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Beacon Bigfoot - Making the Rounds Again

Recently, the Beacon Bigfoot pictures have been making the round again on social media sites. Many of the people who are posting up these images, in various bigfoot groups, do not realize they are promoting a series of hoaxed pictures and videos.

These first started to appear online back around 2013. There is a youtube channel under the name Randal Hart, and The Beacon Bigfoot blog was also ran by this person. Most, including me, think this was most likely a fake name and profile.

Some of us in the bigfoot community, when we see these images posted, try to alert people that these are fake and not of real Bigfoot. Some accept the information but ultimately some see these and believe them to be real and you can't change their mind. Posting these up and people believing them to be real, creates problems in the true search for answers. It also hurts the credibility and seriousness of the subject.
Well, Seems some people are thinking the beacon bigfoot pictures and videos are real. So I thought I'd post up some more photos and enhancements to help you make up your mind.

Bigfoot going towards the left
Here is a zoom in on the figure

ok, the bigfoot must be a little confused because here it is going to the right...maybe he forgot something?

here is a zoom again

  ok...now how about a female bigfoot, there has been pictures of babies ...so there has to be a female right?
here it is
Yes, there is about 5 deer in the photo --which is pretty cool ---now how about a zoom on the female bigfoot ...here it is

bow chicka wow wow - curvy!

Now for the alpha male of the group.

Lets zoom the macho man in and get a good look at this specimen

Now it seems ever who is taking these photos and videos are getting really close, either this is for some low budget movie or just a ploy to get some youtube views and press. At least they are pretty decent suits and using so many different types of bigfoots is creative as well. If this is real, which it is not. then Beacon, NY is overrun with bigfoot and they may have to start a hunting season to thin them out.

So in the end you can make up your own mind but at least it something to look at.


[source: beacon bigfoot]

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The Beacon Bigfoot videos have been around for a little while now and most, including me, think they are nothing more than fakes.
Well now there is a blog just for the Beacon Bigfoot stuff, it appears to be ran by Randal Hart the same person on youtube.
Here is a few of the photos from the site and some enhancements.
Bigfoot and a baby
Here is a zoom in on the subjects
You can see the "baby" now peaking from behind the adult

Here is another photo of a baby bigfoot and some deer

Now here is the zoom in

yep, it's a family thing. I hope they are on private property because someone might shoot them.

Feel free to leave your opinion about the Beacon Bigfoot. You can view their block by Clicking Here


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Bigfoot Catching a fish?

Here is what was posted about this video:
"My husband filmed this by Fishkill Creek by Mount Beacon. He lost track of where it went and kept filming for about 45 minutes. He returned there a few more times with no luck."

I have taken a still frame from the video and attempted to enhance it. This "bigfoot" appears to be wearing shoes. You can decide for yourself.

Overall the appearance of the bigfoot looks pretty good but it does appear to be wearing shoes.
I have seen a few other videos that look an awful lot like this creature.
In my opinion this is a fake video but the fish catching is pretty cool. I think under the right filming angle this would fool a lot of people.


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