I looked up and saw this tiny white solid object moving across the sky. It was a dot but it was moving faster than most planes. So I started taking pictures using the viewfinder. I have trouble finding small objects in the viewfinder without my glasses.I didn't have my glasses own so, I was not sure if I actually got a picture of the object. It was a strange-looking because it didn't look like anything I have seen before. Luck was on my side because I did get 4 pictures. When I looked at the pictures zoomed in, it was fascinating. I thought it could be a satellite, but I doubt that it is."

But I think one of their pictures reveals just what the unknown object is. Have a look, what do you see?
Courtesy of  The Nerd Filter
The Enfield Monster refers to reports of an unidentified creature around Enfield, Illinois, United States in April 1973. The reports were covered by the news media at the time, with some suggesting they may have been caused by a wild ape or escaped kangaroo.
Used as a case study for a paper on social contagion in 1978, sociologists cite the episode as an example of collective behavior where a group or crowd can be affected by the spread of "group emotions" such as "panics, hysterias, collective visions, and extreme instances of suggestibility.

At about 9:30 on the night of April 25, 1973, Henry McDaniel heard a scratching sound at his front door. He looked out, and saw something that he thought might be a bear. Taking a gun and flashlight, he headed outside into a strong wind and saw a creature between two rosebushes. He later said "It had three legs on it, a short body, two little short arms, and two pink eyes as big as flashlights. It stood four and a half feet tall and was grayish-colored." He added later that it was "almost like a human body".

McDaniel fired four shots at the creature, one shot hitting it and causing it to make a hiss "much like a wildcat's", before fleeing towards a nearby railway embankment, covering 50 feet in three jumps. McDaniel called the local authorities who discovered footprints in the soft earth near the house, which McDaniel described as dog-like in shape, with six toe pads. The police considered McDaniel to be "rational and sober" in his reporting of the incident. In a later press interview, McDaniel said "If they do find it, they will find more than one and they won't be from this planet, I can tell you that."
Investigators interviewing nearby residents were told that Greg Garrett, a ten-year-old neighbor of McDaniel, claimed to have encountered the creature half an hour before McDaniel did, and that the creature had stepped on his feet, tearing his tennis shoes to shreds. The boy later told Western Illinois University researchers that his report was a hoax "to tease Mr. M and have fun with an out of town newsman."

Two weeks later on May 6, McDaniel called the radio station WWKI claiming to have seen the creature again, at 3am that morning. It was negotiating the trestles of the railroad tracks near his home, and McDaniel said "I saw something moving out on the railroad track and there it stood. I didn't shoot at it or anything. It started on down the railroad track. It wasn't in a hurry or anything." A search party including WWKI's news director Rick Rainbow explored the area later that day, and reported observing an "apelike" creature standing in an abandoned building near McDaniel's house. They claimed to have made a recording of the creature's cries, and fired a shot at it before it fled. Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman investigated the case and the sound recording. 

Two days later, a day after McDaniel was interviewed on local radio, the local press reported that police were called to investigate reports of gunfire, and arrested five young men from out of town who had come to Enfield in order to photograph the creature, carrying shotguns and rifles "for protection", the men having claimed to have sighted the creature. The White County sheriff dismissed reports of this as a "monster hunting expedition" as an exaggeration, saying that the men were just "out drinking and raising hell", mentioning the monster only briefly during questioning. The men were charged with hunting violations.

The incidents were reported widely in the press at the time – it appeared in newspapers throughout the state on 27 April 1973, and on 7 May there was an interview on radio station WGN, Chicago and articles in the Chicago Daily News, the Moline Dispatch, Champaign-Urbana Courier and the Alton Telegraph. There were earlier articles in the Carmi Times, and an updated summary of the events appeared in Pennsylvania's Reading Eagle in August 1973. After the arrest of the five men who had arrived to hunt the creature, residents of Enfield expressed fears that press coverage would lead to further "monster hunters", who might inadvertently shoot citizens or livestock.

