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Unknown skeleton?

I personally think this is a frilled shark , sometimes call a frill shark, but what do you think?
eel? dragon? hoax? sea snake?


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Real or a Hoax?

This mummified giant finger was found in Egypt in 1988 by Gregor Sporri. The finger was said to be 40 centimeters long (about 16 inches). Some estimate the finger would have had to come off of something about 16 foot tall. Some suggested it might have came from a creature similar to Gigantopithecus Blacki , which is thought to be a gigantic ape species.

According to the story, the scientists were allowing people (News groups) to take pictures. One of the men who came in to take pictures allegedly stole the finger.  So now no one knows for sure if it was real or a hoax.

There has been other reports of giant skeletons being found, some turned out to be fake while others just seemed to disappear. Could the government be behind the stealing of discoveries that prove giants existed? If so why? In my opinion if this was the case, that the government was hiding these discoveries, there could be a religious reason. Almost all forms of religion talk about giants in one way or another, so the government  could be trying to conceal proof that the bibles from these religions are true.  Then again who really knows why governments do the things they do.

Interesting nonetheless .


[Source:Dark Ride]

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Skull found.
Hurricane Sand not only brought flooding and destruction it also has caused some mystery.
The powerful storm knocked over many tress but underneath one historic oak tree a human skeleton was found.
Katie Carbo was the one who alerted the police after she spotted the skull in the roots of the fallen oak.
The skull was positioned upside down with its mouth open, still connected to the spine and rib cage. Investigators headed to the scene at the New Haven Green, a 16-acre park.
Some believe the skeleton is likely that of a victim of smallpox or yellow fever who may have been buried between 1799 and 1821.
New Haven Green park was once a cemetery that was moved to Green Street Cemetery,but it appears that only the headstones were moved and the bodies remained at the original relocation.
The now blown over Oak tree was planted in 1909 in honor of  President Abraham Lincoln.

Another scary sight caused by hurricane Sandy took place in Maryland, when coffins were raised out of their graves. The force of the water caused the coffins to raise making for scary scene on Halloween.


[source:Huffington Post]

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