Monday, April 20, 2020

Five Ways To Be A Sane Empath In Challenging Times

Five Ways To Be A Sane Empath In Challenging Times
By Dorraine Fisher

Being an empath is always challenging. But it’s especially difficult in challenging times such as this when people are confined to their homes and subjected to the stress of complying to new rules and dealing with fears of the future. And although being around other people is difficult for empaths when things are what we might consider normal, being around other people during a crisis can be beyond overwhelming for an empath. A simple trip to the supermarket can be draining and exhausting. But challenging times like these are actually the times that an empath can really practice and hone new skills in building strength and becoming more empowered.

1. Don’t try to “cope” with the energy of others. Coping with anything difficult is actually creating resistance. It puts you into the energy of enduring something. And when you’re enduring something, you’re actually resisting that thing. And when you get yourself into the energy of resistance, as what you resist persists, you’ll actually attract more difficulty and negativity toward you. So instead, do the unthinkable, and embrace what’s happening around you, while at the same time, understand that the emotions of others don’t belong to you. I know it’s hard because you can feel their emotions. But imagine there is a shield of light around you. Let the feelings of their emotions into your experience but don’t take them into yourself. Be an observer. Watch what’s happening around you. Feel what’s happening around you. But don’t judge it. Just observe. Think of yourself as a researcher or spectator of the emotions of others and practice staying outside of that. It’s impossible for an empath to not feel those emotions at all, but how you accept them into your experience is the key to staying strong. Observe them as if you have a burning curiosity about them but they aren’t allowed to penetrate your psyche. This keeps you from allowing their energy to interfere with yours and puts you into a more powerful place.

2. Don’t embrace the martyrdom of the empath community. Many empaths have come to believe they are cursed in their ability to feel things too much and they can come to identify with the idea that they have this negative cross to bear in their lives. Don’t fall into this trap. This couldn’t be further from the truth. No one is cursed unless they believe they are. Empaths have just been gifted with skills they haven’t been taught to understand and use...yet. But you have many definite strengths. No one is capable of understanding human nature and other people and their emotions better than an empath. And, with your abilities to feel things the way you do, you have the capabilities to tap into psychic abilities much more than others. These are your superpowers. And when there are stressful situations around you, it’s your opportunity to exercise them. Start to see yourself as a person who has been given these skills for a very good reason. You are meant to understand the emotions of others for a reason. And that reason will come to light as soon as you embrace the gift. Empaths make the best healers, intuitives, teachers, diplomats, mediators, and caregivers of all kinds. The world needs you desperately. Embrace the gift and hone the skills it’s endowed you with.

3. Know your limitations. All empaths struggle with taking in too much negative energy. It’s the nature of who we are. But learning to understand exactly what we can tolerate and what we can’t is beneficial in not allowing that to become overwhelming. Learn to understand with great specificity what you can and can’t tolerate. This could be certain places, people, relationships, types of music, watching the news, sound frequencies, violent movies, social media, or even a job that seems to suck the soul right out of you. There is nothing like a crisis to send you a clear message about what you need to change in your life. So, without hesitation, eliminate the negative aspects, whatever they may be. Then put up your boundaries and don’t violate them for any reason.

4. Work on your own personal healing process. During a crisis may not seem like a good time to do this. But it’s actually the best time. When you are triggered, frustrated, angry, confused, etc. such as during a time of crisis or difficulty, your true emotions come to the surface. And when they come up, this is the perfect time to heal them. Address them as soon as they come up. Seek therapy, talk to a friend who’s a good listener, learn how to do shadow work to clear out your emotional baggage, or keep a journal of your negative feelings when they come up. The more you examine yourself and heal your emotional wounds, the stronger foundation you create for yourself in the next crisis.

5. Forgive those around you. When you’re surrounded by people who emanate strong negative emotions, it’s easy for an empath to take it personally or even blame others for how they themselves feel. It’s easy to say to yourself that if they would just deal with their issues, you wouldn’t have to feel the pain, sorrow, and other dark emotions that THEY are feeling. But taking it personally only perpetuates your own frustration and you’ll experience your own negative emotions on top of feeling everyone else’s. Remember that everyone is in a different phase of their life’s journey. And everyone has to process their experiences in their own way. This is why it’s so important for you to learn to not take their emotions unto yourself and hold onto them. Feel them, understand that they don’t belong to you, and release them.

The main thing empaths need to know in challenging times is that your energy is a precious resource that you need to guard selfishly. Walk away from anything or anyone from whom you need to walk away. But also understand that you have a gift that you were given and that every experience you have, no matter how negative or challenging, is there to teach you something important about yourself. Guard your energy, but embrace who you are and what the universe is offering up to you. You have an amazing gift.


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