It was suggested that the creature may have been a kangaroo escaped from a nearby zoo, which would explain the "three legs" description as the tails of kangaroos look like a third leg. McDaniel was adamant that the creature "wasn't no kangaroo", having owned such a creature as a pet while on military service in Australia, and noting that kangaroos have narrow faces and tracks that leave claw marks. Following media coverage of the creature, an Ohio man contacted a local newspaper stating that the creature may have been his pet kangaroo, Macey, which had been lost or stolen a year previously.

A few days after the event, United Press International quoted an anthropology student who suggested that the creature may have been a wild ape, noting that such animals had been reported throughout the Mississippi area since 1941.

- Source: wikipedia -

Now, don't confuse this with the Enfield Poltergeist, which was the name given to the claims of poltergeist activity at a council house in Brimsdown, Enfield, England.

What I found interesting and mildly amusing, about this tale is how the hunting party went after it and got arrested. It reminded me of people nowadays going after Bigfoot with rifles. It can become dangerous. 

What do you think the Enfield Monster is? I'm leaning towards it being a kangaroo.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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Ghost rips up hotel room
Ghost at the Hotel?

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Wingate Hotel Poltergeist – Real or Hoax?
By Dorraine Fisher

Here is a video of a supposed poltergeist at a Wingate Hotel in Illinois. Guests at the hotel reported hearing screaming coming from this room on September 4, 2003, and security went in to investigate only to find the room disheveled, the carpet torn to shreds, and the shower turned on. If you listen closely, you can hear the screaming before the officer enters the room. And while the security officer is inside the room, watch carefully as the hallway lights flicker while a transparent apparition is caught on tape leaving the room.

This is pretty creepy stuff, but is it real or a hoax?

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Monster in Enfield

This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Illinois: Home of The Strangest Cryptid of All?
The Tale of the Enfield Horror
By Dorraine Fisher

When we’re searching for monsters, we’ll tend to skip right over Illinois for anything interesting. But amazingly, it was the location of sightings of one of the strangest cryptids ever recorded. Enfield, Illinois is a tiny town of a little over 600 people in Southeastern Illinois and the scene of some very strange happenings in 1973.

The townspeople probably thought their fellow Enfield citizen, Henry McDaniel, was crazy when he first started telling everyone about the weird events that he claimed took place at his home on April 25 of that year. Enough that the sheriff threatened to lock him up. But McDaniel kept on warning people and some frightening events followed.

According to McDaniel, something started beating on his door that evening. And he probably thought he was seeing things we he opened it only to find the weirdest creature anyone could imagine. He described it as grey in color, with three legs, two little short arms coming out of its chest, and short body. He claimed it stood some 4 to 5 feet tall and was trying to get into the house.

He opened the door again and opened fire at the creature with his pistol and felt sure that he hit it as he claims it hissed at him. But it ran away, McDaniel said, covering 75 feet in three jumps. And it disappeared in some brush near his house.

When the police investigated, they found tracks something like a dog’s, but they had 6 toe pads on each foot. And two of the footprints were four inches wide while the width of the third foot was slightly smaller.

Not long after, they learned a young boy named Greg Garrett who lived just behind McDaniel, was also attacked in his yard shortly before McDaniel’s incident. He claimed a deformed looking creature appeared out of nowhere and jumped up and down on his feet with it large, sharp, curled claws, and shredded the boy’s tennis shoes. But he somehow managed to escape into the house, obviously terrified.

Some two weeks later, McDaniel woke up in the middle of the night to the neighborhood dogs howling strangely. And when he looked outside, he saw the creature again. This time standing by the railroad tracks near his house. He said the creature just walked slowly down the tracks, not seeming to be in much of a hurry.

And then, five hunters were arrested on May 8 for violating hunting regulations. It seems they had been shooting at some "gray, hairy thing" they’d seen in the brush. They said they thought they hit it, but it ran off before they could know for sure.

The town was subsequently flooded with reporters and thrill seekers from everywhere. A reporter, Rick Rainbow, the news director from an Indiana radio station, along with some others, spotted the monster near an abandoned house not far from McDaniel’s house. They didn’t see it very clearly, but they described it as being about five feet tall and hunched over. Rainbow did manage to record the strange hissing/crying sounds it made. And those cries were heard for several days afterward near the same railroad tracks close to Henry McDaniel’s home.

But then, the sightings ended abruptly. No one knows what happened, though many have speculated wildly about things like UFO sightings in the area at that time. Or did it simply succumb to gunshot wounds and die? It’s likely the mystery of the Enfield Horror will never be solved. ******DF

[*Special thanks to Troy Taylor and his book Weird Illinois.]

©The Crypto Crew
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The Virgil Hickox House of Springfield, Illinois
The Virgil Hickox House of Springfield, Illinois

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

The Ghost Of "Alice" In Springfield, Illinois
The Haunted Virgil Hickox House
By Dorraine Fisher

The Virgil Hickox House of Springfield, Illinois has an interesting history. Originally built in 1839, it’s been many things over its long history including a tavern, funeral parlor, men’s club, and speakeasy. Originally built by Virgil Hickox as a private residence, it received numerous additions during his life to accommodate his growing family. But many strange happenings have been reported there over the years.

Some say the building is haunted by several ghosts including a dominant male entity and a little girl called Alice and it’s been subject to many investigations. The house is believed by some to be a portal. Orbs have been spotted there and numerous EVP’s have been recorded. In August of 2011, Capital City Paranormal Investigations investigated the house for The Travel Channel and took this striking photo. Could this be the ghost of Alice?

Ghost of Alice
Is this the ghost of Alice?
 Investigation work from isisparanormal

[Source: Travel Channel]
[House photo credit: WUIS]
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Bigfoot in Shawnee National Forest
Shawnee National Forest

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Get Dorraine's book The Book Of Blackthorne!

Bigfoot Screams In Illinois?
Strange Sounds In Shawnee National Forest

If you’re out in the woods enough, especially at night, you’ll hear sounds of animals you may have never heard before. But then again, maybe the animals you’re familiar with are out there making sounds that are uncharacteristic to their species. It’s good to always try to be objective.

I listen to a lot of recordings of animal sounds all the time that are being called Bigfoot sounds. And I can usually equate them to known animals. But every once in a while I hear a recording I’m not quite sure about. This recording of supposed Sasquatch screams in Shawnee National Forest in my home state of Illinois is interesting. Shawnee National Forest is one the most Bigfoot-active parts of my state. One of the comments says it’s definitely a fox or bobcat, but I’m not convinced. The sounds in this recording are much deeper and more guttural than any fox or bobcat I’ve ever heard. And they might just be human, but take a listen and see what you think.

Shawnee National Forest Sounds 

BOBCAT SCREAM   (Turn up Volume)
Fox Screams

What do you think?

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Legend of Big Muddy Monster
Big Muddy Monster
This image above is the original artist rendering of "Big Muddy Monster", but I took a little time to colorize the image to give it a little life. I do not know who the original artist was so I do not know who to credit.

The story of Big Muddy Monster is a pretty interesting one and it leads me to believe the sightings were of our big hairy friend, Bigfoot. 

It all started on June 24, 1973 when Randy Needham and Judy Johnson heard some frightening screams coming from the woods near Big Muddy River just south of  Murphysboro, Illinois.
The screams continued until the creature was close enough for the young couple to get a look at it.
They later described the creature as being 7 foot tall, walking on 2 legs and covered in mud matted hair.
Randy fired up the car and drove straight to the Murphysboro police department and the couple told the police about what they had saw. Police chief Ron Manwaring along with other officers and Randy Needham returned to the area to search for the creature. All that was found was some light footprints.

At around 2 am the officers and Needham were back in the parking area just beyond the woods where the young couple had been parted, when a loud scream came from the forest. Needham told the police that it was the same sound he and Judy had heard earlier.
Over the next few week more reports of strange sounds and sightings came in to the police.

After the second encounter was reported, a German Shepard was use by the police to track the creature. The dog picked up the scent and led them to an old barn but a search of the barn didn't reveal the creature. The couple in the second encounter described the creature as being 7-8 foot tall, walking on 2 legs and being dirty white.

Then on July 7th a report came from a carnival owner that the creature was seen close to some ponies.  The ponies became frighten and were trying to break free from their ropes. This report was kept quite for fear of disturbing customers.  Again the creature was described as over 7 foot tall, walking on 2 legs and having light brown hair all over it's body.

One last sighting happened a few months later as a local trucker reported seeing the creature a few miles southwest of town near the Mississippi River. There were some plaster cast made of  some track left behind by the creature but the Big Muddy Monster was not seen again.

According to now retired police chief Manwaring the case remains open and unsolved.
The tracks found at the first sighting was said to be 3-4 inches deep, 3 inches wide and 10-12 inches long.

Loren Coleman studied the case and was quoted as saying "I think it's within the context of other reports of a Bigfoot."

In my opinion I would guess this to be a white bigfoot who after roaming around the muddy banks of the river became covered in the mud giving it the pale white/brown look.  As to why it was not seen in that area again, well I guess that remains a mystery or any reports submitted called it a bigfoot.

During researching for this post I noticed that police chief Ron Manwaring's name was spelled a couple different ways. Some spelled it Manwaring and others Monwaring, Now this does not discredit the story in any way and is most likely just a spelling error.


[Sources: The Southern, Yahoo.com,]


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Great place to live for bigfoot
Another photo from the area
[This is a follow up post to Bigfoot Encounter in Illinois ]

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

What I Saw Or Didn’t See That Day
Putting A “Non-Sighting” Into Perspective
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            After having had a little time to think about what happened to me, I must say it messed with my head for a little while; this “non-sighting” of bigfoot.  Did it really happen? Am I crazy? A lot of things go through your head. But is there a way to put an “encounter” into perspective when you really didn’t see what you needed to see to make it clear in your mind?

            Actually, looking back, it seemed my hiker’s brain went on vacation that day. Usually when I hear a strange noise out there, I at least reach for my knife or my weapon if I’m carrying one. On this particular day, however, I didn’t seem to have the presence of mind.  I take a lot of pictures on a normal day now, and yet it didn’t even occur to me to reach for my camera that was strapped around my neck and easily accessible. Every inclination I might normally have just wasn’t there. And it was a little disturbing to think about after it happened. It had me wondering if I’d be able to keep myself safe in a more serious situation.

            Was I in danger? I don’t think so. I never felt afraid. Not even a little bit. More intrigued than anything, and I felt more like I was interrupting something there. It was kind of like walking into a stranger’s house by accident. It was more a feeling like, “Excuse me. Sorry to bother you. I’ll be leaving now.”  

            The magnitude didn’t really hit me until I made it home. I thought about bigfoot while it was happening. That’s why I was staring off into the woods looking for movement. But it wasn’t until I got home and reviewed the whole thing in my head that I finally decided I may have had a real encounter.

            And what about the deer? Why did they seem to be running around in circles?  Deer usually run as far and as fast as they can away from potential danger. These stayed in the same area. I listened to them running in circles for a fair amount of time before the two fawns nearly ran me over on the trail.

            The only thing I can think might have happened is their mother had already been killed and the two babies were struggling to stay near her in those last moments. Since they almost ran right into me, I got a pretty good look at them, and they looked to be only half grown, still with spots. They were definitely too young to leave their mother, and yet she was nowhere in sight. Perhaps when I got in the way of their escape was about the time they decided they had to leave the area.  Each of the two darted in opposite directions; one down and the hill and one up. Neither went back the way they came.

            But the thing I really struggled with at first is things being thrown at me. Did I just imagine it? When I returned to the area the next day, the woods were back to normal. But as I stood in the brush, I could hear tiny dropping sounds of objects falling to the ground. It confused me for a while and made me doubt my own story just a little bit. But the more I thought it through, the more I feel sure that I heard something fly over my head that day. Something larger that made more of a louder thudding sound on ground behind me. And while I was still processing that, I watched as something similar hit a tree branch in front of me. And it caused the branch to sway…back and forth, not up and down like you’d expect if something fell straight down from above. So I still feel sure something was thrown at me…twice.  

            I think I may have interrupted a hunt and they were, ever so gently, encouraging me to leave. I think it was a nice peaceful way to do this, and the message, to me, was loud and clear. I feel sure they could’ve have knocked me in the head and killed me with something bigger if they’d had the inclination. But that isn’t what happened.

            And down to the last thing I have to think about. If I decide this really happened, what am I going to do about it? I’ve received many suggestions from friends and other researchers.

“You should set up a trail cam in that area.”

“You should start a gifting rock; spend more time there. Set up a sound recorder.” Etc., etc.

            And as all those are good ideas, my big decision here is to do basically nothing. Oh, I’ll spend more time there than I have in the past. I’ll keep my camera handy on video mode while I’m there, and I’ll know more what I’m looking for when I’m out there looking.

            But if this experience has done anything for me, it’s made me understand myself just a little bit better.  I now understand that I don’t have a burning need to prove they exist. I know what I know and that’s enough for me.

            And I’ve also learned that I don’t care at all if anyone else believes my story. I don’t have this burning need to be believed. I’ve been dealing with people thinking I’m weird for most of my life now. If they think I’m weird or crazy for the rest of my life, that doesn’t concern me in the least. I’ve learned to wear my weirdness like a medal of honor.

            I’ve also always had a live and let live policy. And that’s how I’ll deal with this too. And if the hairy ones decide to make their presence known to me again at some time, I’ll consider it another blessing and I’ll accept it graciously. And hopefully get a picture or two this time.... just to be able to say I did. *******DF

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bigfoot encounter in the woods
General Area

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

Bigfoot Encounter In Illinois?
 What Exactly Happened To Me?
By TCC Team Member  Dorraine Fisher

            As a writer of cryptozoology, I hear stories every day about weird things that happened to other people. Weird things they’ve seen and heard.  And I always try to be objective.  I mean, who are any of us to say that something doesn’t exist or events couldn’t possibly have happened the way the story teller said?

            But I had a little event occur recently in the woods in my area. And, even though I DO always try to keep that open mind with others, I’m having trouble processing what just might possibly have been my very own bigfoot encounter.  So, I guess you can tell me what you think happened.

             I was getting ready to hike an area that I hadn’t traveled in a while. It’s a more difficult trail that winds into a deep canyon and is very steep in places. But I decided that day that I could do it because mostly I wanted a change of scenery.  

            When I got out of the truck at the edge of the woods, something seemed different right away. I’d been to this area enough times before, but that day it was quieter. No birds singing. No squirrels barking from the tree tops. No animal sounds of any kind. But I didn’t think too much about it until I was recalling the story later in my head.

But when I stepped onto the trail and started walking, I could hear deer running around in the brush. That wasn’t anything unusual, I knew, and I slowed down for a moment to give them a moment to settle somewhere they felt safe. This time, strangely, they didn’t, but I just kept walking, thinking they would get quiet at any moment. And they did for a time.  

            But I kept walking the trail that led through thick brush, when suddenly, I heard a crashing noise, almost like a small tree dropping to the ground, in the distance to my left. This was perhaps forty feet away, though I’ve never been a good judge of distance. But the deer started scattering again. It sounded like there were several of them and they seemed to be all around me.  

            But still, in spite of all the movement, I kept walking to the edge where the canyon trail drops off down the steep ravine. I hesitated for a moment at the top because it’s a little treacherous and I was starting to doubt I was really up for it so early in the morning. But I started down anyway and got maybe 8 feet down when I changed my mind. I was experiencing a little vertigo and had started to think it wasn’t safe for me.  I started back up and reached the top again surrounded by the deer still moving in the brush, though I still couldn’t see them.  I stood there for a moment straining to see.

            Now is when the events may be misarranged in my mind, because I started to get a creepy feeling, like I wasn’t alone, or that something was watching me. I stared off into the woods for a moment to see if I could see anything at all. But it was still pretty early and the brush there was so thick that all I could see was dark forest and maybe a few tree branches moving. There was no noise at that moment. It had become eerily quiet again.

            But suddenly, I thought I heard something whiz over my head and land on the hillside behind me.  I stood there for a moment, my eyes darting from side to side, trying to process it, wondering if it had really happened, when, as I stared into the woods, I saw something hit a tree branch in front of me and fall straight down to the ground. It looked like a stick or piece of bark. I stood there for a moment again, staring into the woods, and I thought I saw movement, but I couldn’t be sure.

            But by that time, the creepy feeling was in high gear. Did I just have something thrown at me? Twice?

I guess I was thinking that might have been what happened, because I started to think maybe I needed to leave the area. Strangely I wasn’t feeling afraid, but more like I was in the way or interrupting something.  And I started back up the hill trail.

 But no sooner had I started walking, I heard another crashing sound, same as before, but closer this time it seemed. And I could hear the deer, crazed again, running in circles up and down the steep incline. I started walking a little faster, but suddenly to my right, two deer, fawns still with spots, came charging at me out of the brush and startled me. They caught sight of me at the last second and spun sideways and darted in two different directions. Just not the direction they came. But at the speed in which they were running, if they would have run into me, they would have knocked me into the canyon and possibly killed me. I ran quickly up the trail toward my vehicle.

            When I got to the truck, I was still processing the whole thing. What had just happened? Why were the deer acting so crazy? Why were they running toward me instead of away? And where was their mother?  When I was halfway home, I felt sure something “unusual” had happened to me. And by the time I made it home I was processing a full-blown theory about what it was.

            I’m still having trouble actually saying what I might have encountered. I didn’t see anything, so I’ll never be able to say for sure.   But I will say that there was a lot going on there at that moment, and I think I interrupted something.

            Crashing noises, deer crazed with fear charging right toward me, objects flying through the air in my direction.  Intelligence tells you to look for another explanation. Crashing noises? Could be trees falling in the woods. Right? Deer racing through the woods could be running from anything: coyote, bobcat, or a panther even.  Things being hurled in my direction could just be my imagination. Right? Things fall from trees all the time. Squirrels and birds drop things.

            But all these little events together could add up to something. Just about anyone who spends a lot of time in the woods like me has seen something at least once that seemed unusual, that maybe for which you couldn’t quite find an explanation. Something that didn’t quite add up to what you know as familiar.

             And all I can say is this event gave me a really weird feeling. And to me, weird feelings count, especially when you’re in the woods far away from any help or human contact. They’re called instincts and you have them for a reason.

 But no matter what it was or might have been, I’m pretty sure I won’t forget it. And I have my theories about it, but what do you think happened to me? ************DF

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[TCC - This is a article written by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Enjoy!] 
Do Sasquatches Really Need Vast Wilderness?
By Dorraine Fisher        
            Do sasquatches really need vast areas of wilderness to live in? A closer look at the BFRO sightings maps and reports suggest maybe not. In fact, the reports lean more toward our hairy friends needing nothing more than a stable food source, sufficient foliage for cover, and some kind of watershed to survive just fine.
            The crew on Finding Bigfoot has now traveled to many areas of North America and they’ve often been surprised by how much wilderness they find in certain states that aren’t well known for their wilderness areas. They deem these areas more “squatchy” than they would’ve imagined and they praise the vast stretches of forest, swamp, or mountainous areas there that they believe a Sasquatch needs to exist.
            And this seems to be a prevailing theory with most bigfoot enthusiasts and even scientists. Since many sasquatches have been found to live in great wilderness states like Washington, Oregon, and northern California, most believe these types of habitats are required for a sasquatch to survive.
            As it’s certainly true that more sightings occur in large wilderness areas, it’s not a rule as is suggested by reports in some rural areas of states like Illinois. Illinois is certainly not known for its large stretches of wilderness, but sightings there span nearly two-thirds of the state, including the outer fringes of the very urban areas of Chicago. Several fairly recent sightings have been reported in Cook County, Illinois just outside the city.
            In Missouri in 1997, a bow hunter reported a sighting in west St. Louis County just a couple of miles from a heavily populated suburb of the city.  The location of the sighting would be considered only semi-rural and is intersected by two interstate highways. It’s only 15 miles from downtown St. Louis.
            In 2005, a significant footprint of what was believed to be a juvenile sasquatch was found in the mud by a hiker just two miles from downtown Topeka, Kansas.
            And there are many others. Sightings continue to be reported in rural and semi-rural areas all over the forested areas of the U.S.
            None of these areas could be considered wilderness, but what they do have in common is that they contain some kind of watershed, lake, stream, or river, a sufficient deer population, and lush, thick foliage that could provide cover for a large mammal. 
            Of course there are many more sightings in areas like the Pacific Northwest, but it’s becoming clearer that a large stretch of wild country isn’t an ironclad requirement for the survival of sasquatches. Perhaps the hairy ones are far more diverse and adaptable than we ever imagined. *****

[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]

[Partial Source:Stan Courtney ]

Standing Bear

[TCC - This is a article written by TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Enjoy!]

Turning The Tables On The Bigfoot/Bear Paradox In Illinois

By Dorraine Fisher

Are bigfoots being misidentified in Illinois as bears?

            There’s a possibility this might be true.

Bears are hard to find in Illinois.  Even though they’re found in fair numbers in surrounding states like Kentucky, Missouri and Wisconsin, only a few isolated sightings have been reported inside the prairie state.

    For years, bigfooters have theorized that the same areas where black bears thrive is also where you’ll likely find bigfoots. But the theory just doesn’t hold water in Illinois since there have been numerous bigfoot and “wild man” sightings for well over the last hundred years here and only a scant few bear sightings. Bigfoot may very well be found in the same areas as bears in many places in North America, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. 

And there aren’t many reports of the very large, dominant predators reported in Illinois either. Only a few recent cougar sightings, and some isolated wolf sightings. So is the existence of a bigfoot determined by whether other large predators are existing in the same area also?

Not according to hundreds of BFRO reports that are estimated to span an area of nearly 70 percent of the state of Illinois.

Bigfoot skeptics often claim the bear misidentification theory for any bigfoot sightings nearly anywhere. But Illinois and its well-known and well documented lack of any viable bear breeding population literally stops that idea in its tracks.

So you may ask if it’s a case of mistaken identity. Are people saying they saw Bigfoot in Illinois when they really saw a bear? Are bears more prevalent in the state than is reported?

The hundreds of eye witnesses of Bigfoot in Illinois gave no indication that what they saw was even close to looking like a bear. Many are avid woodsmen, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts that are very well-traveled and know very well what a bear looks like. And they adamantly maintain that what they saw was NOT a bear. The appearance is not the same and the movement is not the same. Many hunters in the state clearly state they’ve never seen bears in years of walking the woodland areas of the state, and the state wildlife authorities reinforce that claim.

And some of the few reports of bear sightings in the state curiously tell of the bear walking upright. Is it possible that anyone who didn’t believe in bigfoot or just hadn’t considered the idea might assume that what they saw was a bear?  Are some of these creatures being spotted in Illinois actually Bigfoots being misidentified as bears?!

The state is certainly capable of supporting a bear population which researchers maintain also makes an area more hospitable to Bigfoots. The small patches of woods are teaming with deer and many small mammals. And many types of lush plant life are very abundant in the rural areas. Any large omnivore would likely be comfortable here.

So why no bears in Illinois?

 We still don’t know. But we do know that, according to the many reports all around the state, Bigfoot is living here with no problem at all.

[*TCC - Dorraine Fisher is a freelance writer and nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.]
[* Copyright The Crypto Crew ]
[Partial Source: Stan Courtney ]

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"..you’ll be amazed when I tell you that I’m sure that they exist." - Dr. Jane Goodall during interview with NPR and asked about Bigfoot.

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